Emma made her way aboard the Helix, regretfully, knowing she'd much rather be having a much needed discussion with Shalimar. Just as she was thinking of the feral, she was shocked to find her already sitting in the Helix preparing for take off.

"Shal, what are you doing here?"

Shalimar sat in her "I mean business" position and didn't even look up to answer the psionic.

"I'm getting ready to go."

"Go where?"

Shalimar sighed. Emma could not only see but sense she wasn't really in a talking mood right now.

"Adam asked me to bring him the data files he was working on last week."

Emma sat herself down adjacent to the feral and began to prepare herself for take off as well. A suspicious glance from the feral made her shift in her seat with uneasiness. It was almost painfully obvious Shalimar didn't want her there.

"What are you doing here?" she finally asked when she didn't hear the psionic offering the information.

"Adam asked me to go to Sanctuary and get some important file for him. He didn't say which."

Another sigh escaped the feral's lips and further fueled the awkwardness between them. Without warning Shalimar took off and Emma began to question whether or not to attempt a conversation with her. After sitting in the unbearable silence for a few minutes she decided to take the chance and speak up.

"Shal, do you think we could talk?"

The serious look on the feral's face held it's position as she concentrated on the screen before her, trying as hard as she could to not look over at the psionic. The same task she'd failed at all night so far.

"About what?" she finally answered hoping to avoid the inevitable.

"About what happened. About what's been happening." The pleading in the psionic's voice didn't break the feral, surprisingly as she still wasn't up for the "where's this relationship going" discussion.


The flatness in her tone almost convinced Emma the feral didn't care, almost, if her heart didn't know better.


"Emma, I said I didn't wanna talk about it."

"Why not?" she demanded not afraid anymore of how she was addressing the feral but more so too upset to care. She deserved an explanation and wasn't going to let Shalimar get away with bullying her into forgetting it.

"Because I don't wanna hear what you have to say," the feral informed finally turning to look into the eyes of the psionic yet not noticing the pain her harsh words hard just caused.

The statement was enough to keep the psionic quiet the rest of the way home. She wanted to tell Shalimar all the ways she was upset with the way she'd be acting towards her. How hurt she was that she'd so quickly pushed her aside after their increasing intimacy. How she didn't feel it was fair to be treated as such but decided to wait for a more suitable time.

Even walking into her home Emma didn't feel safe and secure. Shalimar had gotten rid of it with her harsh words. All she felt like doing was crawling up in bed and going to sleep. She didn't even want to retrieve Adam's file and certainly didn't want to go back to the ball and pretend to be happy when she felt her heart breaking inside.

"Adam, I'm here," Emma informed through her comlink.

"Shalimar, Emma, are you there?" Adam's voice questioned in return.

"Yeah, we're here," Shalimar answered standing ten feet from the psionic.

"What do you need me to do, Adam?" Emma questioned. She actually felt she was becoming more anxious to perform Adam's request so she wouldn't have to be alone in the feral's company longer than she had to; the awkwardness between them much more so than any at the ball.

"I want you both to head into the dining room."

"Dining room?" Shalimar questioned at the seemingly odd request.


Following Adam's instructions both the girls made their way to the main dining room never walking closer to each other than three feet.

"Do you see it?" he asked a few moments later.

"See what?" Emma asked before noticing there was something placed on the table. She followed the feral over to inspect it. Candles graced the center of the table beside the heart shaped centerpiece decoration and candy dish.

"Adam, what is this?" Shalimar asked her voice almost seeming annoyed but not enough to seem upset.

"This is your break," he informed.


"I thought you wanted me to get you a file," Emma reminded in confusion.

"I'm sorry I lied, Emma, but you both need a break. If you really wanna do me a favor you'll both stay home for the rest of the night. The guys and I will take the car in the parking garage across the street home."

Shalimar sighed in the realization Adam had set them both up and for what seemed like a romantic evening no less. She would have been thrilled if she wasn't so upset with Emma and hadn't convinced herself the psionic wouldn't be interested in anything like this.

"There's desserts in the fridge. You girls have a nice night," Adam said almost cheerfully before ending their communication.

Both women stood in silence for a moment neither knowing how to react to the situation or how the other was. Emma wanted to pull up a chair and pour her heart out to the feral but realized Shalimar was probably still not up for it. Shalimar wanted to enjoy the romantic atmosphere around them more than she'd let herself show but couldn't be too cautious with how she presented herself until she knew Emma's true feelings.

"Well Adam's full of surprises," Shalimar finally said for the lack of anything else coming to mind.


"You know what I think I'm just gonna go lie down," she informed offering a gentle smile before turning to head towards her room. It didn't seem like Emma was too interested in having a candle light dinner with her anyway, she told herself.

The softness of her comforter eased some of the feral's pent up tension as she let herself fall to her bed. She reached up and pulled her pillow closer to her face so she could burry herself in it. The scent of strawberry and psionic was still faintly reminiscent on the pillowcase from Emma sleeping on it just the other night. She breathed in deeper, smiling to herself, as the thoughts of Emma rushed back to her. She took in another deep breath before turning to notice the psionic was standing in her doorway.

Shalimar sat up and kicked her feet over the edge of the bed. She looked to Emma's eyes and caught the glint of pain in her blue crystals, the sight gripping her heart and lowering her defenses as the red head entered her room and sat beside her.

"I think we should talk, Shal."

Emma's voice caused Shalimar to stand from the bed and lean against the wall for fear being too close to the psionic would cause her to feel everything she had inside for her. She couldn't allow herself to become that vulnerable yet.

"I thought we already talked about this, Emma."

"No I talked, you insulted."

"I just don't wanna hear this right-"

"That's too bad, Shalimar, you're gonna hear what I have to say," Emma stated being careful not to raise her voice as she spoke but making sure she was firm enough to catch the feral's attention.

Shalimar crossed her arms and pushed herself off the wall preparing her heart for the break she was sure to come.

"Why did you run off like that?"

"Because I wanted to avoid this, Emma."

"So that's just it then? I don't get to explain?"

"Explain what? How disgusted you were?"

"Disgusted?" Emma repeated shocked at the feral's confession. How could Shalimar not know how she felt? "I wasn't disgusted."

"Really? Well you coulda fooled me," the sarcasm in the feral's voice stung the psionic further.

Having had just about enough Emma stood and slowly stepped closer to the feral. Her blue eyes searched the feral's golden gems for any signs of discomfort as she took her wrists, letting her hands slide down to lace with the feral's. Before Shalimar could protest soft psionic lips pressed to hers sealing the small distance between them. Seizing the opportunity she kissed the red head back as deeply as she could. She'd hoped the moment could have lasted forever but the kiss quickly took her breath away and she was pulling her mouth from the psionic's, nearly gasping for air.

"Was that what you expected?" Emma asked grinning into the feral's surprised orbs.

Shalimar smiled back, leaning in to help herself to another sweet kiss.

"I never expected something that good," the feral informed, ginning as she held the woman in her arms tighter.

"Maybe if you weren't so worried about how your feelings came off you would've noticed mine," Emma suggested playfully, placing a soft kiss on Shalimar's nose.

"Happy Valentine's Day, honey," Shalimar said, playing up the honey part as it was still new to her.

"Happy Valentine's Day, honey," Emma replied, her sweet words causing a bright smile to take over the feral's face.

"So," Shalimar began, breaking her embrace with the psionic and taking her hand. "It is Valentine's Day and we are alone," she smiled, leading them out of her room and back to the dining room. "Why don't we celebrate?"

Emma sat herself down as Shalimar made her way to the fridge. She removed the chocolate cake decorated with hearts and placed it on the table between them, sitting down as she did so. She grinned across the small table at the psionic and dipped her finger into the chocolate frosting.

"We're starting with dessert?" Emma questioned playfully knowing she had no real complaints to spending the evening with the woman she loved.

"Nope," Shalimar informed, reaching her hand across the table to Emma's mouth. The psionic smiled and parted her lips allowing Shalimar to slip her finger into her mouth as she licked the chocolate off the feral's delicious skin. She wondered if it was Shalimar who made the mixture taste so good.

"This is the appetizer. We have dessert later."

Emma grinned sure she was going to like Shalimar's dessert very much as she cut herself a piece of Valentine's cake.

The End