*One last reminder…. (Mario); [Luigi]; *(Peach)*; Me


Mario carefully stood up, covered in reflective glass. He brushed himself off and looked around. "What a mess," he said, noticing the shattered mirror strewn on the floor.

They were surrounded by nothing, if that is indeed possible. Just dark, nothingness. But he spotted a door close by as the other two removed themselves from the mess. Mario walked to the door and opened it carefully. Smiling, he threw it open for the others to see. It was a warp door to Peach's beach house.

Happily they walked through, and shut the door behind them, which immediately disappeared. They looked at their surroundings…and crashed on the ground, relieved.

"Mama mia!" exclaimed Peach. "What a relief to be safe again!"

"Hey Luigi," Mario asked. "Did you really mean everything you said in there?"

"Uhhhh," Luigi winced. "Not…really. I said it so we could get out of there."

"Good!" his older brother replied. "It made me sick."

You basically know what happens from here on…..They lived happily ever after! Until Bowser comes back with a new and improved idea….

(Well, aren't YOU the optimist?)

Hey, watch your back, plumber. I'm the author here, I can do what I want.

[Yeah? Well, can you juggle two TVs?] **he begins to perform the spoken task**


(Well, why did you say Mama mia?? You line-stealer, you...)

Anyway, did anyone here learn something from this?

*(I know! I know! We should be nicer to each other. Bowser made his Fun House to measure our feelings. If we were feeling negative, he'd make the conditions of our rooms worse for us. By being nice and good, we destroyed it. )*

Excellent! And have we learned something about phobias as well?

ALL: Yes!

[Why does Peach get to be the hero this time?] **muttering at the same time**

And you're not going to let them scare you anymore! You look them right in the eye and say-----

(You must be joking! I'm never going to visit the Grand Canyon, that's for sure!)

*(I'm buying as much Raid as I possibly can. AND 100 flashlights…)*

(…Isn't Raid for ants?)

What? Surely you're not still afraid!..….Luigi? Are you with me?

[Startled, he drops a TV on his foot, and his mouth opens wide, not making a sound. He quickly shuts it and shakes his head no.]

Huh, you guys are pathetic! You take the ultimate test of courage against the worst, and you're no better than----

(Hey! If I wanted to overcome my phobia, I would have asked to be on "Survivor"! And what's YOUR fear, anyway?)

*(Luigi's turning red…)*

Ummm, I can't say.

(Why not? You know ours.)

My mother told me not to talk to strangers…

*(You need help, child!)*

*sadly* I know….sniff.

(You knew all along, didn't you?)

The secret to get out? Yep.


This was something you needed to do on your own. Plus, you didn't seem to want my help. **turns nose up in the air**

[That's because you get a thrill out of making bad jokes!]

You're mean! Oh, that reminds me….What did Snow White say when she dropped off her film?

ALL, covering their ears: NO! MAKE IT STOP!!

She sings, "Someday, my 'prints' will come…" Heehee…..


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~The End~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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