A Star to Guide Them By

Written by: Firefury Amahira

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Interlude Two: The Arrogance of a Silver Blindness

"We must send someone Below to capture or destroy the Fallen Star!"

"But High Chancellor, is it really possible that the girl survived? Her mother and the city guard saw her vessel meet certain demise as it fell."

The High Chancellor, a slender, fair-skinned woman dressed in the silver-shot robes of office leveled a cold stare at the Councilman who spoke.

"I have read it in the stars that guide us." She spoke icily. "Do you doubt my talent, blessed by the stars which we dwell among?"

The man backed down quickly at the reminder. "Please forgive me for my rudeness, it was not my intent. Would the High Chancellor kindly oblige the Council and explain what the stars have shown?"

"Such information must not be withheld in such dangerous times. I have read a dire warning, and we cannot sit idle and let it come to pass!" The High Chancellor swept the Council chamber with a stern gaze, her voice carrying easily through the suddenly hushed chamber, the air charged with tense anticipation of her words. "When the Sun rises upon the Heavens' Spear, the Darkest Star too shall rise. And come to the call of the Fallen Star, giving birth to a deeper Darkness. When the Fallen Star treads on Forbidden Ground, the last bastion of the Kindred shall fall, and all will be Darkness."

The silence that reigned after the last echoes of the prophesy faded was matched only by the cold void of space as the Council took in the High Chancellor's words.

"You mean that she is the key to our downfall? That she will run with open arms to the darkness?" A councilwoman sounded patently incredulous. "She may be shamed beyond redemption and foolish, but certainly not that foolish!"

"You are blinded by the fact she was your daughter, Councilwoman Polaris." The High Chancellor glanced at the noblewoman. "You have said it yourself. She is shamed beyond redemption. What hope has she then, other than to join our enemies and strike back at the star home she has abandoned?"

The Councilwoman of House Polaris lowered her gaze. "I see the merit of your words, High Chancellor, but I still find it difficult to believe."

"I must agree with Councilwoman Polaris. The child may have been foolish in her interests, but she never indicated sympathy for the dark ones. She is of the lineage of our last Guide, and took with her the Two Stars. Surely that means she will rally against such temptation?" Another member of the Council argued.

"Will she?" The High Chancellor inquired dryly. "Or has she taken them with her to rob the Kindred of two ancient and powerful weapons against the darkness? The stars do not lie. It is apparent that she is the Fallen Star of my reading. She will call out to the darkness, perhaps even accept it fully. And when she returns to this city, a place forbidden to her for all of time, she will bring our ending upon us. Ours, and that of the world Below as well!"

"But there is no way to return here from Below." A younger member of the Council noted, feeling a burning need to point out the obvious. "There is no direct link to lead one from the surface to the city. That is why she left in the dangerous manner she did. There was simply no other way to descend."

"Yes, but also recall that she has mastery of the ancient arts to a degree that has not been seen in the Kindred since the Great Ascension." The High Chancellor's eyes narrowed to wary slits. "Our last Guide Star used magics we cannot begin to fathom to lift this city from the bindings of the world Below, and so much knowledge has been lost since. If this city could be lifted into the high Heavens, then what is to stop her from doing similar on a smaller scale? What of that dark fortress that we all felt lifting up into the high Heavens some time ago? Shall we wait for her to raise her own dark tower and come to us, when it shall be too late to prevent her?"

"What then do you suggest, High Chancellor? These are grave matters, and must be given great consideration." Councilwoman Polaris asked in a voice forcibly devoid of emotion.

"We must stop her before she can rise to any great power. She must be injured at the least, and certainly disoriented. It will be some time yet before she can act. This is our opportunity, our best chance to destroy her or capture her so that she may face trial for her crimes." The High Chancellor stated plainly. "We must send a contingent Below, to track her down and stop her, thereby averting the prophesy and saving us all."

"I see the wisdom in stopping her before she can muster any great power, but how then will those who go after her return? Will they be banished as well, or shall we make an exception in a policy that has stood since the Great Ascension and permit them to return?" One of the older Councilmen asked.

"I suppose that depends on how events may unfold. We do not know the details of what has transpired Below in our absence. The Solar Children may yet thrive, and may still be fighting the darkness. They may well have perished. We cannot know. Those who go to save us all… they may or may not be permitted to return. It is possible that they may perish in saving the Kindred." The slender woman replied with a certain air of indifference. "But which is the wiser choice? To sacrifice a few and stop this prophesy from coming to fruition, or to do nothing, and witness the death of the world, both Below and in this city?"

That sent a ripple of uneasy murmuring through the Council. Were it not for the High Chancellor's dire star reading, they would have all been automatically against any such action, directly in opposition to the way they had lived since anyone could remember. The dark prophesy, however, changed things rather drastically. The High Chancellor surveyed the chamber as the debate ran through the gathered Council, some voicing doubts about the prophesy, others uneasy about breaking the centuries-old tradition of non-interference. She let them discuss it at length among themselves before smiling calmly and bringing the meeting back to order.

"Gathered members of the Council, representing all Houses of the Kindred, we have heard all arguments on the matter. Let us now vote on it, and let the stars guide our course!"

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