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1. Home Sweet Home

Trent lazily opened one eye to glance at his clock, reading 2:30. An ungodly hour, and entirely too early to wake up naturally. What had woken him? A faint inkling of voices drifted through his closed door, perking his interest. Who was in the house? Janey wasn't due home for another day. He then realized that that had been true, yesterday.

Excited to have his lil' sis back in the house, Trent dressed more quickly than usual. That is at a sloth's pace, as opposed to a snail's. Walking down the hall he listened carefully, curious who the second voice belonged to. Ah, of course. He recognized Daria's voice.

"Now that all the boxes are hauled in, I say we splurge for an afternoon on the town. Mom gave me a twenty that has pizza pie written all over it."

"This starving artist can't argue."

Trent peered into the living room to see the two girls standing amidst piles of moving boxes. He then did a double take, noticing college seemed to have done a number on both of their appearances. Janey had let her hair grow out, it now swung down past her shoulders. She'd kept the red and black shirts, but replaced her shorts and tights with a pair of paint splattered jeans. However, it was Daria who held his attention. Of course, the boots and glasses stayed, although she'd traded in her owl-like specs for a pair of sleek black square frames. They went well with her dark jeans and black sleeveless top. Daria showing her arms? He'd always thought she was pretty. Now…she looked hot.

Jane noticed Trent standing at the doorway of the living room, listening in. "Trent!"

He found himself at the surprised receiving end of an energetic embrace. "Hey Janey," he said, gladly returning the hug. "Glad you're home."

Attention turned in Daria's direction, who watched amusedly from the sidelines. "Hey."

"Hey Trent."

"No hug?"

Daria shrugged noncommittally, giving that odd half smile of hers. It was good to see her smile.

"We're going for pizza," said Jane. "Want to join?"