Poem Those were the Days ~To the tune of "All in the Family " theme song, a parody for Original NES~

Nintendo was the only thing,

That made us feel like queens and kings.

Felt so good I'd want to sing!

Back in the day.

Frogger, Crash, and Glover too.

Disgraceful what PS can do.

I'd prefer the old to new.

Those were the days.


Bowser's bad and full of sin.

But of course, the plumbers win.

History could use a man like Miyamoto again.

Playin' with my Power Pad.

Sometimes it would make me mad.

(Now it's lost and I am sad.)

Back in the day.


Then Gameboy met Mario,

So you could play while on the go.

GameGenie was for the cheats, though I remember a code...

Games were short and time seemed long.

Humming that old Mario song.

Wish I knew just what went wrong.

Those were the Days!!!