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"A Thief in One Life, A Thief in the Next"

Chapter Thirty

Send Off

Heero pulled Duo aside as soon as he was able to after the pictures with all of the attention focused on the both of them. He knew there'd only be a few minutes before the cutting of the cake, at which time there would be no time for private words. "Duo, those two…?"

"My parents," the braided man said with a smile, leaning against his husband's side. "A gift from Koenma for the day. I can't wait to introduce you to them."

"I thought you never met your mother," Heero said, looking to where the youkai couple in human form stood with Kurama and Koenma, who were introducing them to a few select members of the wedding party and guests.

Duo's face was soft as he followed Heero's gaze. "I hadn't, until today. Come on. I think you'll like them."

"I was wondering when you'd make your way over here," Kurama said as his brother approached. "I'll leave you to do the introductions."

"Thank you, Kurama," Duo said. "Okaa-san, Otou-san, this is my mate and husband, Yuy Heero, now Youko after my adopted clan. Heero, meet my parents, Maruihoshi Arashi and Toki." (1)

Heero bowed to them both as they returned the favor, gasping in surprise as Toki pulled him into a tight hug. "Thank you for making my son so happy."

Recovering, he returned her embrace with equal force. "Thank you for creating him. I would not have made it this far without him."

"You look strong, for a human," Arashi said, looking his son-in-law up and down once the pilot had been released. "Kuronue, I approve."

Duo laughed, the sound still the sweetest thing to ever enter Heero's ears. "I'm glad, father, because I don't think that I could ever choose between the two of you. Ooh, I think we're expected to go and cut the cake now."

Nothing could have been more perfect than that afternoon. As evening fell, Duo danced with his mother while Une took the place of Heero's. The blue-eyed pilot expected that his new husband would not let him forget it for a long time.

None too soon in either of their opinions, their limo (read, escape car) arrived, and the signal for the bouquet toss went out to the eligible ladies of the reception. A few of Quatre's sisters also decided to drag their little brother into the crowd despite his protests. An amused Trowa refused to help him escape their evil grasps.

"Everyone ready?" Duo asked, grinning over his shoulder at them. An affirmative cheer went up and he turned around to face away. "Alright. One, two, three!"

A mad scramble landed the bundled flowers in the hands of one mischievous red-headed daughter of OZ's late leader, who was already eying the blond grim reaper. Solo met eyes with her and screamed. Golden and red streaks were sighted all over the reception area.

With a final hug to his parents and friends, Duo and Heero loaded into the limo that would take them to the airport. As it pulled away, Quatre gave a dubious look to the broken hand-guns being dragged from the back bumper. "Trowa, Wufei, may I have a word with the two of you?"

Both pilots were suspiciously absent by the time he'd turned around. So was Relena.


Several years later:

"And to conclude this meeting, I'd like to remind you that the Preventors' annual fundraiser play is being revived this year despite the… interesting results of last time's," Une said, looking around at the agents present, particularly Heero and Duo Maxwell. Her next statement brought out a few laughs. "Hopefully, no one will get shot this year, though I wouldn't mind performing another marriage ceremony if that happens."

"Don't worry, it probably won't happen again," Kurama said with a laugh, seeing the worried looks on a few newer agents' faces. "And most of the original five are already married."

Duo's cheerful grin turned devious as he turned to the one exception. "Say, Wuffers, how's it going with the certain Kamaitachi princess? Her father still trying to hook you two up?"

Wufei growled. "Maxwell…"

"Yes?" both Duo and Heero answered together.

Shaking his head, Quatre groaned. "Should have never let them get married. They're getting worse."

"Are parts being chosen in the same manner as last time?" Trowa asked, steering the meeting back toward it intended purpose.

"No," Une said solidly. Duo snickered. "Roles will be chosen for agents participating, with a few roles open for civilian audition. No, Duo, you will not be playing yourself this year. I have gone through the skit selection very carefully this year."

"Darn," Duo said in mock disappointment, snapping his fingers as the majority of the agents in attendance looked on in confusion. "So, what sort of stories are we dealing with this time?"

"Egyptian myths, by popular vote at the last meeting, which you skipped, as usual," Wufei spoke up. His smile really wasn't all that pleasant. "You were chosen to be Isis."

Violet eyes glared, promising dismemberment. "You will die now."

It was Hiei's turn to be amused as he shook his head at his brother in law. "You can't kill him. You've run out of loopholes."

"You can never run out of loopholes," the chimera protested. "That's the great thing about them. When you've used up all the ones you know, you find more. Die!"

Quatre sighed as the meeting, thankfully finished, dissolved into chaos. "And to think, we used to think it was strange when Wufei chased Duo around after his life. But now the other way around…"

"I do not believe that 'normal' applies to anything involving our little family anymore," Trowa said with a chuckle. Taking hold of his husband's hand, they left the meeting room. It was about time for lunch.


It was a couple of months later when they received an ever rare phone call directly from Koenma, one that they'd been waiting to get for some time.

"He's ready. Gather in Konchuu, and soon or he'll wake up." (2)

The End


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