"Oh gods Remus!" Sirius exclaimed as Remus flicked his warm, talented tongue over a jutting hip bone. "Oh, a little lower please?" he pleaded, gently tugging on a few strands of Remus' golden brown hair.

Remus complied happily, going lower and lower with each sweep of his tongue. He finally reached the hard cock that had been poking him earlier. He gently licked the head, as an animal nursing a wound would, before sucking most of it in the warm cavern of his mouth.

Sirius grunted loudly at the sensation. The tongue sliding tantalizingly slow on his cock as Remus bobbed his head up and down. Remus smiled around a mouthful of thick hardness as he felt Sirius' hands roaming around on his shoulders.

Swirling his tongue on the vein on the underside of Sirius' hard cock, Remus felt Sirius thrust his hips towards the wonderfully, warm mouth. Remus pushed the thrusting hips down against the bed, his fingers tracing a weird pattern that was unknown to Sirius on them. The sucking never stopped through all of it.

The dark haired boy was writhing and moaning, moaning and writhing, under Remus.

"Remus…" Sirius panted.

"Hmmm?" The werewolf asked, smirking as Sirius shuddered.

"Re-mus! Oh gods, oh gods! I'm gonna --"

Sirius quickly shut up as Remus let the sharp hips go and allowed the Animagus to thrust deep in his throat. The werewolf then grabbed Sirius' ass, holding him in place, the straining cock at the back of his throat. Remus half hummed, half growled, the tongue still moving slowly as the vibrations reached Sirius. Remus pulled back just in time, the precome dripping cock falling from his mouth into his hand.

Sirius came with a couple of jerks, come splattering on his stomach as well as Remus' hand. Many incoherent mumblings mixed in with mumblings of lovers followed.

"Ohhhh Rem, I love you. Love you so, so much."

Remus stared into Sirius' blue eyes, licking his own hand clean of come before licking Sirius clean as well. The so called dark creature crawled up to Sirius' lips, making a few stops to press kisses to the wonderful body on his way up.

"You're beautiful," the whispers of the werewolf coming out between pressing deep, loving kisses on Sirius mouth.

Sirius smiled, now only looking somewhat dazed. Dazed, but happy and sated nonetheless.

"You are as well," he replied, moving to arrange kisses on Remus' jaw line.

Remus blushed a bit, causing the red to return to his paling cheeks.

"You know, you really are," Sirius said, his voice still slightly husky, wishing to see Remus blush again.

Remus blushed again, just as Sirius wanted, before nuzzling the tanned face of his boyfriend.

"Oh my dear, sweet Remus," Sirius said smiling as he nipped at the pale throat before moving downwards to the now hard nipples.

Remus moaned as Sirius' hot breath collided with his chest, causing goose bumps to erupt on his creamy skin.

"Would you scream for me?" Sirius asked, biting a nipple none too gently, before soothing it with his tongue. "Scream until your throat is raw?"

Remus thrashed underneath him, muttering in French.

Sirius moved down past the nipples to the werewolf's sensitive hip bones.

"Would you?" He teased, biting one sharp hip, then the other.

"Oui! Oui! S'il vous plaît. S'il vous plaît, Sirius. J'ai besoin de lui, s'il vous plaît," Remus moaned loudly as he wriggled beneath the mouth that had just been wailed his name.

"Bon. Good," Sirius said, proud of himself for remembering French in a time like this. The dog Animagus smirked and proceeded to move lower still, lavishing Remus' swollen, thick cock with special attention from his tongue.

"Mes adieux, Sirius! Oh shit."

Sirius was being indulgent, stopping his movement before sucking only to hear Remus moan 'Go fas-ter! Now!' for him.

Sirius obeyed, sucking again. One of his hands slithered up Remus' chest, tweaking the bud of a nipple making Remus jerk with pleasure. He smirked and moved his fingers to the other one. His index finger and thumb, rolling and slightly yanking the nipple. Remus was thrusting in Sirius' mouth as much as he could, wanting release, but loving the barely painful pleasure.

Sirius slid the leaking cock from his mouth, thumbing the pearly drop away from the slit and Remus hissed in pleasure. Sirius looked him in the eye, giving the erection a couple of good jerks. Remus came, shuddering hard, his seed covering his lower stomach and cock, as well as Sirius hand. Sirius licked the werewolf clean and kissed him hard and passionately.

"Let's go get in the shower," Remus said, grabbing a towel from a built in shelf on the wall.

Sirius smirked as he watched Remus bend over to grab the towel. The pale, toned cheeks were obviously a wonderful sight.

"Sirius," Remus said, sounding stern. "Separate ones or we'll get nothing done."

"Awww, Moooooooooony! You're no fun!" He said as Remus threw a wash cloth and a towel at him.

"You thought otherwise moments ago," Remus said, a bit melancholily, as he walked over to his trunk to grab clean clothes. Sirius followed him the entire way before stopping behind him and wrapping his arms around the lower abdomen. Sirius' large hands were splayed on the creamy chest, fingers frolicking on the span of skin.

"I know it," Sirius replied, kissing the bare shoulder. "I love you very much, my Moony."

Remus turned and smiled at Sirius, the forest orbs shining pleasantly, before turning back to his trunk and grabbing his showering stuff. Sirius kept his hands on Remus the entire time, moving as Remus did.

"I love you too," Remus replied, grabbing a hand off of his chest and kissing it. "Shower! Now!"

Both boys walked into the bathroom, Remus leaving his clothes on his trunk by accident, one fully intending to take a separate shower while the other one fully intending on sharing the other's shower.


"Okay. What do we get to drink?" Lily asked James who was busy talking to a very hyper house elf.

"Butterbeer, Sirius likes it and it's one of Remus' favorites," James replied, the house elf bowing and then scurrying away, as Peter nodded his head emphatically.

Another house elf popped up beside of Peter.

"What is it that yous want Sminx to do for yous, Masters?" She asked, bowing a bit.

"We need butterbeer," Peter said, smiling a bit when the house elf's eyes sparkled at getting to help them. "A lot of it."

"Whoa, whoa. Why do we need a lot of it?" James inquired. "We're not the ones who need to drink it!"

"I know that you dolt! But it would look a tad suspicious if we weren't drinking anything and gave them everything, now wouldn't it?"

"Oh yeah. Hehe," James chuckled, embarrassingly scratching his head. "Yes, well carry on then."

Sminx bowed and popped away to the kitchen to tell the order to the other house elves. Pretty soon the house elves popped back to the teens, handing them each one, six-bottle case of butterbeer.

"Thank you Sminx!" Lily called out as the started out of the Kitchens.

Sminx blushed before running after them going at least as far as the Portrait before waving and calling out to them.

"Yous is welcome, Masters! Yous is very welcome!"


Steam poured out from underneath two shower stalls' flimsy curtains, billowing about the room. It covered mirrors and faucet handles, the floor and the door, the other shower curtains and the towels as well. But neither young man seemed to mind. Two of the three showers were on but no one had said both were in use. A trail of wet foot prints led from one stall to the other, gathering in small puddles of the floor.

Sirius stood in his shower half way singing a song, his voice sometimes garbled by the water running down his face. Pouring the shampoo into his hand and started to work up a lather, he rubbed it into his hair. With his back towards the shower curtain, Sirius started rinsing his hair.

The shower curtain slipped openly slightly and someone slinked in to Sirius stall. The dark haired boy shuddered as he felt the cooler air coming in from the slight crack of the opened curtain. Hands ran themselves up, down, and then back up the tanned back before slithering up to the shoulders.

"Are you singing for me Sirius?" Remus whispered as he somewhat clambered the rest of the way into the stall.

"Maybe," Sirius said, his eyes still closed as he stood under the shower head.

"Well, let's hope you weren't singing for someone else," Remus replied in mock sternness as his hands made their way up to Sirius' wet hair, helping the rinsing process.

Sirius practically felt his knees go weak.

"No. No. Of course I was singing for you."

"Mmhmm," Remus said, standing a bit on his tippy toes to start at the top of Sirius' head.

A kiss was planted on Sirius' wet neck, a tongue lapping out to taste the water that had collected there.

BAM. A door slammed and Sirius jumped, knocking Remus' jaw shut on his tongue.

"Guys? We're back! We've got butterbeer!" James' voice filtered through the bathroom door.

"Thit! Thit, thit! Ohhh, it hurtsth! Damn!" Remus exclaimed quietly, cupping his mouth.

"Well let's have a look-see."

Sirius grabbed Remus' chin.

"Stick it out."

Remus shook his head.

"Please?" Sirius asked, eyeing Remus.


"Pretty please? With lots of chocolate me's on top," Sirius stuck out his bottom lip.

Remus slowly but surely stuck his tongue out of his mouth. Sirius still had a hold of Remus' chin, his index finger now rubbing soothing circles on the underside of said chin.

"S'alright. You're fine," Sirius replied, kissing Remus lightly on the nose.

Remus pouted and before long Sirius had pressed a kiss to his lips.

"Are you guys in there?" Peter called out, sounding a bit exasperated.

"I'm almost done!" Remus called.

"Yeah me too!" Sirius echoed.

"Thank the gods!" They heard Peter exclaim.

Remus and Sirius stepped out of the stall, wrapping their respective towels around themselves. Sirius walked out first, followed shortly by Remus. Lily was standing beside of James' bed and turned to greet the two when she noticed that they were just wearing towels. Blushing brightly she turned back around, burying her head in one of James' Quidditch magazines, which she held upside down.

"Oh don't you think that you're going to get a free show Lily!" Remus called out, smiling as she turned redder.

Sirius smiled at the werewolf as he grabbed his own clothes before heading back into the bathroom, Remus not far behind.

"You two hurry up in there, okay?" James called out to them as they reached the door.

"Sure, sure," Remus replied.

"Will do, Jamsie."

And with that the door slammed shut again.


"Do it now!" Lily whispered fiercely.

Peter nodded excitedly as James popped the cork out of the bottle.

Peter picked the bottles of butterbeer intended for Remus and Sirius and took the lids off of them.

"Steady on," James whispered, concentrating hard.

"You'll have to hurry up!"

They quickly spelled the lids on the bottles to be like new and set them in the case that they were taken from.

James started to walk away when Lily grabbed his hand.

"What if we get them mixed up?"


"We'll mark them somehow," Peter replied, rubbing his hands together.

"Great!" Lily exclaimed and brandished her wand, spelling a small red mark on the lids.

The two Marauders ran and sat down on their respective beds, while Lily flopped on one, not caring whose it was.


"Do you think that they are done being 'sneaky' yet?" Sirius asked Remus, who was zipping up his pants.

"Yeah, they're done I think."

"Well then let's go out there," Sirius said as he put his towel in the hamper. "Wait one second! How do we know which bottles have been messed with?"

"Well, look for markings Sirius."

"Oh…yeah. Hehe, okay then. Now let's go out there."

"Hey Siri?" Remus called out as Sirius put his hand on the doorknob.

Sirius turned towards the young man. "Yeah?"

Remus walked briskly over to him and kissed him heatedly on the mouth. They kissed for several moments before Remus broke the contact.

"Okay, now we can go."

Sirius stood in front of Remus for a second, dazed and happy before breaking into a smile and opening the door.

As the couple walked out of the bathroom they looked around the room. Peter was sitting on his own bed, seemingly twiddling his thumbs. James was sitting on his own bed with a pillow leaned on the headboard, propping his head up. And Lily…

"Uhm, Evans…why exactly do you have your face buried in my pillows?"

Lily jumped at the sound of Sirius' voice? Blushing she stuttered out her reply.

"I-I…what kind of shampoo do you use?"

Sirius raised an eyebrow.

Lily flushed deeper.

"Your pillows smelt really good," she mumbled as Remus chuckled quietly.

"Let's go down to the Common Room." James said picking up the case of butterbeers that were Remus and Sirius'.

So Peter and Lily picked up their cases and all five of them headed down the stairs.


James smiled as he popped the top off of his bottle of butterbeer and set it down on the circular coffee table. There was no red mark. He was sitting on a couch next to Lily who had tucked her legs under her bottom and popped an unmarked lid off of her butterbeer as well. She was sitting close to James with his hand on her knee. Peter was sitting in a chair on the other side of James his lid laying on the coffee table and he had taken a drink already.

Sirius was sitting on the couch opposite James and Lily with his feet propped up on the coffee table. He hadn't taken a swig of his butterbeer yet but had taken the lid off, holding it in his hand. Remus on the other hand hadn't sat down yet, for a younger student asked him for help on a Herbology assignment and he of course obliged. Walking over to the couch, Remus tripped over a shoe of Peter's that was thrown on the floor haphazardly.

Stumbling into the side of the coffee table, Remus let out a small growl.


Remus glanced down at the table noticing the lids.

"Ooops. Sorry Moony," Peter apologized, picking up his shoe."Oh, s'all right," Remus replied, rubbing his tender shin.

Remus finally sat down on the couch, placing both of his legs on the cushion between Sirius and himself.

"It's the lids." He whispered to Sirius as he got situated.

Sirius looked at him confused before an expression of realization spread across his face.

"Ohh. Riiight," Sirius whispered as he gently stroked the inside of Remus' left ankle, which went unnoticed by the other three occupants of the room.

"Let's play a game!" James suggested as he grabbed Lily's hand.

"Well what do you want to play?" Remus asked as he unscrewed the lid to his bottle.

"Monopoly!" Peter and Lily exclaimed at the same time.

"Well you can go get it and Remus and I will just sit right here," Sirius said laying his head on the back of the couch.

"Why do I have to go get it?" James protested.

Sirius lifted his head up and arched one dark eyebrow.

"Because you're the one who suggested it, you oaf."

"Fine. Fine. Make me your little slave boy. I don't mind…" James started towards the stairs with a pout set firmly on his face.

"Okay, you don't have to go by yourself," Remus acquiesced.

James perked up at that.

"Sure. Take Peter and Lily with you!" Remus replied, slightly smirking.

James mock glared at Remus and Sirius before pouting again.

"Fine! I will!" James stuck his tongue out and stomped over to Lily and Peter and hauled them up by their hands and then proceeded to drag them off to go get the game.

"It won't do anything to us!" Remus exclaimed.

"What are you talking about?" Sirius inquired, looking at Remus strangely.

"The little concoction that they put in our drinks. We already like each other. It won't do anything."

Sirius grinned and pulled his wand out.

"Well, then…what are we going to do to them?" Remus asked as Sirius leaned forward to place the other three drinks in a group.

"You'll see," he said as he whispered "Amour passé" as he pointed his wand at the bottles on the table. He then repeated his actions to the bottles in the cases next to James' seat.

"Padfoot. What did that do?" Remus asked suspiciously as if he thought that Sirius used the wrong charm.

"Why when they drink it, it will make them think that they like someone who they really don't, of course," he said grinning proudly.

Remus sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"No it doesn't."

"Yes it does."

"No. It doesn't."


"NO it bloody well doesn't!" Remus exclaimed.

"Well then what does, Mr. Smartywolf?"

"Amour faux does. Do you know what the charm you used means?"


"It's the 'past love' charm Sirius. Do you know what that does?"

"Uhmm…yet again, let me just reply with maybe."

"It makes them think that they fancy someone that they used to fancy. Even if they don't like said interest anymore."

Sirius' eyes widened as Remus nodded.

"Well at least it will only last an hour or so. An hour and a half tops."

Remus looked at Sirius with a look that said 'Shut-up-Sirius-that-doesn't-help-matters'.


"Oops what?" Lily asked as she came down the stairs in front of James who was walking in front of Peter and carrying the Monopoly box.

"Nothing, nothing," Sirius said, waving it off with his hand. "Ahh, I see that you've found that muggle game. What'd you call it again? Bonocoly?"

Lily giggled.

"Monopoly, Padfoot. Monopoly." Peter corrected.

"Right, right. You say potato, I say tomato. Well get over here and let's play."

Remus laughed at Sirius' potato/tomato statement and desperately wanted to snuggle close to him and inhale is intoxicating scent.

James picked up his bottle of Butterbeer and soon everyone joined him.

"Let's make a toast! To Monopoly," James said.

Everyone echoed him except for Sirius, who in his own right said "To Bonocoly." They all took big swigs of their butterbeers. As Sirius released the bottle from his lips it made a large, wet smacking noise.

"Ahhh," He sighed as the liquid quenched his thirst. "Let's get started."

Lily set the game up and Remus, James, Sirius, and Peter pushed the chairs and couches away from the coffee table. Soon they were all sitting around it. Remus was sitting with Peter on his left and Lily on his right. On Lily's right it was James with Sirius on his right. They picked their tokens, dealt the money, and soon the game was in progress.


"HA! Do not pass go! Do NOT collect $200!" Sirius exclaimed as Peter landed on the 'Go Directly to Jail' space.

"Oh piss off Sirius." Peter said pouting as he placed the thimble in 'Jail'. The blonde boy took another large drink of his second butterbeer.

Soon his eyes widened and they looked more glazed than they had before as he scooted closer to Remus. Remus looked at Peter as if he were crazy but continued playing, oblivious as to what was happening. Lily took her turn and leaned over Remus to move her piece, rubbing her chest on his shoulder.

The werewolf looked terribly uncomfortable and blushed bright red as Lily 'accidentally' fell into his lap.

"Oh!" She giggled as she placed her arms around his neck. "Sorry Remus."

"I-it's alright." He stuttered out, avoiding both Sirius' and James' eyes. The sparkling blue eyes were trying to burn holes through the redhead and the hazel ones were trying to burn holes through the werewolf.

"Such a sweet little wolf aren't you?" She asked, accentuating her point by tapping him on the nose.

"Y-yes, of course," He paused for a moment. "Lily, you're going to have to sit on the floor, I can't take do my job as banker with you here."

"Awww…" Lily pouted as she moved from Remus' lap.

Sirius had to take a drink of his butterbeer to keep the growl that was bubbling up in his throat.


Sirius imagined himself as the large, black dog chasing the redhead on the grounds, as she screamed loudly.


'Just a bit farther!' He thought to himself as his imagined Lily almost fell in the lake.


Sirius jumped as Remus screamed his name. His sapphire eyes focused on Remus' freckled face in front of him.


"It's your turn," Remus said, smiling as he offered Sirius the dice.

James quickly grabbed the dice from Remus' hands and handed them to Sirius.

"Here ya go Siri."


Sirius rolled the dice and moved his dog three spaces ahead to a Community Chest square.

"WOO! I get $200 from the bank." He cried out, glancing up from the card to look at the banker.

Peter's hand was inching towards Remus' hair.

"PETE!" Sirius yelled, startling the plumper boy.


"That is mine and it'd do you some good not to touch it."

Peter looked at Sirius peculiarly before placing his elbows on the table and resting his head on his hands.

"It's your turn James," Peter said, his cheeks squished by his hands.

James placed his hand on Sirius' leg as he picked up the dice and Sirius stiffened. Remus' forest eyes narrowed as he realized what James was doing. A growl come from deep within Remus' throat as he glared daggers at James. James took his hand away as if he were contrite about it.

And the game continued on as did the one sided flirting between James and Sirius and the conspicuous touches that Lily was bestowing to Remus. And though it had slowed a bit, Peter's flirtatiousness wasn't gone.

Finally, Remus took his turn.


So the game wasn't done, but the friends were done playing it. They made it through an hour and 25 minutes, but the charm was still going strong. Lily had once again seated herself on Remus' lap, twirling his soft hair between her fingers and Peter had resorted to massaging Remus' tense shoulders just to have contact.

James was playing with Sirius' hair, while Sirius himself kept batting James' hands away from him.

"Stop that."

"But Siri!" James whined and moved his hands to the hair again."

"Stop that," He exclaimed. But this time he wasn't just talking to James. He was talking to Lily and Peter as well. Lily was whispering sweet nothings in Remus' ear and Peter looked as if he was trying to eat Remus' neck. Needless to say, they didn't listen to Sirius.

"I. said. Stop. That." Sirius exclaimed in a deadly tone.

And this time everyone did stop, they stopped where they were. James had wiggled himself onto Sirius' lap and had his arms around him, rubbing his back. Lily was now still, no longer whispering but blushing an extreme color of red, as was Remus. Peter looked mortified as he brought his head up from pressing sloppy kisses on Remus' shoulders.

"That werewolf belongs to me. Do not touch him again. Understand?" Sirius whispered fiercely to Peter, who in turn whimpered, as he started to stand up and then pushed James off of him.

"Padfoot." Remus admonished as Lily climbed off of him.

"What is going on?" Lily asked in a timid voice.

Sirius walked over and plopped down on the couch. Remus remained in the floor until Sirius poked him until he turned around to see Sirius patting the spot next to him. Remus got off the floor and sat as close to Sirius as he possibly could and laced their fingers together.

"Well, you know when we got separated with you guys in Hogsmeade?" Remus paused to see three nods. "Well we stopped to talk to each other. That's when we actually started dating. But we had kissed a couple of times before that."

Another pause for Lily interrupted him with a long, drawn out "Awww."

"And well we knew what you guys planned. So we were going to prank you guys back. And Sirius had this bright idea to use the Amour faux charm but used the Amour passé instead."

James and Peter looked a bit green, but Lily just smiled, albeit a bit bashfully.

"Apologize," Remus told Sirius.

"Sorry Wormy."

"It's alright."

And they sat in silence. For a while at least.

"YOU LIKED SIRIUS?" Remus exclaimed, gold specks shining fiercely in his eyes.

"Liked, Remus. Remember that's the keyword here. LIKED. I promise past tense," James practically pleaded.

Sirius let out a bark-like laugh as Remus clutched to him.

"I know, sorry. But, when was this?" Remus asked calmly.

James mumbled something incoherent to everyone but Remus.

"Ohhh really?" Remus said teasingly, smirking a bit.

"Yes," James mumbled as he flushed.

"I couldn't here you Jamie! Speak up!" Sirius barked out.

"I said Second Year," James ground out.

"OHHH so there actually was someone before Lils!"

The whole room laughed as Remus reveled in the vibrations of the laughs coming from Sirius.

"Wait, wait…one question though," Sirius said, stroking a small place on Remus' arm. "Okay, it was obvious that Lily used to like my Remus, but PETE? When did this happen?"

Peter flushed and sunk down in his seat as he mumbled causing Remus to blush as well.

"What?" James asked, calling for Peter to speak up.

"Up until the end of last year. But I don't like him anymore. I like Natalie."

"Good," Sirius said as he stood up and stretched, catching Remus' attention with a bit of his toned, tan stomach showing. Sirius bent down and picked Remus up and put him over his shoulder, carrying him like a sack of potatoes. "Because Remus is mine and I'm not going to share. You might not want to come to bed yet, we may be a while." Sirius winked and with that he and Remus made their way up to the dormitory.

"DON'T FORGET TO USE A SILENCING CHARM!" James shouted as he took a seat next to Lily.

"WE WON'T!" Remus called back to the surprises of Lily, James, and Peter.

"Well," James said as he slipped an arm around Lily's shoulders. "At least we did what we set out to do."

"And what is that?" Lily asked in a teasing tone.

"Well we got them together didn't we?"

"Au contraire, they did it themselves Prongsie." Wormtail said as they heard a loud yell of "OOOH MOONY!"

Lily kissed James goodnight and wished Peter pleasant dreams as she stood to go to bed herself.

"We'll wait a while." Peter said and James nodded vehemently.


James and Peter wait another hour before going up to the dorm. They creaked the door open slowly and Peter barely peeked his head through the crack in the door. Clothes were strung around Remus' bed and the curtains were opened. Sirius was laying on his back, his inky hair plastered to his forehead and shoulders. A sheen of sweat still covered him and so did Remus.

The werewolf had his head resting on Sirius' toned chest and his arms were wrapped around Sirius' stomach. Some of his golden hair was plastered to his shoulders and some of it plastered to Sirius' chest. And though their eyes were closed they weren't asleep yet. The sheet hung low on Remus' hips and barely covered their naked bodies.

James and Peter continued their routine; walking over to their beds, shedding their clothes before putting pajama pants on, climbing into bed, and then calling out goodnights.

"Night Pete," James called out quietly.

"Night," Peter whispered back.

"Good night guys," Peter wished the two canines as they rested sated.

"You too." They mumbled drowsily nuzzling closer to each other.

And they all settled down, Peter and James dozing off.

"Love you mon chiot," Remus whispered, the feeling of his lips pressed against Sirius' chest sent sparks through Sirius.

"And I you, mon loup."


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