Title: Original Girl
Author: Trillian42
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Last week on Ordinary Girl:

Kim was hopeful. Wade always figured out what the emergency was. Kim was already mentally preparing herself when Wade's voice interrupted her thoughts "… but you're not going to like it."

Curiously Kim glanced at the screen when suddenly from Ron's house his voice burst out in an earsplitting tone "YOU CALLED WHY?"

Kim leapt down the boarding ladder onto Ron's front lawn. Waving back to Mr. Von Braun, both Kim and the jet took off in different directions. Racing into the familiar home of the Stoppable family she found Ron hugging his mother, who seemed fine.

Ron pulled out of his mother's grasp and ranted at her "MOM! What were you thinking! You scared Kim and me out of our minds!" Frustrated he fell onto the sofa. Kim thought she heard Ron under his breathe mutter a quick "Figures, had to call me for the hard mission…" Kim looked confused at Ron and his mother. Evidently she had missed something. Ron's mother was carrying a briefcase and a light coat and heading towards the door.

"Love you Ronny, be good with them" and with that, Ms. Stoppable was gone.

Kim shot a confused look at her best friend. Ron grinned amiably and gestured at the stairs. "Oh you'll soon see KP." And as predicted, two blurs had rushed past her and were climbing onto Ron's lap. Looking to her best friend, Kim saw he had two small children sitting with him. They were blond, and besides the gender difference, the two bore a striking resemblance to Ron. They appeared to be around the age of Kim and Ron when they had met.

Ron scooped the smaller of the two into his arms. The older girl just wrapped his arms around Ron's legs and looked curiously at Kim. Awkwardly walking towards Kim, Ron nodded to the small girl on his arm. "This is Lyndi, my little cousin" he offered as explanation.

"I'm t'ree!" the small girl said proudly, playing with her braided ponytails, which were wrapped with small green ribbons. Ron smiled at the little girl before placing her beside her older sister.

"Yep, she's three. And that's Harmony" Ron explained, "her big sister- by two years but still" he explained, dropping to his knees. Kim looked surprised at the arrival of the two. She knew of the girls but as far as Kim knew, the two lived in England and hadn't visited in months. "And this is Kim" Ron enlightened his cousins.

Lyndi played with her braids while looking up at Kim, as if sizing her up. Kim sunk to the girl's height, following Ron's lead. With a smile, Lyndi turned to Ron. "She's pretty".

"She sure is sweety" Ron answered without thinking. Kim blushed gently as her eyes met Ron's. She was surprised to see him blushing as well. Their exchange was broken by Harmony, who was pulling on Ron's sleeve.

"Ron! I wanna play"

"Ya! Play!" Lyndi insisted, pulling Kim towards the back door.

Rising to their feet, Kim followed the two girls outside. Ron leant over and whispered "I know you can do anything, but trust me, these two will push the threshold," into her ear. An hour later Kim knew Ron was right.

I'd take Drakken any day over this, Kim thought as she collapsed into an armchair on the deck. The two had amazing energy, and while she was sure they'd fall asleep once within reach of their pillows, the two showed no sign of slowing down. What surprised her most was that Ron was still going. This was the second break Kim had taken from the endless running in circles, dodging Harmony's water gun. She was already soaked, not nearly as soaked as Ron, but he kept throwing himself in the way to save Lyndi from a face full of water, so it didn't really count.

Watching the three run around in circles reminded Kim of the dream she had earlier at the motel.

It was late afternoon and she was in her backyard. The sun was bright and the wind was cool and refreshing. Sitting on the deck, Kim was watching Ron run through a sprinkler with two small children trailing him. A boy and girl. Twins, or so she thought. They both had her eyes, but the boy looked like Ron in every other respect.

Laughter filled the backyard. Kim sipped a lemonade and laughed along with her family. She'd never been so happy. Ron suddenly headed towards her, grabbing her hand and dragging her towards the sprinkler. She pulled back, pretending she didn't want to follow him into the water.

Scooping her up in his arms, Ron carried her towards the sprinkler and their laughing children. The water fell around the two like tinsel and ribbons on New Year's Eve. Kim laughed and Ron dropped her to her feet. Water running over their bodies, Ron reached for her lips with his own. Responding instantly, she melted into his arms, and kissed him passionately. Pulling away after a few moments, they laid their foreheads together. Ron whispered a loving confession to her that was nearly lost the deafening laughter of their twins. "Love you Kimmy"

"Kim… KIM!" shouted Lyndi, waking Kim from her daydream. The little girl grabbed her hand and pulled Kim back toward Ron and Harmony. "Kim. Ron's gonna get us! Help." she pouted. Just as Kim was about to ask what the small child meant, Lyndi was swept away by Ron, who spun her a couple times before dropping her with care to the ground and placing a kiss on her forehead.

Ron lent back and the girl scrambled to her feet. The girl laughed rambunctiously and raced back towards her sister. "Can't get me Ron" she insisted with self-assurance.

"Oh really?" and with that he chased the little girl around a large oak tree. Kim laughed as Ron caught the girl again. Obviously the two had played this game before.

"No fair Ron! Kim has to play too!" Harmony called from her hiding place behind another oversized tree, insisting the game be played right.

"You know Harmony," Ron began with a playful smile on his face, "I think you're right"

Kim giggled and ran over to the far even of the yard with Lyndi opposite Ron. "Just try it Stoppable" she challenged. Ron confidently rolled up his sleeves, symbolically dedicating himself to her capture. "Oh come on Ron? Am I supposed to be afraid?" Kim joked laughing with Lyndi and Harmony.

Without warning Ron launched himself at the three girls who scattered instantly. Unfortunately, Kim wasn't used to running with young children and skidded to a halt almost instantly to avoid crushing the two.

As Kim turned looking for another escape route, Ron closed on her. She raised her hand is mock surrender. "Okay, I give up".

But Ron continued towards her. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he lifted his friend and swung her in a circle, not unlike how he had done with the girls. Impulsively, he dropped her tenderly to the ground, reaching for her stomach and tickling her again.

Kim was lost to continual giggles and gasped at air as Ron's assault continued. "Ron come on! I surrendered" Kim managed to pant out.

"True." Ron replied and moved his hand from her exposed bellybutton. Lifting himself above her slightly he reached up and wiped a lock of hair out of her face. Kim wordlessly begged him to continue. "Love ya KP" Ron confessed to her.

Kim's heart exploded in delight. 'He loves me!' "Love you too Ron" Kim answered. She meant it. Kim loved Ron more then anyone else in the world. Accepting her words and taking them to heart, Ron lowered his lips slowly towards hers, giving her plenty of time to break it off.

Kim's lips rose slightly to meet his. They connected with electricity. Ron's lips were soft and moist, perfect and amazing to kiss. Reaching for his head, she pulled him closer to her, willing to spend the rest of her life in his embrace.

'I may not have an ordinary life,' Kim thought to herself, but who wants to be ordinary when you can have this?

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