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Black Lace:

Chapter One

His house was a mess. She was short on cash. It was perfect.

Except for the fact that they hardly knew each other.

Hinata walked nervously down the sidewalk, the rays from the setting sun visible on her back. She clutched the note that Sakura had given her to give to Sasuke and sighed deeply. After sixteen years, Sakura still hadn't matured and she wasn't even able to give Sasuke a note, damn it all! And how was she going to do so? Well, why not take advantage of Hinata's kindness and ask her to deliver the note to the Uchiha? Hinata had promised Sakura she wouldn't read the note, but her curiosity got the best of her and she cracked. Really, it was quite humorous and had given Hinata a good laugh.

To my precious Sasuke-kun!

I know you hate me, but I love you and want to make babies with you! So please look deep into your heart and accept me.

Your dearest,


'No offense to Sakura-san,' Hinata thought to herself as she climbed up the doorsteps. 'But I'm quite sure that a nine year-old could write better than that.'

Hinata's heart beat quickened as she raised her hand to knock on Sasuke's door. She closed her eyes, knocked three times, set the note on the welcome mat, and got ready to run as fast as she could back home. But for some strange reason…her body didn't move. She was frozen on Sasuke's doorstep!

'Run!' She told her legs. 'Run! He'll come soon!'

But too late. The door cracked open and Sasuke was staring straight at her. Their eyes locked for a second before his eyes shifted to the ground and to the note that was crumbled up in a heap on the welcome mat. He scoffed.

"So what's this?"

Sasuke bent down and snatched up the note. He tore it open and stared at it. Hinata gulped and once again tried to move. No good. She was stuck in front of Sasuke.

"Hmph." Sasuke ripped the note into two and glanced at Hinata. "God, you came all the way to my house to give me that?"

Hinata's voice seemed to be frozen, too. Sasuke smirked.

"Really, how weak can you get to have Sakura of all people take advantage of you like that?"

Wow, that was a slap in the face. Hinata blushed and looked at the ground.

"I'm…sorry," her voice cracked.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Jesus, and you even say 'sorry' when you don't need to! Really, what is wrong with you?"

Hinata felt her cheeks flush even redder. "Umm…umm…" She looked behind her.

Sasuke raised his brow. "Um what?"

Hinata raised her leg and ran off his porch step. "Igottogo!" Her voice squeaked.

Sasuke continued to look after her. Finally, he shook his head and went back into his house.

"Idiots. They're all a bunch of goddamn idiots."

It was, in one word, disgusting. Pairs of dirty boxers lay on the TV and sofa, half-eaten cookies and bags of chips were strewn all over the floor like a collage, and the smell was enough to make a dump seem like a rose. "Disgusting" didn't even cover it.

Sasuke lay on his bed (which was covered with rolls of toilet paper and newspapers from months before), staring up at the ceiling. He was a strong young man, surely one of the best ninja of the village. He trained at least eight hours a day and his body was in great shape. But it was really pretty sad that one of the toughest men of the village couldn't even clean his own living space.

Sasuke gingerly picked up a snotty tissue and threw it to the floor. "This is nucking futs. I have to get this pigpen cleaned some day." He looked out the window and wrinkled his nose.

"I could get someone else to do it…"

He rolled onto his stomach and thought. Maids were expensive. And they usually were old hags who would make the smell of the house even worse. And man, they were ugly. Well, the ones that were in business these days.

"Now who could I get that would do this inexpensively and who actually has a bit of sex appeal?"

Sasuke smiled. My god, it was so obvious!

Hinata! She was just too nice and she was quite good-loooking. So what if they hardly knew each other? She was perfect!

"…And she'd look pretty nice in a lacy maid outfit," Sasuke said quietly, his rare but ever-so horny side starting to kick in (hey, give him a break! He's only sixteen!)

And so it was settled before Hinata even knew about it. Hyuuga Hinata would be the new maid of the Uchiha household.

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