A Star to Guide Them By

Written by: Firefury Amahira

Standard disclaimer: All the stuff from Boktai I do not own. You can thank Konami for making the games and making them so damn fun to play and so addictive, too. All the non-canon material though is mine. Use it without my permission and be smited! I've had to put a lot of thought into the original material I use to fill out the plot!

Prologue: Departure

"Halt! Stop what you're doing and come out!"

"For the love of-! Sitara, think of the consequences of this!"

The guards received no reply from the crude transport or its single occupant other than the soft glow of the magical arts enveloping it and gently easing it away from the high walls of the city.

"My Lady, she will not stop. She intends to go Below." One of the men clad in the liveries of the city guard turned to address the agitated noblewoman who stood nearby watching events unfold.

"This cannot be allowed. We cannot interfere Below, or let one of our own open the door to the troubles there to come here." The woman sighed heavily, obviously unhappy with the order she now had to issue. "If she will not see reason, we must bring her back by force if we can, or otherwise prevent her from reaching her destination, lest it spell the end for all of us."

The guards nodded agreement and lined up near the woman, adding their magic to her own as she raised one glowing hand in the direction of the unwieldy craft. "I am sorry for this, my child, but we have tried since your youth to divert your dangerous interests. Since you pursue this foolishness beyond reason and bring shame to your House, I must prevent it."

The entire city shivered slightly at the energies the woman marshaled to rein in the rapidly shrinking craft. The woman squinted into the distance, her aim wavering as beads of sweat began to adorn her brow. "I cannot bring it back. She is resisting our power combined with her own, unlikely though it would seem."

The captain of the guard turned a somber gaze on the lithe woman. "Then by our Laws, she is Fallen, stripped now of House and lineage, shamed beyond all redemption, and forbidden from this city lest she return with the Immortals nipping at her heels. We must not permit one with her strength and dangerous knowledge to run about Below, either, lest those of the darkness add her to their number and use her knowledge to bring our doom upon us."

The woman sighed heavily, struggling to maintain her composure in spite of what she must do. "I understand. House Polaris no longer has a daughter to succeed it."

A globe of silvery energy formed in the air before the woman's upraised palm, nothing soft or gentle about it, a sharp contrast to the powers propelling the little transport, already starting to shine fiery red from its descent. With a heavy heart, the woman let fly her deadly projectile, her aim sure. She could not bear to watch as it exploded.

Author's notes: Hopefully the artistic license I end up taking with the canon Boktai material won't offend anybody. The canon stuff is so vague and leaves gaping holes in backstory, character development, and so on that pretty much any really huge fanfiction undertaking is going to have to take some liberties for the sake of the story. Also, this fic is being written based on the first two games. I'm aware there is a third one in the works, but for the purposes of this fic, the events in this assume no new canon material after the end of Boktai 2. Also, to set the record straight in what appears to be a very tiny and tight-knit fandom, I am most decidedly of the non-yaoi persuasion. While it could be possible for any of the main characters to be gay, I am firmly anti-twincest. I won't flame at anybody who is, and would hope that respect to be mutual. In short, if you're looking for a fic where Django and Sabata get it on, look elsewhere please. Also, I will be introducing a number of original characters, but have no plans of any of them getting it on with anybody, either. I just simply got smacked upside the head with an idea, and this is the result.(Okay, to be perfectly honest, this originally started out a simple writing exercise to get a feel for handling the canon characters in preparation of a Boktai RP. I'm still not sure how it went from character exercise to full-blown fanfic.)

Lastly, thanks go to my beta-readers, Movodor Alarin, Orcrist, and One Amahira. Without their encouragement, I rather suspect this would still be sitting unread in my school notebook.

Comments and critiques are appreciated, flames will be duly ignored and/or made fun of!