Ok, the dreaded seventh chapter... Thank you to all of my very kind reviewers, please don't kill me for the length of this chapter... Although I did add a lot of stuff to what I had written on the notebook paper just to make you all happy... it was originally 7 sentences long.

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"Tell us where we can send the message to!" the bearded man yells, his face red with fury as he slaps Erutis across her face, the back of his hand leaving a red mark on her cheek. "You know, maybe I'd be more inclined to cooperate if you'd FEED ME..." Erutis screams at him, her voice hoarse as she goes on, "Besides, I know just as little about his location as you do." Her sleeves and clothing are slightly ragged, worn down from beingtorn at by the ropes that bind her, the red sores on her wrists and ankles from the ropes being tied too tightly bleeding, the surrounding clothing stained with the blood that came from her worn flesh. Her normally brilliant red hair dusty looking, losing some of its shine as the days wear on, her face looking a skin tone darker, not having been washed in so long.

"You lying -----!" he yells, almost in a growl as he turns to one of the guards on his way out, muttering, "It's not worth the blackmail or any ransom..." the door is almost closed, but it is open just enough for Erutis to hear the final of his words, her eyes widening as he mumbles them. "...Kill her."

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