So Little Time

A Kim Possible fiction

Disclaimer: I claim no ownership to Kim Possible or any of its characters, locations, episodes, catchphrases, et cetera, et cetera… I think you get the drift, eh?

Author's Notes: Right then, welcome to Caiyne's first expedition into the wide world of fan fiction, and more specifically, Kim Possible fan fiction. I felt the urge to write my own little epic after the premier weekend for STD, and after reading the works of G-Go, Ayotte, and Charles Grey. So anyway, thanks in advance for bothering to look into this, and here's something of a brief overview of the first book. Kim and Ron are seniors at school, concerned with just living life. That is, until Wade pitches them a new mission. It appears that Shego is out to steal a device that could shift the balance of global power (Isn't she always?), resulting in her taking up a more prominent position in running things, say, oh, Empress of the world. Kim and Ron decide that they really should do something about that. This story isn't going to be in continuity with So The Drama, as I want to put my own version of Kim and Ron's relationship out there. As I said, this is my first fanfic so drop me some reviews and tell me what you liked, what you didn't, and what to change and improve on for next time.

What can one do with seven minutes? Fix a mistake? Turn a corner? Save a life? How do you pay someone back for seven minutes and a second chance?

Incandescent green energy flared sharply from Shego's fists as she dropped into a crouch and glared at Kim. "Y'know, you're really starting to grate, Kimmy."

Kim smirked and dropped into a combat stance. "Oh, don't worry – After the eighth or tenth time I've foiled your schemes, the feeling's mutual."

With a snarl, Shego threw herself across the walkway at Kim. Kim rolled to the side, ducking under Shego's sweeping arms and leveraging an ineffectual kick at her ribs as Shego flew past. She came up in a crouch and caught Shego's countering overhand blow with crossed forearms. Kim latched onto Shego's wrist and pulled, throwing her off balance and scissored her legs through Shego's knees, dropping her to the concrete. Shego rolled away and lashed out with a pointed boot, catching Kim high on the arm and throwing her backwards. She grinned savagely and lashed out with a pair of emerald bolts from her fists, driving Kim back towards the railing of the dam. Once again Kim dodged to the side as Shego launched herself towards her, the blazing glove tearing through the iron railing as Kim jerked her head to the side. She ducked as Shego swept her leg through the space her head had just occupied with a roundhouse kick, and jabbed a fist into Shego's midsection. Shego rolled backwards with the blow as her breath rushed out from the hit. She rubbed at her stomach with one hand and glared at Kim.

"Not bad, princess… I'm really going to enjoy taking you apart piece by piece."

"Oh come ON Shego – How many times have you threatened me with that before, and how many times have you failed to deliver?" Kim smirked again, "After all these defeats, I'd have expected you to give up by now… Have to give you points for determination, though." Kim flipped forward, closing the distance with Shego and throwing a pair of quick jabs at her head. Shego deflected the attacks and countered with her own flurry of blows and kicks, bulling Kim back towards the railing. She grinned, a malicious glint sparkling in her eye as Kim bounced back off the waist-high iron railing.

"It's been real, Kimmy, but I think it's time you made your permanent exit." Shego feinted a knee upwards toward Kim's midsection, and when she went to block, Shego made her move.

Ron buried his fist in the last henchman's stomach and grinned in satisfaction as the goon crumpled to the ground with a satisfying wheeze. He glanced over at where Kim and Shego were brawling and his face stiffened in anguished disbelief. Time seemed to melt and stretch like molten plastic as he watched Kim rebound off the weakened railing and crouched to protect her middle, leaving herself completely open from Shego's feint.

Twenty-five yards.

Shego took a half step backwards and flipped backwards, her booted foot connecting with Kim's chin with stunning force and sending her flinging backwards into the handrail. The broken iron sagged slightly, and Kim slipped backwards, farther off balance. Her eyes widened in shock and she wind milled her arms franticly, desperate to reach some sort of equilibrium. Slowly, ever so slowly she stopped falling backwards, the railing groaning as it accepted her weight. A heavy wave of relief washed uniformly over all the members of Team Possible and Kim tensed, readying herself to flip away from the broken railing and back onto the relative safety of the walkway.

As she coiled herself and began her leap, Ron caught a faint scramble of movement out of the corner of his eye from the shadowed interior of the control tower. A cobalt beam lanced out, a slash of brilliant color across a dead landscape, and sliced across the concrete just below Kim's feet. There was a slightly perceptible pause, a fraction of a second that could lead an on-looker to believe it was just a poorly aimed shot – that Kim Possible's life hadn't just been cut as neatly as if she was a stalk of wheat under the scythe. Then the fraction ended and the walkway underneath her exploded outwards in a hellish mix of fire and molten shrapnel.

Twenty-five yards separated two lives.

Twenty-five yards separated two futures.

Twenty-five yards was all that separated Ron Stoppable from the greatest part of his life, and twenty-five yards tore them apart forever.

The auburn angel tumbled, whirling and twisting in a maddening display from the force of the shockwave. A slender hand dipped to the holster at her side, and the famous (or infamous, depending on your legal standing) hairdryer appeared. Kim Possible about to make another miraculous escape from deaths icy clutches. A hollow chuckle drifted out of the shadowed control tower. "I think not." A slight targeting adjustment and a twitch of one index finger, depressing a firing stud. A second cobalt thunderbolt lanced its way across the dam, this time caressing the teen's extended arm. Flesh, plastic, and metal melted, ran as wax, and was vaporized in an instant within the confines of the beam, no more than the space taken up by your doubled fist. An agonized, piercing shriek tore from the mouth of the teen heroine, and she tumbled away, carried off behind the curtains of spray and mist by gravity's sweet embrace.


Ron's anguished scream tore across the walkway, and he was half-way over the railing before belatedly remembering that his jetpack was so much broken slag. His voice trailed off, dulled by the unspeakable loss that tore at his heart and mind as he watched the only person he ever cared for plummet down towards the raging maelstrom below. He slipped off the rail and sank brokenly to his knees, tears streaming freely down his face. A dull roar filled his ears, and Ron stared unseeing at the concrete beneath him. Kim. Kimberly Ann Possible, teen hero, friend, confidante. She wasn't gone – she couldn't be gone. Ron, staring through the windows in the prison his mind had become, faintly heard someone weeping, but couldn't make the connection between the sounds and the sobs that wracked his thin frame. The scraping of heavy boots against metal could be heard as the unknown marksman climbed down from the tower. A sneer of disgust was all the acknowledgement Ron was given as the heavy tread continued right by him.

Shego stood with her arms crossed across her chest, slightly pale, her features twisted in a disapproving frown. "That's not how things are supposed to be done."

The shadowed figure stopped a few feet from her and raised an eyebrow. "Not how things are supposed to be done? Are you serious? Did you enjoy being beaten every other week by a teenage cheerleader?" He shook his head in disgust.

Shego squirmed a bit and her frown slipped into a troubled expression. "Well, I mean, of course not, but... You shot her. You shot Kim Possible. That's just not done."

"If you don't have the nerve for this business, mercenary," He spat the word out like it was rotten, "Then speak up. I've come too far for some weak-kneed little girl to screw me up with second thoughts."

Shego's eyes narrowed dangerously and a flicker of emerald flame glittered its way up her forearms. "You might want to watch your mouth or you'll find out the hard way what this little merc can do." He snorted and walked away down the dam, slinging the heavy rifle across his back.

"Just get the device, Shego. I really don't have time for your attitude."

Ron slowly came somewhat back to himself, the roaring white noise receding, and the behind-glass-windows feeling left his perceptions. He was back in his body, crying softly as his hands twisted and wrung against each other, but back.

Time… I needed more-

She scowled darkly and started walking over towards the weeping, broken teen. Jeez, I mean, sure she's his best friend, but I... I mean he... This destroyed him... She was just a little disconcerted at the twinge she felt at those thoughts. She shook herself angrily and continued walking. What's wrong with me? He's the sidekick of my nemesis, my enemy! I don't care about his fragile little emotions. The thoughts were meant to reassure, but somehow they rang hollow. She called out to the boy, raising her voice to be heard over the roar of the spillway. "Alright, Stoppable... I don't want to hurt you any more. Just hand over the device, nice and easy, and we'll go our separate ways."

Ron suddenly twitched, jerked from his sorrow by Shego's comment. Time! Of course! The Freeze-Frame project! He franticly pawed his pockets, laying hand to a black cylindrical object eight inches long and three inches wide. He desperately wracked his brain for what information he could remember from Wade's description of the device.

"So, what does this flash-freeze do, exactly?"

Wade sighed, "Freeze-Frame, Ron, Freeze-Frame. To put it simply, it's a temporal distorter, capable of unleashing immense energy to shape the fabric of space time."

"Yeah, ok, that's cool, but Kim here looks like she needs a run through man."

Wade grinned at them from out of the Kimmunicator's screen. "It's a very basic time manipulator, guys. With it you can freeze the flow of time for all but the user, or you can go back to a particular point in time. Not so much like the Tempus Simia idol you guys took off of Shego, though. Freeze-frame actually reverses the entire time stream, like hitting rewind on a VCR. You don't specifically travel through time; you just erase it up to a certain point and start again. But because of technological and power constraints, the device is only capable of a seven-minute operation. You can walk about unimpeded in frozen time for seven minutes, or you can reverse the time stream back seven minutes into the past."

"That is TOTALLY BADICAL!" Ron gave Rufus a high-five as their minds poured over all sorts of uses and schemes for the machine.

Kim rolled her eyes, "So not, Ron. Can you imagine if Shego got her hands on it? Not a fun prospect." She turned back to the Kimmunicator, "So then, let me guess Wade, Shego and Drakken are on their way to steal this Freeze-Thingy, right?" Wade nodded sagely at the pair. "Well, come on Ron – Time to go crush Drakkens hopes and dreams again."

"Ah, Kim, before you two head out, you should probably know that this device is still highly experimental. It's never really had a field test, and with the amount of power this thing messes around with, I wouldn't suggest giving it a joy ride. It's been theorized that if the thing didn't work as planned and backfired it could very well rip a discontinuity in the fabric of reality."

Kim arched an eyebrow at the screen, "I take it that's a bad thing."

"Picture a quantum singularity that consumes the entire planet in a matter of minutes, starting with you guys."

"Ah, right, bad thing. Gotcha Wade, thanks."

Seven minutes! He fumbled desperately with the device like a man possessed. Not enough time! He furiously blinked back tears as he rotated the central collar around the main housing until it clicked and the ready lights burned crimson. Shego, who'd been slowly walking towards the boy and his mole rat started visibly when she saw him turn the device on.

"Stoppable, stop messing with things you couldn't possibly understand."

Ron could feel the seconds bleed away into the air, each one a tiny piece of his very being dying as his second chance slipped away from him. He flipped the two switches set on either side of the controls and the lights began to blink in succession while a high-pitched whine spooled up from somewhere inside the cylinder. Had the situation been entirely different, Ron might have been amused. The most sophisticated piece of technology on the planet and all it had to operate it was two silver buttons marked Stop and Back. Shego broke into a run when she saw Ron flip the activation switches, pounding across the concrete towards him.

"Stoppable, do you have any idea what that thing will do to you? Put it down now or so help me…" She literally flew across the intervening space. Fifteen yards. Ten. Six. Ron pulled himself to his feet and faced the raging Shego, straightening his shoulders and holding the temporal distorter out to her.

"You want this, Shego?" He took a deep breath and dashed the tears from his eyes. "Fine, choke on it!" With that he wound his arm back, toggled the Back button, and hurled the device straight at her face. There was a high-pitched whine as it flew through the air and the device exploded into a blazing sheet of white incandescence.

Ron Stoppable's world burned away in a universe of searing white noise.