A/N: Okays, this is a crossover between Gundam Wing and Yu Yu Hakusho, taking place after 'Endless Waltz' and the end of the YYH series. I've already decided on the couplings, so don't bother asking me for specific ones. Remember, we writers like to get reviews, so leave some nice ones! Oh yeah, I don't own either series, but this story idea does belong to me, so don't steal. Hugs for everybody!

A Thief in One Life, A Thief in the Next

Chapter One

Something was wrong. The apartment that he and Duo shared was too quiet, far too quiet. Unless they were on a mission requiring silence for stealth, the braided pilot always found some way to make noise. The ridiculous baseball cap Duo insisted on wearing was still hanging from the ceiling fan, so he hadn't left. How he always managed to get it up there, Heero hadn't yet figured out.

When he found Duo, he was in his dark bedroom, staring out the window without moving. Duo failed to look up when Heero entered the room, walking around the bed to look at his face.

"You know, we never saw the stars very much back home," Duo said, his voice breaking the silence. "Me and my partner would always climb as high up as we could and watch them, making up our own constellations and forgetting them before the next time, so we would have to do it all over again."

"Do you mean Solo?" Heero asked. When Duo had fallen ill the winter before, the two had spent several days of just talking, talking about anything and everything and nothing. For once, Heero had been allowed to see beneath the joker's mask, and once again now.

Duo shook his head. "Na, we knew each other before I ever met Solo. The two of us were like brothers, glued at the hip, yin and yang."

"Who was the light side?" Duo hadn't mentioned this other boy before, and he was curious. The braided pilot laughed, turning away from the window."

"He was," he chirped, grinning. "Looked the part too, always wearing white, and his hair was paler than Quatre's, paler than Zechs'." Duo stretched out on the window seat, pillowing his head on his arms. "Man, those were the days. The only care we had in the world was deciding who to rob next, and that was always fun."

Heero snorted, and would have rolled his eyes had he been anyone else. You could take a thief out of the streets… "Does this light thief have a name?"

"Himitsu," Duo pronounced with a cheeky grin. "Though you should have seen his ego expand when they named a mountain in Japan after him." He was rescued from further interrogation when the phone rang in the kitchen. Heero followed the hyper boy out of the room, shaking his head in amusement. At least Duo was back to what they considered his version of normal. "Moshi, moshi." If possible, the braided boy's grin grew even wider. "Quatre, hey. How's your day been?" … "Na, I'm glad to be going back. You know I hate having days off. I get bored." Heero could hear Quatre's laughter from his place at the table. "Newbies, really? Sheesh, why does Use always stick me with-" … "Okay, so it is only the second time in three years, but who's counting? Besides you, I mean. What are their names anyway?" Holding the receiver with his shoulder, Duo snatched a pen and paper and began to scribble frantically. "Hey, slow down a bit. So, that's Shuuichi Minamino and Hiei Jaken?" … "Jaganshi? Okay, got it. Thanks for the heads up, Cat. See you at work tomorrow. Tell Trowa I said hi." Duo hung the phone up and sighed, slumping into the empty chair across from Heero. "The Une-lady put us in charge of two new and 'promising' officers. Why does that name sound so familiar?"

"Which one?" Heero asked, squinting at the scrawl that was Duo's handwriting when he was in a hurry. The work he hid in his journals looked more like ancient calligraphy. He'd checked.

"Hiei Jaganshi," Duo said. "I know I've heard it before, but just can't place where or when. And no, before you say anything, I'm not getting it mixed up with the mountain, and Hiei wasn't my partner's name. I'm turning in. See you in the morning Heero."