Some Things Change


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Minako was supposed to think. Not a problem it seemed that's all she was doing was thinking. If she tried to do anything else…like sleep or eat, it didn't go too well. She had never been this nervous and worried before. And now she hadn't seen him in two days. Was Yaten avoiding her, had she the Senshi of Love, not realized that the man that she had been in love with since his idol times had actually fallen in love with her. Is that what he had been trying to tell her with that kiss? No doubt it had melted her soul and broke her heart. Did it mean that he cared? Duh, she had already answered the question, of course he cared. That was what he was trying to tell her, that he loved her, right? Of course she was right. He cared; there was no other reason that he would kiss her. Kisses were affectionate, the showed love, for her anyway…was it the same for him. Of course it was that was what she was supposed to figure out. Well she couldn't ask him because she couldn't find him. She nervously grabbed a strand of her long blond hair and twirled it around her finger; a bad habit that she thought that she had broken in high school.

She looked around for him again but no one was there. And this was the last place that she could look but he was no where to be found. And just when she figured everything out…


"I really don't understand why we had to come along." Yaten complained.

"I need help." Seiya explained already fielding this question from his friend more then once.

"You know her better then we do." Taiki pointed out.

"Like you don't want our input for Ami's ring." Seiya said defensively.

"I think that I can choose it myself." Taiki said utterly confidently.

"Well then Yaten would for Minako, then." Seiya still sure that someone else would want helpful input.

"No, if the woman ever figures anything out that we want the same thing, and I decide to get a ring for her… I will do it by myself." He told his friends.

"So it's just you." Taiki concluded.

"You guys are heartless." Seiya whined as the three of them looked for the jewelry store that Mars had referred them to.

"I don't know why you are going to go through with the whole romantic thing anyway…you already passed the 'test' no one will stop you." The light haired light told him.

"I know but I want to make all her dreams come true." He said with a smile, "I want to make her the happiness woman on Earth. I want to see stars in her eyes, I want her to cry tears of joy and I want to have her yell yes and jump in to my arms. I want her to know that I love her forever." However moved his comrades were by his speech they just rolled their eyes and smiled. They had never seen their friend this happy and they were happy for him as well. Seiya laughed at their reactions as they walked in the door to the store. 'Moonbeams' was the title of the store and when they walked in the store for a moment they were blinded by the light reflected by the glass and stones on display.

"Oh my!" The jeweler exclaimed. "If it isn't the Queen's man." For a moment Seiya blushed before introducing himself.

"Kou Seiya…" He said extending his hand, "I hope that you can help me." He told the beautiful lady. She had green tinted hair and intelligent eyes,

"I'm sure I can, young man…did Sailor Mars send you?" She asked the question while walking through the shop and pulling out random trays of rings and gems.

"Yes." Taiki answered the question for his friend who had already started studying rings.

"Yes, her husband spent a fortune on her here…I designed the rings for her wedding, her mother's ring, and a necklace he gave her for their anniversary." She said making the Starlights pause realizing that they had yet to actually meet the men that Mars and Jupiter were married to. "Are you men looking too?" She asked looking to Yaten and Taiki who were gazing at amazing collection of jeweler.

"Only if I find something I like." Yaten stated softly gazing through the first tray. Then he gazed up when he heard Seiya catch his breath.

"This is it." He whispered picking up the ring. The others rushed over to peer over his shoulders with curious eyes.

"That one?" Yaten asked amazed.

"Yes…this one." Seiya confirmed.

"I do rather like it." Taiki commented nodding his head. The ring was small in his hand but the all knew that it would look perfect on her hand. The band was braided white gold and yellow gold. On the base of the ring was a five pointed star and setting in the star were five colored diamonds layered to hold a small diamond on top. Ironically the colored diamonds were the colors of her Senshi, plus a dark blue diamond that was very close to his color.

"I made that one yesterday." Another lady came from the back. Seiya looked at her and he smiled.

"Did you know that I was coming?" He asked the question on a laugh.

"Of course…" Another lady came from the back holding another tray of necklaces and charms.

"You see we know the Senshi, very well."

"Yes." The first one chimed in, "If it wasn't for them we would have been doomed to be evil forever." She told them a little dramatically.

"You can't believe how happy we are to see at least two of them happy." The one with white hair and blue eyes glared at Yaten, while playing with her braided hair. He simply shrugged his shoulders and looked at the tray that she had brought out. Something there had caught his eye.

"How do you know the Senshi?" Taiki asked curious, he had never met these three ladies before. Another girl came in the doors enthusiastically calling out for her sisters. When she noticed that they had company she smiled brightly.

"Hello, you're the Queen's man." She said unknowing using the same words as her sister and half the nation. The other half was already calling him king.

"Yes," He said extending his hand, "Kou Seiya… and you are?" He asked looking at the fourth girl. She had dark purple and bright eyes that spoke of a love for life.

"My name is Catsy. I owe Sailor Moon… Queen Serenity my life as well as the life of my sisters." She said looking to each one of the girls that was standing around the shop. "We named our store after her. It was the least that we could do." The other girls nodded agreeing with the youngest sister.

"They really don't get out as much as they should." Birdie laughed, "I haven't played chess against Ami-chan in the longest time."

"They have blessed many people." Taiki agreed realizing that these four sisters had known the Senshi at a different time in their lives.

"And to think at one time we were fighting to control Crystal Tokyo." The girl with brown hair and warm eyes commented with a nod. "Now I think if we had won the world would be dead by now."

"That's all in the past, and I never did introduce myself. I'm Prisma, that's Birdie, Avery, and that is Catsy." She said introducing her family.

"It's very nice to meet all of you." Seiya said gently handing the ring over to Prisma who was closest to him.

"I'll box it for you." She smiled then disappeared.

"There's something in here that I designed for Ami-chan." Birdie said looking over to Taiki. "I see that you are very intelligent. She belongs with you."

"How did you know it was me?" Taiki asked, confused by her insight.

"She was once my enemy, I knew her better then anyone. And she knew me; she saw through the lie and helped me see them. I'm glad that she finally found someone to make her happy. Before the world froze we were very good friends, but in the last few years they seemed to lock themselves in the palace and forget that the world has good things in it too." She talked as he examined the collection and smiled when he did find the ring she had designed with her friend in mind. The ring was very simple, like Ami with a smooth gold band leading to a heart detailed with purple amethysts and blue sapphires surrounding a slightly lifted diamond. "She described you to me once. She loved your eyes." She said watching him pick up the small ring; the amethysts matched the color of his eyes perfectly. She held out her hand when he smiled. He looked to Seiya and smiled when he blinked.

"You know that idea of making Usagi-chan's dreams come true… I think it sounds like a good idea." He placed the ring in her hand and continued to smile as Seiya laughed at him.

"I knew it. But what about him?" Seiya said pointing to the third and most stubborn light.

"I'm sure there is something in here for Minako-chan, too." Taiki said confidently.

"You're right." Avery said, "There is something for all of them…they were kind of our inspiration when we started this shop."

"Yeah," Catsy butted in earning a glare from her older sister, "We have a make up business down the street as well. We sell beauty!" She exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Yeah." Avery agreed shaking her head at her sisters over exuberance. "Speaking of which aren't you supposed to be over there manning it?" She said walking around the counter to push her sister out the door.

"Yeah…send Birdie when she is done here."

"Will do." Avery assured her energetic sister as she ran back to the other store. She then walked over to Yaten to see him indeed studying the charm that she had made with Venus in mind. "You found it." She noticed surprised, "Do you want it?" She asked. Yaten nodded.

"And a chain for it… I think I'll give her the necklace and see what she does then." He thought out loud, and then looked over to his brothers. "I think we've been swindled." He said speaking of Mars' referral.

"Who cares? She was right." Seiya told him placing a hand on each one of their shoulders.

"Who would believe that the destruction of our planet would lead us to such joy?" Taiki noted. The others solemnly agreed.


She was walking on air. Haruka wasn't the happiest person, but seeing her queen this happy made her smile. She was smiling now watching as the girl skipped down the hall beside her. She was walking Michiru and herself around the palace showing them the slight changes that had been made. Nothing drastic but it did show the queens love of her people. Not only had she created more funds for the people, but the road infrastructure was better, and the standards on food were stricter. Mercury had had huge advancements in medicine and the Queen was finding a way to disburse them to those who needed them most instead of those who were inherently wealthy. Both Michiru and Haruka smiled at not only the work the Queen had done but the smile on her face and the skip in her step. When it got to mid afternoon she looked at them with a pout. For a moment Haruka thought she was 18 again.

"Never change from this moment neko-chan." Serenity looked at her surprised but knew what it meant when she started to talk like that.

"Can't you stay longer?" She pleaded. "There are wings here in your name…can't you stay and claim them. There no need for you to go back to the outer rim. Stay here; be with me and the other Senshi." For a moment she pleaded, while she loved her friends these two always held a special place in her heart. They would fight to such lengths for her, and not only that but they had forced her to find strength in her that she had never known that she possessed.

"Serenity, you know that we must go. That is our duty as outer Senshi." Michiru said placing a hand on her Queen's face and wiped a tear away. "We will be back soon; we must be at your wedding." With those words her spirits lifted and she gifted them both with a bright smile.

"Yes… that will be soon."

"Too soon." Haruka mumbled before receiving an elbow in her stomach from her lover. But then she smiled and kissed her Queen's cheek. "I wish you happiness." And she was glad that her comment allowed her Queen to smile again. Then they reached up to the skies and disappeared in rays of light.

"Stay safe! I love you!" She yelled as they disappeared and she could swear that she heard echoes of their laughter.


"We have a date?" Ami asked as Taiki stood out side of her door dressed formally, his ling mahogany hair pulled back allowing a few tendrils to fall into his lavender eyes. She reached up with a smile and tucked some of the shorter hair behind his ears.

"Surprised?" He questioned with a nod hoping that her confusion was a good thing. He watched as she blushed and twisted her fingers together before placing them behind her back.

"I've never been on a date…and I'm not dressed nice." She told him, her blue eyes going from confused to suspicious.

"That's okay, and you look stunning." She blushed more at his bold statement. She was dressed in shorts and a short sleeved short.

"Let me change?" She asked letting him all the way in and closed the door. She leaned against the door watching him come in surprised at how luck she truly was. He was hers. A bright smiled crossed her features as she stared at him. When he turned around to look at her he was surprised at her smile.

"I hope I'm the cause of that." He referred to her smile. She took a step forward, hesitated slightly before rushing over to him, jumping to put her arms around his neck. He grabbed her to keep them in balance and smiled as she spoke.

"I am so lucky." She told him burrowing he head into the crook of his neck and kissing his neck slightly. He let her down and kissed her lightly before pushing her towards her closet.

"Get changed… We have a date." She continued to smile as she walked away grabbing a blue dress out of her closet and slipping it on quickly, then running a brush through her hair and quickly refreshing her make up.

Within 5 minutes she returned and looked so good it took his breath away. "Shall we go?" He asked extending his arm she latched on and the walked through the palace and out the gates. He paused a moment when she stopped.

"It's been so long since I left the palace." She said. "Especially at night. It's amazing." She said referring to the tall structures of metal mixed with the green of the sporadic parks and forest areas, and then there was the randomly formed crystal. All of it glowed in the light of the moon.

"I know. I want to see you like this everyday." He concluded. She giggled at the comment.

"Like what?" She questioned curiosity along with pleasure in her bright blue eyes.

"Happy." A hand cupped her cheek while the other hand pulled out the ring that he had bought on a whim earlier in the day. He held it in front of her eyes and watched as they went wide as saucers.

"Taiki?" Her voice was a whisper, hope, confusion, love, it was all there in her eyes and even more, it was reflected back at her in his gaze.

"I'm told that there is a custom on Earth that a ring." He said indicating the one in his hand, "Put on the ring finger of the left hand symbolizes that we are together forever." She nodded speechless; she watched as Taiki took her left hand and slid it onto her ring finger. "And a ceremony of some type? Would you like to spend forever with me?" Again she nodded, looking at the ring sparkling on her finger. She never knew that she could feel anymore love for this man, but within minutes it had doubled. Tears filled her eyes and her vision blurred.

When she stayed silent he worried slightly, until she looked up at him and with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face she screamed, "Yes!" Before catapulting herself at him. He picked her up and swung her in a circle and she screamed to the world.

"Yes, yes, yes." And when strangers looked at them she looked at them and smiled explaining simply to them. "I'm in love with this man." They laughed and smiled at her but all that she cared about was she was happy. And that Taiki was happy.


She paced up and down the extravagant Venus Hall pacing back and forth. Debating, stopping, raising a hand to knock, and then turning to walked away. Finally she stopped once again to knock, and then dropped her hand to walk away again, but before she could walk away the door was pulled open and she was pulled in. She leaned against the door and looked at the slightly perturbed white haired light that had pulled her in.

"I never thought that confidence wasn't a problem with you, Minako." He said casually belaying the anger that she could read in his tense body movements and flashing eyes.

"Not until I met you." She mumbled at him. Her blue eyes glared at him more then just a little angry. "You know ever since you got here, you and your friends have turned this place upside down. Then you come into my life, start working with me, and making me question everything I know. I thought that I would be alone forever. I thought that you and I could be friends." She started to pace as she ranted letting out her anger. Cat green eyes followed her every movement watching humorously as she vented out all her thoughts and anger. "I don't know if you know this, but I have loved you a long time. I don't die for just anyone you know. And we have all died more then once. But I died for you because I loved you. But when you left I had to move on, we all did. Then you come back, out of no where." She ranted pointing a finger in his direction as though the fact that his planet had been destroyed had been his fault. "You took over. I have never been more confused then I was when you walked back in my life. Then you kiss me and disappear. You disappeared!" She accused. "And all I did was think." She finished and looked at him. Her breathe was heaving as she continued to glare at him.

"Well?" He asked laughing, "Did you get anything figured out?"

"Don't laugh at me! Do you know what you put me through the past two days?" She asked him. Then he stopped laughing.

"Do you have any idea what seeing you like this has been like for me? The light that lit up my life when I was on earth the first time …it was gone. Everything I did slowly had it coming back, the singing, the bickering. Don't you understand how brightly you shine? Don't you know how much I depended on that?" He approached her slowly seeing that finally his words were sinking in. He caged her in against the door that she had come to rest against. "What did my kiss tell you Minako?" He asked brushing a hand down her cheek and resting it on her neck joining the other hand there. He felt her pulse increase and in a way he felt powerful, he placed the necklace he had bought around her neck she still not realizing it was there.

"It told me you care, right?" She questioned raising insecure eyes to look at him.

"No it told you more then that." He continued stoking a finger up her neck causing her to jump.

"I love you, Yaten. Will you tell me that you love me too?" She asked finally finding the courage to say the words.

"I love you." He told her proud of her courage and glad that she had said it first, starting with her rant. She raised a hand to her chest in relief and she then looked down at her chest.

"Yaten?" She asked looking at the yellow gem engraved with a shooting star now hanging around her neck.

"Now you will think of me all the time…not just when I kiss you and walk away." She smiled at his words.

"You're really here forever, right?" She asked all fear and doubt leaving her bright blue eyes.

"Yeah, couldn't let you fall apart again." She was about to argue but found again that his lips sealed her combative words inside. So she kissed him back knowing that this time she could hold on for forever.


He was nervous. Why in the world was he nervous? There was nothing for the dark hair light to really be afraid of. This was just for fun. All of this was simply to make her smile…to make her happy. He stood holding the only flowers he could find…ironically they were roses. Luckily they weren't red, but actually white with a red tip around the end.

For a moment he wondered why in the world he was going through this. Their wedding was already being planed…it would be in two months, after everyone from Kinmoku came and got settled. The world was invited because of course the Queen of the World had to invite the world to her wedding, right? For a handful of minutes he simply paced in front of her door. Back and forth he walked, gazing occasionally as the moon that was engraved in the door. He was confused. Today when he picked out the ring there was no question in his mind that it was perfect. That everything in his life was perfect and even more that with him in her life he was hoping that he could make her life perfect as well. In all honesty that was all that he had ever wanted to do ever since he saw her so long ago in the Tokyo Airport. He had been across galaxies, seen stars born, watched as suns collapsed…all amazing, but none were equal to that small girl.

And that small girl had then become his whole world…in a way she even surpassed the Princess. But then inside her there had been even more beauty, strength, and hope. She had truly saved her world, her friends, and his broken soul. Finally finding the courage he knocked on the door then held the roses in front of him, noticing that his hands were shaking.

She opened her door and stood before, there was surprise then her hands clasped before her she smiled. Her long blond hair swung around her as her pale gown made her truly look like these angels he had heard so much about. But she was smiling at him and her smiled could light the world, he realized her eyes alight with pleasure.

"What are you doing here?" She asked suspiciously, her smile never faltering. She accepted the roses, smelling their sweet scent.

"I wanted to surprise you. Busy?"

"I'm never too busy for you."

"Then allow me to sweep you off your feet," He laughed as he picked her up and walked through her room. He walked to the balcony, and then with her in his arms jumped right over, landing in the gardens. The roses he gave her were dropped on the balcony in hurry to wrap her arms around his neck.

He stopped at the gates of the palace and set her down. "Let's walk." He told her taking her fingers and interlacing them with, "I have some things that I need to say. Then I have a question." She peered at him confused by his seriousness. But she nodded squeezing his hand and waited. They walked almost half a mile before he said anything. "You have built a wonderful kingdom. And so much has been resting on your shoulders. When we first started our way here we were sure that you were dead. All of you, we didn't know that you were still alive. I'm ashamed to say that in a way I killed you in my heart. Mourned you as though you were already dead. I found it easier to assume that you were not eternal, I had no idea you had such a grand future. Most Senshi eventually die in battle, and I tormented myself because I wasn't here to protect you. When we first landed on Earth we were all hopeless, you have touched so many lives, Odango…"He paused thinking of the women that he had met earlier today. "You finally figured out that I loved you then…right?" He asked looking at her unsure. He was surprised that already his words had tears in her eyes.

"Yes, I know now what you meant when you left." She told him her voice hazy.

"Good." He stopped now; somehow he knew this place…this park… "Odango, Usagi, Serenity, whichever incarnation you take, I want you to know that I love you. That my heart is yours and even though half of this world already calls me king I still have to ask." Shaking he pulled out the small box that Prisma had chosen for him. He pulled the box open and showed her the ring inside. "Do you want to spend you eternity with me?" He asked.

Shocked was an understatement, she had never expected this…it was already assumed, but leave it Seiya to still ask. Her eyes finally let the tears slid and her small hands were pressed against her mouth. It was then that she realized the box was shaking slightly. Was he nervous? Did he think that she would turn him away now? When nothing stood in their way? She pulled the ring at the box… seeing how it represented both of them and all of her friends…this ring included everything that was important to her. She looked at him to see his eyes calm even though she knew that he was in turmoil inside. Looking for the words to explain she paused then placed her hands over his.

"I love you Seiya, and eternity is not nearly long enough for you and I." She told him all laughter and tears gone from her voice. He let go of the breath that he wasn't aware he was holding, and then he pulled the ring out of the box and vowed.

"However many eternities, it will be you and I." He told her smiling. Then he pulled her close and kissed her, just to seal the deal.


The End

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