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My Violet Blood

(Flashbacks are in Italics)

"Come on, it'll be fun," said Tony in a very sensual voice, "You know you want to."

"No Tony it's not right, we're only 14 and I want to wait a little longer before sex," Violet replied very firmly. Tony gave her a shocked and appalled look after she said this, and slowly walked closer to her. "I mean you can wait a little longer can-." SLAP. Before she finished Tony cracked her across the face and looked at her with the fiercest angry look she could imagine.

He then grabbed her and shoved her on the bed, and began to tear off her clothes. Violet tried to scream, but she knew it wouldn't stop him. He removed all of her clothes and laid on top of her in between her legs. She tried to push him off, but he was too strong and too much in control for her to force him off. Before she could think again he thrust himself inside her, she screamed from the pain and blacked out.

She woke several hours later, naked and alone. She had just then realized the person she loved and trusted had just raped her. She began to cry.

"Why the fuck did this have to happen to me," thought Violet with tears streaming down her face. She didn't know what she was going to do. She thought Tony loved her. "How could he do something like this," she wondered silently to herself, "Why would he?"

She got up, and could hardly walk. She looked down, and noticed she had dried blood running down her leg from her crotch. She began to cry harder. Then she looked around her room, and saw the family portrait they had just taken. (she was smiling in this one) She thought about her parents, and knew they would understand, but she only began to cry harder still. She didn't want to face her parents, they would probably think she was lying, and that she willingly had sex and was looking for excuses for having done so. She couldn't go on after thinking this.

She ran down the empty kitchen, and looked around to make sure her parents weren't around. She went over to the wall and grabbed a knife from the knife rack. Then she wrote her last letter to her parents saying she loved them and that she had to do what she did. Then she ran back into her room.

She stared at the knife for several minutes, literally holding her own fate in her hands. She knew she had to do this, for her, to stop all the pain she was feeling. She brought the blade up so she could see her reflection in it. Then brought it down to her wrist, and quickly swept it across, creating three deep gashes in her wrist. The pain was unbearable, and blood instantly began to pour from the wounds. Almost instantly she began to feel weak and slumped over on her bed. Then the room started to slowly darken, and darken, and darken, until the darkness surrounding her closed her off forever.

Final note: I do not believe in committing suicide, just writing about it. If you ever think seriously about suicide, please for the sake of your loved ones please seek help, or at least talk to somebody.

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