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Summary: Sequel to Destiny's Knight. Follows the ending of the Story and begins with Revan and Bastila claiming the Sith Throne. I'd like to thank all of my loyal readers who asked for a sequel and I will continue to write to appease you all, thank you.

Chapter 1: Reclamation

Sith Guard Captain Ian Kahn looked over his twenty crimson clad guards with satisfaction. The Sith Throne world of Korriban was silent, Dreshdae had been cleared of sentients earlier by the rampaging Academy students who had been cut down by the Sith Masters who had gathered. Ten Sith Masters and their apprentices sat around a stone table within the academy, deliberating on who would gain the right to rule in the wake of Malak's death. The Sith Lords argued and threatened, casting silent messages to their apprentices to be ready for any treachery. The Sith fleet sat in orbit over Korriban and waited, unable to function without leadership they merely made a defensive perimeter. A lone Republic transport slipped past the Sith fleet undetected and landed in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Two armor-clad figured stepped down the ramp and surveyed the gathered ships and transports the other Sith Lords had landed in the Valley with contempt. Ian Kahn checked the setting on his blaster, his orders were to prevent any from entering once the negotiations had begun and he planned to fulfill his duty to the Sith. His eyes fell on a group of five Dark Jedi that had agreed to offer additional security, should the other Sith Masters plot any treachery, only the strongest and brightest of the Sith were in attendance. Movement in the distance caught Ian's attention and two crimson and obsidian figures slowly walked towards him. The two figures moved with eerie grace and Ian noted that they held their weapons ready. The taller of the two slowed his steps as the five Dark Jedi took positions around him. He could feel the surprise of the Sith as they gawked at him, uncertain of what to do. Ian watched the taller figure motioned to the shorter, who was undeniably a female, though she wore a mask, her armor was feminine in style and a similar design to that of the taller, who was obviously a man. Ian gaped for a moment, he had heard rumors that Lord Revan had survived Malak's attack and even that the Dark Lord had been the one to strike Malak down.

"State your purpose."

He said as his twenty crimson clad guards took positions in groups of four with the Dark Jedi that surrounded the figures.

"My Master's purpose is his own concern and if you value your lives you will leave him to his purpose."

The smaller figure said coldly, her voice was rich and cultured even through the mechanical filter of the mask. Ian shuddered slightly and looked to the Dark Jedi who were looking at each other warily.

"I am sorry but I cannot allow that. The Sith Masters are deliberating who will lead and-"

"The Strongest should lead."

The taller figure said instantly. Ian gaped for a moment in shock, all thoughts of a rouse vanishing when he heard the unmistakable voice of Darth Revan.

"I- yes of course, but I am under orders not to allow any to enter. These Sith have the backing of the fleet in orbit and-"

"Very well, Bastila."

The smaller figure nodded and ignited her crimson saberstaff and assumed a defensive stance. The taller figure connected the two sabers he carried and looked around, searching for any sign of challenge. Ian raised his force-pike and activated the weapon's energy core, powering it's deadly charge. Revan moved in a blur, his violet saberstaff snapping to life as it struck the hasty block Ian raised. The Sith Captain looked in shocked awe as the Dark Lord kicked him back and moved to strike one of the Dark Jedi that advanced on him, cleanly decapitating the Sith. The apprentice had already struck down six of the twenty guards and was deflecting blaster fire back to several others, killing two more as two Dark Jedi advanced on her. Bastila crouched down to avoid the initial attack from her first challenger and lunged forward, splitting the Sith at his waist. Her second challenger struck from behind with a saberstaff, meeting air as Bastila flipped back and spun, kicking the Dark Jedi in the head and driving her saber into the Sith's head. The two remaining Dark Jedi formed a circle around Revan with four crimson-clad guards, armed with vibroblades. Revan bowed to the attackers and leapt from the circle, landing behind two of the guards and killing them instantly. Bastila moved through the remaining elite guards like wind, cutting them down swiftly with her crimson staff. Ian pulled himself to his feet and rushed to the air of his men, falling victim to the woman's crimson staff. Bastila twisted and spun through the air as she avoided blaster fire from the remaining Sith troopers, raising her hand she sent lightning towards the troopers, killing them instantly. Turning her attention to Revan she noted that only one Dark Jedi remained, a crimson Twilek woman. Bastila received a silent message from Revan to stay back and acknowledged his wishes, shifting her attention to her surroundings to make certain that no more Sith remained alive or threatened them. Revan crouched to avoid a high attack from his attacker's saber and lifted one side of his staff to block the instant shift in his opponent's attack. The Twilek woman spun away and lowered her saber in a low block, catching one end of Revan's staff. Revan backed away as the Dark Jedi glared angrily at him, her black cloak billowing in the wind.

"How DARE you impersonate my Master."

Revan cocked his head to the side and took in the image of the young Dark Jedi. The Twilek was about eighteen years of age and wore a black tunic with knee high boots and a matching black cloak. Her skin was a pale crimson and her eyes obsidian. The woman's headtails were wrapped securely around her neck and her saber remained in an aggressive defense stance that only Revan, Zhar, Bastila and Malak knew. Revan smiled beneath his mask and looked to Bastila who frowned beneath her own mask in confusion.

"Bastila Shan, this is my former apprentice Siran Sek'tai."

Bastila nodded to the fuming Twilek who roared and rushed forward. Revan did not blame the girl, he had abandoned her to the Sith when he had joined Bastila and Siran was a mere child at the time, no older than Mission. Revan raised his saber into his own familiar stance and noticed the shock from the girl as she stopped in mid-attack.


Revan pulled back his hood and removed his mask, his brown eyes warm and inviting and his hair, grown nearly to his shoulders blowing in the wind. Siran gaped for a moment, her eyes flashing with recognition and surprise.

"You're dead!"

She snapped as she backed away.

"No, Siran..."

The Dark Jedi deactivated her saber, clipping it to her belt and bowed before him.

"Forgive me Master, I had thought you dishonored... yourself... I thought you were an impostor..."

Revan smiled at the blind loyalty of the young woman, he had saved the girl during his campaigns during the Mandalorian wars after her parents had been killed. Unable to send the girl to train with the Jedi, since that had rejected many he had sent after rumors spread of his questionable conduct, especially on Malachor V, Revan had taken the girl under his wing and taught her the Jedi arts as well as the Sith teachings.

"I am sorry I abandoned you all those years ago... I would have thought you had seen me in the holos the Republic sent out of Bastila."

Revan motioned to the woman beside him who tilted her head slightly, remembering when Revan spoke of the young girl he had taken as an apprentice while a Sith. She had questioned him as to why he trained an apprentice when he already had one and he merely laughed and said.

"Look at what Malak did to me!"

Bastila had not asked again and now, seeing the loyalty of the young woman she knew Revan trusted the girl and the girl likely loved him like she would a father. Revan motioned for Siran to rise and placed his hands on her shoulders, looking into her eyes and smiling.

"I was imprisoned by Malak on Dxun, I managed to impress the local Sith Master and he allowed me to train with him... he was killed a few months ago while arranging a coup against Malak."

Revan nodded and sobered his expression.

"Did he treat you well?"

He asked in a fatherly tone. Siran shook her head, her eyes glazing slightly she simply replied.


Revan frowned and sighed heavily.

"I am sorry, Siran."

The Twilek looked up, her eyes flashing with anger and annoyance.

"You saved my life and gave me every chance, if not for your teachings I would be dead long ago..."

Revan smiled and pulled the young woman into a hug which she readily returned.

"Well then..."

Revan started as he broke the embrace and motioned to Bastila.

"Perhaps it is time I reclaim Lordship?"

Bastila chuckled softly and Siran nodded, pulling her saber from her belt and preparing for the coming battle. After taking fifteen minutes to rest and center themselves the three Dark Jedi entered the Sith Academy and slowly approached the gathered Sith Masters and their Apprentices.

Mission Vao glared at the holo before her as she paced her room in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The holonet was buzzing with the escape of Darth Revan and Darth Shan and the 'murder' of Admiral Dodonna. Mission felt a small amount of satisfaction at the thought of the woman's death. After being imprisoned and interrogated by the Republic and nearly accused of treason she found it difficult to not hate her. Sighing heavily she looked out over the countless spires of Coruscant and felt the bitter memory of Taris.

"First the Sith destroy my home, then the Republic imprisons and tries to kill my friends, what now?"

Carth had been praised along with Brin over the defeat of Malak and had become the poster boy and girl of the Republic and Jedi, much to their own disgust. The Jedi Council had protested the imprisonment of the Ebon Hawk crew and had managed to secure their release into the Jedi's 'custody.' Mission turned to see Zalbaar cleaning Bacta's blade and growling under his breath a stream of curses. The Sith had retreated deep within their empire and the Republic had declared victory over them, sending their fleet to liberate Sith held worlds and bring them back into the Republic with little to no resistance. It had been nearly two months since the battle of the Star Forge and the young Twilek found herself more and more disgusted by the corruption of the Republic. The Senate reminded her of the Tarisian nobles, living on the expense of others and surrounding themselves with wealth while others in the Republic suffered unspeakable poverty. During a brief exploration of the Coruscant undercity, Mission had found that the contrast between the surface of Coruscant and the desolate poverty of the undercity was an excellent reference to the corruption of the Senate itself. It was almost as if the Republic was structured like Coruscant. The Jedi had since stepped back from the fighting with the Sith, leaving a large amount of the clean-up to the Republic military while they attempted to recoup their losses after nearly a decade of fighting Mandalores and Sith. Mission sighed and shook herself, jumping with boredom.

"Gee you'd think I'd find something fun to do in the Jedi Temple, all these Jedi seem to do is Meditate and reflect."

"My thoughts exactly, Kid."

Jolee said as he entered the young Twilek's quarters. Mission smiled and gave a mock-bow.

"How nice of you to join me, Master Bindo."

Jolee scoffed and cast a mock-glare towards Mission.

"Now Kid I told you, I may be a Master but I am still the same, poor old senile man."
Mission giggled and shook her head looked over Jolee's shoulder.

"Where's Juhani? I hear she's a full Knight now and considering taking a Pada- whats it."

Jolee nodded.

"Yea, she's on Dantooine helping them rebuild. She said to tell you hi and that Yuthura is enjoying the serenity of Dantooine or whatever that Jedi talk is."

"Hey! You're a Jedi too you know!"

Mission whined. Jolee chuckled and took a seat, looking over to Zalbaar and T-3.

"Hey Zalbaar, Trash can. Do any of you know where Canderous went?"

Zablaar grumbled something about the Mandalorian reactivating HK who had to be deactivated with an Ion pulse after hearing Revan had been taken prisoner by the Republic. Jolee sighed.

"Yes, I wish he were here too... but maybe he and Bastila are safe and together... wherever they are."

"You know, there are rumors going around that the Republic tried to kill them... did kill them and that is why so many were killed on Dodonna's ship."

Mission said somberly. Jolee frowned and cleared his throat.

"I don't know, Kid. With all the disturbances in the Force following that battle no one could sense Revan or Bastila's deaths... and no one can feel their presences now, not even Zhar."

Mission wiped her eyes and sniffed as she slowly walked to the small kitchen and pulled a drink from the cooling unit.


There was silence for several minutes as each of the room's occupants mulled over the events of the last two months.

"So what are you and Zalbaar planning to do after this?"

Mission shrugged and looked over to Zalbaar who looked up from his work and roared a response.

"Big Z wants to look for Revan, he knows Canderous wants to look for him too... I was thinking of going along with them, they could use my help and who knows, maybe we'll find something worth while. Jolee regarded Mission for a moment, she had turned fifteen recently and over the events since he had joined the crew at Revan's invitation, Jolee had noticed she had grown up.

"Yes, I wish I could go with you kid... but duty calls. I'm supposed to go to the Citadel station on Telos to oversee the Ithorian's rebuilding of the world. If it works they are planning to use the same technique on Taris and the other destroyed worlds..."

"Yea... I hear Carth is going to Peragus or something like that with a fleet."

Jolee nodded.

"Yep, that's where they get the fuel for the fires."

Mission released a single laugh and sighed, taking a drink of her Jawa Juice.

"Yep, Dustil joined the Republic I hear, he's on Dantooine with a small Republic force to oversee the reconstruction... he's supposed to undergo training to."

Mission nodded numbly, continuing to drink her juice. Jolee stood with a groan and straightened his cloak as his comm blinked.

"Well Kid I've got some errands to run and I'm supposed to meet up with an old friend..."

Mission nodded and stood, hugging Jolee and watching the old man leave.
"Big Z..."

Zalbaar roared a response.

"Let's go find Canderous."

Canderous Ordo sat quietly in the Ebon Hawk's lounge area in a Republic military hangar where the ship was stored after being hauled from Rakata. The Mandalorian cursed as he read the newest intel report his contacts brought him. The datapad held a secret order from the Republic military to execute Revan and Bastila.

"There is no honor in this."

The Mandalorian scoffed, glaring at passing Republic soldiers who gave him a wide berth. Canderous set the datapad down and turned his attention to the assassin droid before him. HK had taken some damage from the Ion pulse and Canderous had spent most of the past two months repairing the droid and following rumors of Revan and Bastila. Approaching footsteps brought his attention away from his work and Canderous' hand went to the Mandalorian blaster on his hip. The beeping of T3-M4 relaxed him slightly and he stood, brushing himself off and nodded to Zalbaar and Mission.

"Wookie, Kid."

He greeted.

"Hey Canderous... Hey I was wondering..."

Mission shifted nervously under Canderous' watchful gray eyes as she continued.

"Well, I hear you were planning to go look for Rev and Bast and Big Z and I were wondering if you could use some help."

Mission looked up hopefully to the Mandalorian who furrowed his brow for a moment and rubbed his hand on his chin.

"The Kid is useful and she is a good fighter, despite her age. Revan sure liked her, I guess it wouldn't hurt and it'd be nice to have a Wookie along."

"Welcome aboard... I've got some funds saved up in a few accounts and I ordered some supplies. The Jedi said I could have the Hawk and I doubt the Republic minds, or can do anything about it."

Canderous brushed his hand along his Mandalorian blaster and grinned.

"Why don't you and the Wookie go check the supplies, I have a lead on where Revan and Bastila may be..."

Mission nodded excitedly and rushed off, dragging Zalbaar with her. Canderous turned his attention to the actuator sitting on the workbench and lifted the device, cursing.

"Fried, damn."

Canderous looked up at the crimson assassin droid.

"Well droid, I suppose it'll be a little while longer before your active."

Canderous tossed the fried actuator into a waste disposal unit and walked to the refresher to clean the grit from his hand. After cleaning up, Canderous made his way to a local café to find something to eat, leaving the Ebon Hawk in the care of Mission, Zalbaar and T3.

Darth Revan deactivated his saber and looked over the mass of Sith corpses before him. Bastila and Siran followed suit and placed their weapons on their belts, breathing heavily.

"I suppose we were lucky they decided to fight each other as well."

Revan mused, kicking one of the corpses and walking to the holo in the center of the chamber. Revan's masked visage appeared on the bridges of each Sith capitol ship and his menacing voice spoke.

"I, Darth Revan have returned and reclaimed the title of Dark Lord, let all who oppose me say so now or leave."

Revan waited for a moment, listening cautiously he could hear the sound of blaster fire raining down on Korriban. Three Sith dreadnaughts broke formation and began firing on the Sith Academy while the other vessels instantly turned their weapons and quickly obliterated the ships. Revan waited until the bombardment ceased, amused at the poorly placed shots.

"Well if there are no further debates..."

Revan motioned for Bastila and Siran to approach. The two woman appeared in the holo.

"This is my apprentice, Darth Shan and her apprentice Darth Siran. We are taking control of the Empire and I request a transport bring me to the command ship."

Several minutes later a squad of crimson-clad Sith troopers approached and saluted the Dark Lord. The transport took them to the agreed upon flagship, a modified Interdictor ship that was nearly three times the size of a regular dreadnaught. Revan surveyed the ship with approval and began the tedious task of restructuring the Sith hierarchy, searching the records of the countless officers for signs of promise and incompetence.