A/N: THIS IS SLASH. YOU DON'T LIKE...YOU DON'T NEED TO READ. SIMPLE AS THAT. Thanks to Loriency for all your help on this. It probably wouldn't have gotten this far without your help.
Sitting in his bed had become Sirius Black's favorite pastime since the beginning of the year. The 6th year Gryffindor didn't just sit, he actually thought about things. Not Quidditch, Potions or Astronomy--both of his favorite classes--, Herbology--his least favorite class--, or the color of his underwear. Normally he would've thought about things like if his boxers were color coordinated with his outfit. But since the beginning of the year he thought about a person. A beautifully handsome person, with dreamy amber-flecked green eyes and golden brown hair. Said person wasn't too tall but not too short either, just the right size--about 5'10". The person Sirius spent all of his 'alone' time thinking about was none other than Remus Lupin. The werewolf had 'peaches and cream' skin (not too pale…not too dark) and a nicely toned body. Sirius first started 'appreciating' Remus in 'that' intimate way was in 4th year…and the feelings hadn't gone away yet.

In one aspect Sirius was glad that they hadn't gone away. It meant he had someone to love. It showed him that he was actually human…unlike most of the Black family. On the other hand, he couldn't stand the effects that loving Remus caused him. He loved the fact that thinking 'dirty' thoughts about Remus made him hard but…sometimes these thoughts popped into is head at the most inopportune times. For example: One day the Marauders and some other Gryffindors were all walking out to play/watch Quidditch. James handed brooms to Remus and Peter, while Sirius stood anxiously waiting for the game. Remus bent over and grabbed a handful of dirt. He patted some on his broomstick, then on Pete's, James's, and then Sirius's. Sirius was mesmerized by the up and down motion of Remus's hand. His only thoughts were 'DAMN MOONY/moan/ YOU CAN'T KEEP DOING THAT! JUST STOP…STOP RIGHT /moan/ NOW!'.

Sirius grabbed a pillow and put it over his face, putting pressure on it lightly. "What to do, what to do?" he said out loud. He silently went through the calculations in his head. 'I love Moony?'. He thought to himself. "That's it! I love Moony!" he screamed, the pillow somewhat muffling his voice. Suddenly the pillow was ripped away from his face. Sirius's dark blue eyes widened as he came face to face with an adorably sleepy-and shirtless-Remus Lupin. Remus laid down beside of Sirius, snuggling into him. "Uhm…Moony?" "Mmwhat?" "What're you doing?" "schleepin' now shhh." He accentuated his 'shh' by holding his finger to his lips. Remus wrapped his arms around Sirius and sighed. "Sirius?" "Hmm?" "I like schleepin' here. Do you mind if I schleep wif you?" Sirius shook his head 'no' and slid his hand down Remus's arm. "No, you just sleep Moony." "Mmmalright." The werewolf replied, snuggling into Sirius's warm arms. "G'dnight Moony, I love you." He said kissing Remus on the forehead. "Love you too Siri." Sirius's eyes widened, but his smile was rather large.

A fairly groggy Remus Lupin woke up on something warm. It--whatever it was he was laying on- was terribly comfortable. He cracked one eye open and seen a span of tan. He shrugged mentally and closed his eye. 'Wait, wait, wait.' He thought to himself. 'Since when is my bed that color?' Remus cracked one eye open again, then the other. His green eyes roamed up what he thought to be his bed. Beds certainly didn't have a very nicely chiseled body did they? They certainly didn't have wonderful arms, large hands, and as much as he loathed to admit it…handsome feet (or at least as handsome as feet can get), did they? 'Of course not!' exclaimed a voice inside his head. The young man closed his eyes and sighed. "Maybe I'm was just imagining things" he thought out loud. "I'll just open my eyes and I'll seriously be on my bed." Remus opened his eyes and moved his gaze to where his head had been laying and seen a nipple. 'HOLY HEAVENS! BEDS DON'T HAVE NIPPLES!' The werewolf sat up quickly, his vision coming into focus.

"Moony…" a groggy voice interrupted Remus's thinking. Remus's eyes widened. "Uh---yeah?" "Schtop wrigglin' 'round. You make it hard to sleep." Remus blushed when Sirius said hard, but agreed anyway. "Sorry Siri." "S'alright, just sleep." Remus nodded his head and then smiled to himself, realizing that Sirius couldn't see him. The brown haired boy felt arms go around his waist and pull him back down to the body he'd been lounging on. He let out an "Oof" when he hit Sirius's body but enjoyed it none the less. Sirius sighed and nuzzled his face into the crook between Remus's neck and shoulder, the golden brown hair falling on his face and covering his eyes. Remus smiled and fell back asleep.