Well, here it is, my first slash fic, and another "warm-up" fic at that. It is a bit longer than either of my other stories. But be warned, it is fairly sweet . . . if you want dark and angsty, go see ROTS or something. ;)

Warning: This story contains SLASH, in case you missed that. It is non-explicit and pretty mild, but it is definitely slash. If this bothers you, please don't read it.

Title: A Matter of Time

Author: Dolly

Rating: PG-13

Genre: action, drama, first-time

Pairing: Obi-Wan/Anakin

Timeframe: Anakin is 20.

Summary: Anakin tags along on a rather . . . unusual mission, with unexpected results.

Chapter 1

Obi-Wan looked at the pants, then at the shirt, and then back at the pants again. His earlier resolve gone, he dropped the clothes back down on the bed and headed to the 'fresher. He'd put the sithly things on after he fixed his hair; not that he particularly wanted to do that either. Though he'd been doing this for nearly a tenday, he still felt quite ridiculous going out dressed like a wild, hedonistic delinquent.

He was sure that he looked ridiculous, too, and he'd made an effort to leave and return to the Temple as stealthily as possible. He'd been able to avoid most people on his way, though the few who had seen him had stared and gaped at him in a manner most unbefitting of Jedi. This only served to confirm his first thoughts that he definitely looked ridiculous.

After giving his shoulder-length waves a quick comb-through, he tousled them with the spray he'd been told to use and tied a portion back loosely with a silken cord. Grudgingly, he went back to his bedroom and began the arduous task of dressing.


Returning to the quarters he shared with his Master, Anakin dropped his bag onto a chair and looked around for Obi-Wan. For the past eight days Obi-Wan had been going out every night for an undercover assignment, and Anakin was incredibly curious as to what it was. He'd wanted to ask, but Obi-Wan always left before Anakin finished his class in the evening, got back late, and didn't get up until after Anakin had left in the morning for group sparring practice. It had taken all of Anakin's self-restraint to not ask Obi-Wan during their daily training sessions, as he knew that Obi-Wan would chastise him for allowing himself to be distracted if he asked then.

Anakin had gotten out of his class a little early today though, and he rushed back to their quarters, hoping that Obi-Wan hadn't already left. Anakin's ears perked up at the slight rustling sound coming from Obi-Wan's bedroom, and as Obi-Wan emerged Anakin started to greet him enthusiastically.

"Good evening, Master! I . . ." he trailed off, speechless at what he saw. Obi-Wan looked like a character from a racy holo-film, wearing a midnight blue sythleather outfit that was so tight it bordered on pornographic. As much as he tried not to, Anakin just couldn't stop himself from gaping at the lean, sculptured body of his Master. In some corner of Anakin's mind, he had recognized that Obi-Wan was an attractive man, but this . . .

"Yes, Anakin?" Obi-Wan's slightly irritated voice shook him out of his daze. Arms crossed protectively over his chest, Obi-Wan looked as though he wanted to bolt out the door right then.

"Ah, well, I got out of my class a little early today, Master, and I was just curious about your mission." he said, cringing internally at how nosy and immature he sounded. But he was still curious, and seeing Obi-Wan's . . . outfit . . . had only increased his curiosity.

"As I told you before, Padawan, it is an undercover assignment." After pausing for a moment, Obi-Wan added, somewhat reluctantly, "I'm investigating a new street drug." Holding up his hand before Anakin could say anything else, Obi-Wan continued, "Now I really must be going. Don't forget to finish your theory reading, and I will see you tomorrow."

With that, Obi-Wan practically flew out the door, not looking back. Anakin looked after him, his curiosity only piqued further by the brief encounter. "Well, that was interesting." he muttered to himself.

As much as he wanted to know more, though, the rational part of him realized that he would just have to forget about it for now and try again later – or look for answers elsewhere. At this last thought, a slow grin spread across Anakin's face.

It was nearly time for last meal, so Anakin headed to the dining hall, where he hoped he could find what he was looking for. Besides, he was hungry. Entering the dining hall, Anakin scanned the crowd as he piled up his plate with food. It didn't take him long to find his quarry, and he hurried over before the seat he wanted was taken.

"May I join you, Master Yoda?" Anakin asked politely as he reached the table where the wise little Master sat.

Yoda eyed him briefly, then nodded his consent. "Sit here, you may," he said, and then continued eating. Anakin slid into the seat across from Yoda and began to eat as well. He was sure that Master Yoda would know what Obi-Wan's assignment was, though now that he was here he had no idea how to broach the subject. Small as he was, Master Yoda had always intimidated Anakin, though he would never admit it.

"Looking this way, you are, young Skywalker." Yoda observed. "A question you have, yes?" he said knowingly, looking at Anakin searchingly.

Well, that solved that problem. Recovering himself quickly, Anakin replied sheepishly, "Yes, Master Yoda."

Anakin hesitated for a moment, and Yoda looked at him expectantly.

"As I'm sure you know, my Master has been working on an undercover assignment. He's been busy, so I haven't gotten to ask him what it is, and I was hoping you could tell me." he rushed out.

"Curious you are, hmm?" Yoda replied, chuckling. "Very curious your Master's assignment is, also." Eying Anakin appraisingly, he continued, "Investigating a new drug, he is. Dangerous and illegal it is, and find its source we must before more deaths it causes."

"I see . . ." Anakin responded, trailing off uncertainly. He already knew most of that, but how to ask for more information without seeming pushy?

His dilemma was quickly solved, however, as Yoda continued, "Want to know more, you do?" he queried.

"Yes, Master, please." Anakin replied, surprised. This was much easier than he'd expected it to be.

"Yes, know more you should." Yoda said, almost gleefully. "Go with Obi-Wan tomorrow, you will, but know he should not until there you already are. To the Blue Hutt, you will go, on sub-level sixteen." he said, sounding quite satisfied.

"But--" Anakin started to protest, but was quickly cut off by the old Master.

"Up for discussion, this is not. Go to acquisitions, you will, after finished eating you have, to outfit yourself." Yoda said in a tone that allowed for no further argument.

Anakin simply stared at him for a moment, shocked. At least now he knew why it had been so easy to get information out of the little troll, anyway. But he didn't even want to think of Obi-Wan's reaction to this. He just knew that his Master would be angry . . .

As though he had sensed Anakin's thoughts, Yoda advised him, "Worry you should not, young Skywalker. Angry, Obi-Wan will not be." he said serenely. "Go with him, you should. Sense this I do."

"Yes, Master Yoda." Anakin could hardly argue with that. And even if Obi-Wan would probably be annoyed with him, Anakin was still excited. He didn't get to go on many undercover missions, and this one looked like it would be quite interesting. Especially if Obi-Wan's outfit was any indication . . .

Wolfing down the rest of his food, Anakin excused himself and made a beeline for the acquisitions department.


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