By Henrika


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Henrika- I haven't been able to do the other military personnel yet, but I gave Ed and the new Al a go-around based on the quote Al H. makes in the movie trailer. Enjoy!

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"I believed…that big brother is alive somewhere out there."

Ed leaned back in his chair, his thoughts ricocheting in his head. Did his brother think the same thing, that he was really still out there? He probably thought he was dead and for all his efforts to get back home, it was close to the truth.

He wondered if his brother was happy without him. He wondered if his brother was really alive. Had the transmutation worked? Was Al really in the body he was supposed to be? He didn't know. There was no way he could know. Not unless he got back.

Ed looked at Alphonse in front of him, blue eyes shining brightly at him. Did he have the heart to tell him? Could he tell him how he…how his brother had died, in that flaming Zeppelin crash. Was he that cruel, that he would shatter someone's dream, take away their last shred of hope?

And what about him? Was he willing to admit that his own brother might be dead, that he might never make it back to Amestris, that he really was trapped here? It was like some dream he couldn't wake up from. He was losing hope, he knew that. Alchemy; he had had control over alchemy. Formulas, theories, equations and transmutations; these he could deal with this.

This place didn't have alchemy, yet the dangers were often worse than any battle he had ever fought. He unconsciously wrapped his hand around the make-shift auto-mail he and his father had created, thinking of a time when the real auto-mail had been blown apart by a man from Ishbal who had a grudge against State Alchemists. He thought of Mustang, of the entire military group who had protected or helped him and his brother over the years. He missed them, missed them so much that it hurt. And then there was that horrible thought; had they ever really existed? Could he have imagined Armstrong's sparkles, Riza's strict care of Black Hayate, Mustang's smirk? Winry and Pinako? Mom? Al?

Had he really just created them all?

Was anything real anymore?

"Ed?" The amber eyes jerked up, and Ed found that he hadn't realized he had dropped them to study the crude limbs. His younger brother Al, no, Alphonse Heiderich, was looking at him with concern.


"Do you think I'll ever find my brother?" Ed choked slightly, fighting a thick knot that had constricted his throat. Could he tell the young man standing before him; those large blue eyes gazing hopefully at him; could he tell him the truth? If he admitted it, would it make it easier for himself? Would he accept this place as home, give up trying to get back to a dream?

He opened his mouth. "I'm sure you'll find him Al." He swallowed hard. Even if it was just a dream, hope was all they had left.

Henrika-I just feel so sorry for Ed. Everything he knows has been taken and thrown back to him in a familiar form that just makes things worse. And as more time passes he keeps losing the slim hope that he has.