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Some Things Change

Chapter One

By Catrina

She could feel her planet coming apart at the seams. She had a connection to the planet. She grabbed on to the doorframe as another quake shook the planet. Her Senshi were doing the best they could, they were loading the people onto shuttles that would take two months to reach their far away destination. Tears fell down her face as her heart broke with her planet. This had happened before that she had to run. The last time had been because she couldn't fight yet, but now it was because no one could fight the forces of the Gods. When a planet was to be destroyed, there was no way that it could be stopped. She saw a bright light flash as another shuttle left the ground. Her senshi were doing a good job of finding everyone left. Soon they were the only ones around.

"Princess," A white-haired haired head peeked through the door.

"Yes, Healer." She said lifting her red eyes to meet sad green eyes.

"All the shuttles have left, are you ready to leave?"

"No, I will never be ready to leave home."

"We must leave now." Another voice broke into the conversation.

"Yes, Maker I know." She said looking to the tall brunette.

"Fighter is waiting."

"I know. But…"


"I know. Earth is waiting."

"We're going to Earth?" Yaten asked unaware of the destination. "But why, all the others will be dead, what is a day here is a year there. It has been almost three thousand years. All our friends are dead." Yaten looked at her as she looked into her eyes.

"We will always have friends on Earth. Sailor Moon promised." With that she joined hand with her Senshi, and they flew to Earth. While it would take the shuttles two months it would take them less than two days.

Neo-Queen Serenity looked at the world through different eyes then she did when she was younger. One would almost say that these eyes were bitter and almost resentful. Things were different in this future that in the future that she had seen for herself. First of all her dearest Mamo-chan, had died in the freezing of the planet, along with thousands that she couldn't save. Her heart mourned all of their deaths, the thousands of people that she didn't know, the one that she did, and the one that she would never know. His death had hit her very hard and she still mourned for him from time to time, along with Chibi-usa. She had worked through a lot of it but she was still lonely. Rei had married Yuuichirou and they live together, but Mars still worked with her. Mars was her war advisor, while Jupiter was the head and heart of her military. Usagi hadn't wanted to put her in this job, but it was one that she enjoyed with her husband, Shinozaki. Venus was leader of the palace guard. She was very good; her and her guard foiled three assassination attempts. Then there was Mercury who held everything in check with the technology, plus she was the palace doctor. They were all well respected, some even thought of as goddesses. But even though she had this she was lonely. She missed Mamo-chan and the good old days. In a way, she had lost Jupiter and Mars, but Mercury and Venus were just as lonely as she was. They were untouchable, and unlovable, but they could be worshipped, ironic, there was a time when both she and Venus wanted to be worshipped and now that they were they hated it. Usagi took her hair out and brushed it out and climbed into bed. She fell soundly asleep and dreamed of nothing.

Minako was doing her last check. Her blue eyes reading and understanding the diverse data. She had Ami and her patience to thank for that. All of them have work hard and they carried so much the weight of the world on their shoulders, and for the most part they all loved their jobs. Granted she wished that she had become an idol, but not everyone had achieved her dream. She looked over all the readouts, and nothing in their galaxy was abnormal. She finished her reports and locked her office. She looked at the night guards and smiled.

"You know the drill; if anything happens give me a call. Good-night gentlemen." When she got to her room she changed into her silk nighty (A gift from Usagi and Ami before their lives changed). Her thoughts calmed as she slowly got ready for bed. She brushed her hair, teeth, and pampered herself by applying lotion on her skin. She thought back to simpler times when all she wanted to do was sing and dance, but now she just wished that she could share her life with someone. Loneliness was a killer, she thought before she promptly fell to sleep.

"We are almost there Princess." Maker told her. "Should we change into our male forms?"

"Yes, it would probably cause less of a stir." She stated changing into a more casual form herself.

"You said we would land in the park, Taiki?" Yaten asked, it was strange calling him that again.

"Yes." He said shortly waiting for the Earth to come into view.

"Hear we are." The eyes of the four grew as they saw the earth for the first time. It was surrounded in crystal.

"Oh my. What happened?" Seiya whispered blue eyes widened in shock. They landed and looked around in shock. There were patched of green grass and trees around but their the rest of the land seemed frozen in crystal ice. The world was dark but was cold as well. It didn't feel the same, the warmth that they remembered was missing. They looked around for anything familiar and barely remembered that this was the park. They looked off to the east to see a giant structure of crystal that looked like a spike of quartz growing from the core of the earth.

"The palace?" Taiki guessed pointing to the structure in the distance.

"That would be my guess." Seiya agreed. As a group they started to walk towards the assumed palace. They didn't make it very far when someone stopped them.

"Freeze. Who are you?" A male voice behind them sounded.

"Just go with the flow," Taiki said. "We are lost sir. Can you help us?"

The man didn't answer and just looked at his partner who was holding a computer. "Arrest them. They are not from this planet."

"But we can explain." Yaten said, finding himself in a type of handcuffs.

"You can explain to our head of Security."

Minako slowly started to wake, as the beeping noise wouldn't leave her alone. It took her a moment to realize that it was her security link. She pushed the talk button and registered the face in front of her. "Jupiter?" She asked sleep still present in her voice.

"We have something that you might want to see. The Starlights are back." Minako sat up so quick it made her head spin. "I will be right down"

She didn't bother to even change. She ran down the halls barefoot and ran down to the interrogation rooms. The guards there seemed surprised to see her in her pajama, considering that is was like a short dress that only came to just above her knees with spaghetti straps.

"Where are they?" The guard pointed toward a door and Minako looked through the window and she almost screamed with joy. They are back. Then she let her rational mind take over again, she couldn't let her emotions carry her away like in the past."Officer, I want them held in the Venus wing with guards until morning and the queen will deal with them. I still don't know why they are here, or they could be impersonators do NOT put them together. I want guards on all of them. Go get me Sailor Mercury." She looked over to Jupiter and smiled.

"This could be what Serenity needs." Minako said to her companion.

"You're right. She is so lonely." You are too… she mentally added to that statement.

With that the young man left and returned a few moments later with Sailor Mercury. "Hey Mercury, we have some visitors." Ami nodded and followed Minako and Mako-chan down the hall to the Venus wing. She walked into a closet, and looked into the glass. She was looking into one of the rooms in the Venus hall. All the halls in the Venus wing had two way mirrors. This was the only hall that had this, but this was often where prisoners were kept.

"Is that who I think it is?" She said looking at someone she could almost be sure was Seiya, but he should be dead after three thousand years.

"That is what I want you to see. I don't want to wake Serenity until we are sure. With that Mercury pulled out her computer and started checking him over through the one way glass.

"That is Seiya all right. His data matches exactly for what I have from three thousand years ago."

"Okay, three more to go."

"So untrusting Sailor Venus."

"Of course, anything when it comes to my Queen."

Seiya was confused, going from a jail cell to this beautiful room. Still, he was under guard but still, this was a big change. He had been separated from the others but he could still sense them, they were close. He looked to the mirror and looked at himself. It was strange; he hadn't been Seiya in so long. He looked a little older but still the same. His long black hair was pulled back in a ponytail; his bangs fell rakishly into his dark blue eyes. He was taller but the clothes they made still on their planet. He was still slender

About this time Yaten was thinking the same thing. He was also looking into the mirror seeing for the first time someone who he hadn't seen in a long time. It was almost nice not to be in Senshi form. He finally felt normal after being so powerful on his planet only a short time ago. He went to lie on the bed, shrugging out of his jacked and taking off his shoes, he might as well be comfy. He fell to sleep quickly, dreaming of the past on this planet and a girl with long blond hair, big blue eyes that had died for him.

Taiki sat on the bed and looked at the glass, he was being watched, but by who. The gaze felt familiar, but he couldn't place it. But it didn't feel threatening, just curious. He wondered for a moment if it was Miss Mizuno, but he knew that that was impossible. She had died a long time ago. There was no way that she could have lived for three thousand years. He might as well get some sleep.

"He knows that he is being watch." Mercury said, looking into the purple eyes she hadn't seen for a long time. If the glass hadn't been there she would have been looking straight at him.


"I don't know, but I would know, and his knowledge has always matched or surpassed mine." Ami told Minako mesmerized by the eyes she hadn't seen for so long.

"We need to call a meeting."

With in the next hour four Senshi were at a roundtable in the Venus sitting room.

"Why are they here?" Rei asked after being briefed, she still looked tired but her violet eyes were bright and alert.

"I'm not sure. I haven't talked to them yet."

"We should let Serenity know."

"Not 'till morning. She had to deal with all those stupid buricrates all day yesterday. I say we let her sleep and have them all meet in the morning. I think our Queen needs a surprise." Venus looked at the others and smiled. Rei and Mako-chan left for their husbands while Minako and Ami looked at each other.

"I won't get much sleep tonight; I pull an early shift tomorrow because one of my men is becoming a daddy."

"I know, Minako-chan, I'm delivering the baby." Ami told her with a slight smile.

"Does it ever make you mad? Everyone else is happy but you, me, and Serenity." Minako asked the question with a hint of anger in her voice.

"All the time." With that they both left to go to a cold and empty bed.

Rei looked to Makoto and bit her lip. "I'm a little worried about them." She said as they walked down the hall away from the Venus wing.

"I know, we all ended up as friends with the Starlights but Usagi-chan, Minako-chan and Ami-chan were much closer to them then we were. And they are so lonely." Her green eyes looked down sad. "Maybe if they had had someone they were with when the Earth froze like we did."

"And if Mamoru-san hadn't died, the Queen wouldn't be lonely." Rei said for a moment upset that Mamoru hadn't fought harder to stay alive. "You would think that the earth would protect him since he was the guardian of earth."

"I know but…we learned a long time ago that we can't control the future."

"I wish that they could all be as happy as I am."

"We are the lucky two." Makoto stated grabbing Rei's hand. "Let's hope that this is their chance at happiness."

"But still…" Rei said looking over her shoulder, "Why are they here?"

"I don't know, but let's go home." Rei nodded.

"Good night."


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