Mizuno Ami paused at the door her hand resting on the knob. She was about to do the hardest thing ever in her life, she had to walk into this room and tell her best friend that her husband was dead.
"Ami-Chan!" Chiba Usagi greeted her friend with a bright smile. "How's Mamo-Chan?" Ami didn't looked at her friend as she took the seat across from her, at her desk. "Ami-Chan, how the surgery go?"
"Usagi-San," Usagi was taken aback by the formal approach Ami was using "Mamoru-San…the surgery…he…" Ami found herself searching for the words to tell Usagi.
"The surgery went OK. Didn't it Ami-Chan?" Usagi asked her eyes concerned "When can I see Mamo-Chan."
"Usagi-san, we knew that the risks for this surgery were high."
Usagi nodded "But you were sure he would be fine. He is fine isn't he?"
"Usagi-San, Mamoru-san's surgery didn't go well. Mamoru-san didn't make it through the surgery. Usagi-Chan I'm so sorry."
Usagi jumped up and ran for the door. Usagi fumbled to open the door, but instead with a cry slid to the ground. Ami was at her friend's side instantaneously, but Usagi pushed her away. "Mamo-Chan!" Usagi cried "Mamo-Chan don't leave me please!"
"Usagi-Chan…" Ami said softly hugging her hysterical friend.
"No!" Usagi said pushing Ami away "You said it would be all right! You're always right! It's just a joke right. Mako and Minako-Chan put you up to this didn't they?" Usagi laughed "Mamo-Chan has to be all right!" Usagi jumped up again and ran out the door towards the nurse's station Ami right on her heels.
"Tell me, tell me please. What room is my husband in?" Usagi asked hysterically.
"What's your husbands name please?" The nurse asked.
"Mamoru-Chiba Mamoru." Usagi replied then turning to Ami she said "See everything is fine. And I will get to see Mamo-Chan."
"I'm sorry," the nurse said sadly.
"No! You're all lying!" Usagi looked up to see a man approaching and rushed towards him "Doctor Upshaw! How's Mamo-Chan. He's fine right?"
"Chiba-San, I am so sorry…" The doctor started.
"Not you too!" Usagi cried pushing away the doctor "Mamo-Chan is not dead! I would be able to tell if he was! He's not and I am going to find someone who will tell me the truth."
"Chiba-San please, can I show you to a meeting room?" Dr. Upshaw asked taking Usagi's arm.
"No!" Usagi cried shaking him off "I'm leaving!" And Usagi ran down the hall.

Rei stopped Usagi and held her tightly "Usagi-Chan stop."
"No, Rei-Chan they are saying Mamo-Chan's dead. He can't be dead! I can't live without Mamo-Chan." Rei pulled her friend to her and hugged her tightly as she cried. "Rei-Chan what am I going to do without Mamo-Chan?"
"Live." Rei replied quietly.