Title: Original Girl
Author: Trillian42
Fandom: Kim Possible
Description: This is just a quick little story I've been thinking up for some time now. The rating may be a bit off (I'm still new at this) but most of the 'adult' material is light and sweet. Anyways, Read and Review! I need to hear what you all think.
Parts in Total: Six. There is a sequel for any intrested parties.
Rating: Teen, I don't know, probably less but just to be safe. Nothing too bad.
Spoilers: None really. Meaningless fluff.
Pairing: Kim and Ron, who else?
Category: Romance, fluff through and through
Distribution Rights: I don't mind if you publish this elsewhere as long as I'm credited. Please email me and let me know first though. I'm pretty easy-going.
Disclaimer: Okay, I have no money, Only the idea for this story is mine… so don't sue me! KP is property of Disney, you know all that good stuff.
Author's Notes: I wrote this as a standalone story... but as you can see, it's increased in size. This is my first fic, hope you enjoy regardless. FYI, I'm looking for a BETA, so let me know if you're interested. If you notice any mistake, let me know. Anyways, enough of my rambling, hope you enjoy.

Ron was exhausted. Not that this mission was much more difficult than any other. Kim did what she did best as he had fumbled with the controls of an extremely large and seemingly menacing guise of Drakken's newest 'evil death ray'. By the time Shego and Drakken found themselves sharing a car ride with the authorities, it was well past midnight. Thus, half-way around the world, they had taken refuge in a small motel near the crime scene.

The room was minute, the beds were lumpy and reeked of god knows what, but to Ron, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. Well, most beautiful next to KP, but he was SO NOT going to get into it. Thinking impure thoughts about his best friend lying in the next bed probably wasn't the best idea.

Keeping true to his promise, every conscious thought fled his body as he fell to the divan. Not even bothering to take off his mission clothes, he pulled back the covers and collapsed beneath the sheets. It was so warm, cozy; Ron could almost pretend he was at home… almost.

Ron was unsure exactly what had caused him to awaken so suddenly. 'Mom'll want to know what woke me up so easily' Ron thought. He was renowned for his deep sleeping, especially after missions. Turning over in the bed, attempting to get comfortable, Ron realized that he wasn't the only one awake.

Kim was standing by the large window their room offered. She was dressed in a petite pick tank top and matching shorts. He couldn't help be drawn in by her image. Her long red hair was glowing in the moonlight. A full moon was half-visible behind Kim's head. Her expression was somewhere between immense concentration and abstract randomness. In all the long years of being best friends, Ron had never seen Kim look so lost and yet at peace in her life.

Apparently Kim had felt Ron's eyes on her, as her head tilted slightly and she shot him a sweet innocent smile. Ron shot her a weak smile and casually looked away, trying not to blush ferociously. Eventually he decided it was safe to glance at Kim again, but as his eyes made a round-trip, he saw her emerald eyes were still on him. With a slightly amused smile, she beckoned him towards her.

"Hey Ron, come and look at this." It was said simply; a request that while being only a request was seemingly an order at the same time. Rolling effortlessly out of bed and silently cursing god for giving him the ability to roll casually out of bed and trip anywhere else, making a complete fool on himself.

He brought himself up next to Kim, slightly behind her, unsure as to what he was looking at. She smiled at him and pointed out towards the bay. On the opposite coast there seemed to be a party; talking, laughter and music could be heard lightly on the wind. But the truly amazing sight was the water lay before them. It was untouchable. The waves gently rippled of their own accord, reflecting the endless beauty of the sky in its depths.

"This is why I do it. So the sun can rise… so the ocean can beat. I do it all those people who have a peaceful, simple life I can never have... For good to triumph over evil…" Kim stated, almost in a whisper.

Unsure of how to respond Ron looked out at the peaceful waters, which come early morning would have young children splashing playfully at its coast. However, for the moment, it was still- almost waiting for something to happen.

"You did well today KP," Ron reassured to his best friend, "you made a difference". It was true; everything she did was for the world to see. Everything the world saw on TV, it was all a show for them. It was nights like this that showed KP's real nature. She just wanted to settle down and be a regular girl.

"WE made a difference today Ron," and she gently took his hand in hers and squeezed gently. "I couldn't save the world without you". So with those simple words, she turned back to the window, still clutching his hand tightly within her own. For a moment, Ron was lost to reason. Every ounce of his being longed to take Kim into his arms and hold her close forever. "It really is beautiful…"Kim's voice trailed off, her voice almost a whisper to herself, barely comprehendible.

"Yes…" Ron began, a lump growing quickly in his throat threatened to choke him rather then let him speak. "Yes you are." He took a deep breath, praying he hadn't pushed to hard, to suddenly. Kim turned to look at him, eyes probing into his mortal soul, searching for truth. She found nothing but friendship, compassion and love in his eyes.

With that Kim let out a gentle sigh, she leant back against Ron's chest, gently dropping one of his hands and reaching for the other. She placed the palm of his newly confiscated hand apprehensively on her waist. Ron sensed what she was trying to do and rapped his other arm around her waist as she gently melted into him.

Ron's hands were tenderly stroking the exposed skin under her short tank. Kim softly placed her hands over his, fingers interlocking. Ron rested his chin on her shoulder, breathing in her freshly washed hair. He gently caressed her hair out of the way so he could see the beautiful view more clearly.

Apparently, they had been asleep longer then Ron supposed. The sun was beginning to ascend from the dark depth it had resided in for the night. The moment was so perfect. Ron let a soft kiss linger on Kim's neck. It was delicate, almost non-existent. Suddenly Kim pulled away and Ron thought he had pushed too far to fast. Quickly and nervously dropping his arms to his side, his eyes found the carpeting immensely interesting.

He felt Kim brush by, heading for bed. Ron turned back to the window. The sun was rising, a new day was beginning and Kim had realized that he wasn't right for her. There was so much more to dating then love. And while Ron could offer Kim all the love he held in his heart for her, he was no match for guys like Mankey or Brikk. Kim deserved more than he could ever give.

Kim's voice calling him was a pleasant surprise, breaking the serenity of the room. Ron's chin quite literally hit the ground when he saw Kim. She was curled, happily snuggled into his bed. Half of the bed lay uncovered as Kim indicating he should move closer. Gulping down the fear that had amassed in the second since he had turned around he moved to the bed, silently lying down beside Kim, unsure what this would mean.

Kim, to the outside world, was a girl who knew what she wanted. For the second Ron's head touched his pillow, Kim had her head resting in the grove of his shoulder blade. One arm wrapped around him to land confidently on his chest. Her body turned sideways so her whole body was pressed against him.

Ron was nervous unsure of what to do. "Just hold me. I just want to be a regular girl and… I want to wake up in your arms. Please Ron…" her voice had trailed off slowly, her voice betraying her actions. Kim seemed forward, but Ron could tell she was just as scared as he was.

So without a word, Ron's arms, yet again, rapped around Kim's body, although this time, one hand rested on the small of her back and the other played softly with her hair. Apparently, they were both still exhausted because Ron's last conscious though was that Kim looked so peaceful when she slept, you would never know she wasn't an ordinary girl.