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Petrified Tears

Through the picture window she could see him, fast asleep in his chair, his hands holding the paper, that lay across his chest, in place, his head tilted to the side. His black rimmed glasses sat on the table behind him, resting peacefully in the soft light thrown by the quiet and unobtrusive light that towered lovingly above his spectacles.

The girl sighed as she relaxed back into the seat, letting the gentle breeze flowing through the trees take her hurt away. Things were always peaceful here, no matter what had happened outside of this valley, no matter what ~was~ happening outside of this valley, for surely there had been and would be times where the outside world was reduced to chaos and fear, but it was always peaceful here, that simple sense of belonging that made everything slip away.

Her companion drummed on the broken steering wheel, staring at the odometer, oblivious to her. She sighed, shaking her hair, smiling at the sand that sifted out of it, falling to the ground as she pushed the door open. She made no move to get out of the car yet.

Something was unsaid between them, something that desperately needed to be said, but one was too angry, the other too put out, to say it.

They were strangers now.

Strangers passing through a sea of needs, strangers that knew each other inside and out.

Strangers that didn't know each other at all...not anymore.


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