''This is what I live for. This is the purpose of living for those who have no life.''

These words raced through Leo's mind. These were the last words ADA had said to him before

piloting Jehuty to Aumaan. Once there, she will self destruct Jehuty and she will die. But no matter

how he denied it, Leo kept on beleiving she had a life. To him, she was real.

Leo looked out a window into the cold, vast, emptiness of space. It reminded him of the lives

lost and the deaths yet to come. He thought of Viola's Orbital Frame, Neith, drifting towards Jupiter

about to be crushed by its gravitational pull. About how she has been denied and how it was all his

fault. His guilt grew. In steps in Rhino Thunderheart.

'' Hey Leo,''

Rhino said,

'' Would you like to speak to Celvice? She would love it if you came and kept her company for a


'' Sure.''

replies Leo, uneasily.

Leo walks into Celvice's room. There she lay, hospitalized. A heart monitor bleeps at a

steady pace.

'' Leo!''

Celvice greets him with such delight. Her voice sounded quite rasp.

'' Celvice, how are you feeling?''

'' Better, I guess.''

Celvice looks at Leo who is staring blankly at nowhere.

'' Leo.''

She says his name hoping he'd hear her but he continues to think.

'' Leo!''

She called him forcefully but not loud.This time it caught his attention.

'' Wha... What is it?''

'' You're not listening.''

'' I'm sorry. It's just... Never mind.''

'' Don't blame yourself, Leo,''

She knew what was on his mind.

'' It's not your fault. You did your best.. and that's what counts.''

'' Celvice...''

He couldn't help but break down and cry.

'' I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! It's all my fault! If I'd have...''

He lay his face on Celvice's hand. He gripped her hand so tightly it seemed

he'd never let her hand go.

'' Leo, it's okay. It's not your fault. You did all you could.''

She comforted him.

'' Celvice... I...''

Leo was interrupted by Rhino.

'' Elena would like to speak with you.''

Rhino escorts Leo to Elena's office.

'' Yes, what is it?''

'' Leo! Just the person I wanted to see!''

Elena said, enthusiastically. Leo just stared at her wondering why she had called

him over to her office.

'' Leo. You are a terrific Runner. Possibly the best I've seen. I have never seen anyone pilot

an Orbital Frame as well as you did.''

'' Thank you...but..you must've wanted to tell me something else not just compliment me.''

'' Hmm...I see you're someone who likes to get right to the point rather than dwell around it.

You know, I like you Leo. You are...determined. That is something you rarely see in an individual.

It is a very admirable quality. We need determination like that around here. I'll stop wasting

your time now. What I wanted to say is... would you like to join Atlantis?''

'' Wha...''

'' I mean... you are a little young but we can start you out as a Trainee for now and then we'll rank

you up to Official Runner if you're doing well. Well, what do you say, kid?''

'' Um..''

Leo is interrupted again by Rhino.

'' Leo! Come quick! Something's wrong with Celvice!''