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Chapter 22: Escape

Revan sat quietly in his cell, staring at the humming energy field. He had made an agreement after the intervention of the Jedi Council on his companions, the Republic still refused to send them himself but he was glad Bastila was safe. Probably with a mind healer at this very moment... The former Dark Lord watched the smirking guard at the door and tugged with annoyance at the Force Disruptor collar on his neck.

"I used to look up to you, you know? Well look at you now Darth Revan, Lord of the Sith."

The Forcefield dropped as several more Republic soldiers flanked the man, he lifted a baton and smiled.
"I've been looking forward to this for a long time."

Nearly an hour later the Republic soldiers left so another group could enter, what they saw annoyed them to no end. Revan stood quietly with his Force Distruptor collar in his hand and his hand extended.

"You will remain here for an hour and then leave satisfied."

The soldiers echoes the words as their postures shifted. Revan rubbed the place where the baton had struck him and laughed. I wonder why that food struck my collar! Revan was taken out of his musings as the door to the bay opened to reveal Admiral Dodonna, she glared hatefully at him.

"I see your welcoming committee was not as sociable as I had hoped."

She spat bitterly as he pulled his stolen lightsaber. A Republic soldier stunned Revan at that moment and Revan grimaced slightly as he fell to his knees, fighting off the energy that surged through his body and the voice screaming at him to kill this fool.

"As soon as we're done with you we're going to have some fun with that whore of an apprentice of yours."

This caught Revan's attention as well as his anger, he glared back at the Admiral who confidently activated his saber, a purple beam shooting from one of the shafts.

"Oh you thought we'd given her back after she killed so many of us? Ha that was just to keep you manageable but orders are orders and I usually don't mix business with pleasure-"

The Admiral's words were cut short when the saberstaff was torn from her grasp, Revan threw her against the wall with the Force and separated the weapon, tossing the crimson blade into the mass of soldiers that had come to watch. Dodonna groaned as she looked up with horror, Revan's face was illuminated with the blue beam of his saber and it was slowly moving towards her.

"Where is she?"

"Cell block Three Alpha."

She said quickly, Revan looked back at the pile of limbs and corpses and called his saber back to him as alarms began sounding through the ship.

"You are a weak fool why should I spare your life?"

Revan pulled his favorite line from being the Dark Lord and threw it into her face.

"I- I, we used an interrogation droid to-"


The Admiral only answered with a choking sound and a hiss as Revan imbedded his saber into her gut and glared hatefully at the woman. Without another word Revan made his way to the Cell and arrived to see Bastila shivering slightly in the corner of her cell, her arms wrapped across her knees and her knees pulled close to her chest. Revan could sense her trying to purge the drugs from her system and felt his rage beginning to rise as he destroyed the controls to the forcefield and rished to her, she looked up at him with vacant eyes but managed a weak smile.

"R- Revan?"

Revan nodded and handed her the blue saber as he helped her purge the drugs from her system with the Force, he helped her stand and she staggered slightly, bringing her free hand to her head she looked at him questioningly.

"What's going on?"

"We're leaving."

Revan said sternly under the probing blue eyes. Bastila reached through their bond and sighed as she nodded.

"As long as this doesn't happen wherever we're going."

Her voice trembled as she shuddered, Revan pulled her close and shook his head.

"It will never happen again... I swear on my life I will never let anyone touch you again."

Bastila laughed slightly as she ran her hand across his face.

"Only you."

Revan led Bastila towards the hangar and stole away on a Republic transport, approaching Sith space.

"Where are we going?"

Bastila asked softly as she rested in the copilot's seat, craning her neck to read the instrument pannel.

"Korriban, they fear me there and we can build an army from there."

Bastila nodded, knowing that if she and Revan were to be together and insure that she would never endure the tortures of the Sith or the Republic again they would need to be strong and she knew in her heart that they were invincible together.

"Of course my love."

Bastila smiled and turned her head to the stream of hyperspace, blocking the Jedi Code from her mind.

"What peace and serenity is there in torture and execution? At least with control of the Sith we can make a difference."

The End!

Author's notes: I am a stickler for the dark side ending and I thought that this would be more realistic. The Sequel Destiny's Knight II: Sith Wars is up on my main profile!