FullMetal Alchemist Fanfiction

Pairing: EdxWin

Rating: K (plus) / PG

Base: Mostly Manga (books), though I'll probably got some minor stuff mixed up.

Timeline: Right after The Elrics Incident. Edward 11. Win 10. Al 10.

Summary: Pre-Series! Recovering from an Automail Surgery was not a small thing. With frustrated Edward as the patient and fuming Winry as the therapist, disaster shook the Rockbell household as all fights between them starts. And along with it their relationship grew. EdxWin!

Note: This fic is an extended version of an EdxWin one-shot I've written. You don't have to read iy to understand this fic, it's actually the other way around. This is not something big, more like a drabble that was a bit long, just few ideas that I wanted to write but somehow do not fit well for a one-shot fic. Might not be long, about 10-12 chapters, might be shorter depending on my plot bunny.

Warnings: Angst and drama for the first couple of chapters.



That Day, Four Years Ago

Rizenbool - June 23rd, 1910

It was raining. Hard. The wind made the large glass windows that faced the second floor porch of the Rockbell's resident rattled in protest. Ten years old Winry Rockbell sat on the sofa behind those windows with a pout on her face, watching the grey sky like a hawk. In her opinion, a gigantic water balloon somewhere up there must have exploded, causing it to rain so much.

At that particular moment, Winry Rockbell hated the rain. If it wasn't for the fact that it was raining as hard, she might be able to sneak out to the Elric's.

She blew her cheeks so it would look like a balloon.

Thunders stroke down rapidly and Winry hugged Tilly harder to her chest. Tilly doll was the first gift the Elric brothers had given to her. She still shivers when she remembered the alchemical reaction she had seen, though she wouldn't trade the doll for anything. How could she? The doll was the first gift she had accepted from a friend.

Ed and Al were up to something. She just knew because they barely talked to her that day. It didn't quite surprise her, that the brothers would not share some things with her. They had become quite secretive ever since their mother died, so she had gotten used to feel excluded. Though that didn't mean she was okay with it. Actually, it hurted her a lot when her best friends kept something for themselves. But as she had said, she had gotten used to it.

The boys, like always, had brought alchemy books when they were at school, so they had to be working on something alchemy-related. Through out the classes, they were engaged in a deep discussion. Their math teacher had given up telling them to pay attention months ago, so she just let them. It had to be something serious, because she didn't saw Ed's usual arrogant smirk planted on his face when she stole a glance at him. So, whatever the boys were planning, it had to be something big. And the best part was: they didn't want her in.

Lightning stroke down again, just seconds before the thunder arrived. She saw something large and dark moving at the nearby field, possibly a person.

Winry stood up and approached the window. She plastered her face to the glass as if it would help her see, but the sky was very dark and it's still raining, though not as heavy as it was half an hour ago. She waited again patiently for another strike of light.

When it came, she saw the person a lot closer to the house then before. He (she assumed the person was a man for no woman could possibly be that big) had almost reached their wooden fences. He kept running, and didn't seem to have any intention of changing his direction.

'Who would leave his house in this kind of weather?'

Winry bolted downstairs to find her grandmother. "Granny!" she called.

Pinako Rockbell appeared form the kitchen, complete with her apron and spatula. "What is it, Winry?"

"Someone's coming! I saw him running to this house from upstairs."

As if on cue, there was a rough knock on their door.

Pinako frowned as she put down her spatula and took off her apron. She then approached the stove and turn off the fire.

The person at the door knocked again roughly. "Yes! Yes! I'm coming! Who are you to come at this kind of weather?" Pinako shouted as she walked hastily to the door.

Winry tailed her, still hugging Tilly close to her chest.

"Granny!" a familliar voice answered shakily behind the door, "Please,"

Pinako's frowned deepened, her hand stopped at the door knob.

"Please help!" the voice echoed weirdly, but that might be because of the rain.

Pinako opened the door, and she froze.

Winry gasped in horror. Tilly fell to the floor but she had forgotten that the doll was even there. Her hands flew to her mouth and her eyes widened.

The sight would forever be seared into her mind.

A giant suit of armor, wet from the raining, was kneeling at their doorway. Something red… blood kept dripping like a leaking tab from someone in its arms.

"It's me, Alphonse!" said the armor.

Winry's eyes slid from the bluish steel armor to the person in its arm, and she swore her stopped.

"Granny, please!" the armor pleaded.

'No,' her mind screamed, 'no, it can't be!'

"Please help Nii-san!"

Ed laid there. Unmoving. His right shoulder and left leg were covered with blood-red scrap of clothes, tied messily into some sort of bandage. Both body parts missing.

Something broke inside of Winry. She choked a sob and her heart thundered ragely. She couldn't think. She couldn't move. Like watching a muted film, suddenly all sounds ceased to exist. She watched her grandmother's lips move in a sentence, but she heard nothing. All she could do was staring at the blonde haired boy.

Both her grandma and the armor finally moved, they were heading towards the surgery room. It was when the armor turned its back on her and she could no longer see Ed that she finally snapped out of her trance. All sounds came crashing down on her like water through a broken dam.

"Alphonse, put him down on that bed! I'll be right back! Don't take those clothes off him!" she heard her grandma shouted.

The armor replied in a yes and there were clanging sounds of something metal hitting the floor repeatedly.

Her grandma rushed out of the surgery room, and head towards her. "Get my surgery set from my room, Winry! Meet me in the kitchen after you've found them!" she ordered.

Winry hurriedly went up to the second stairs. She rummaged trough her grandma's cabinet and found the surgery set in the second drawer. She ran back as fast as she could to the kitchen.

She found her grandma holding a steel knife above the fire on the stove. "G-granny…" she stuttered, staring at the huge knife.

Pinako turned to her and said, "Put them down the table, and help me boils some water."

Winry did as she was told to and filled a large kettle with water. She brought the kettle to her grandma so she could put it on the stove.

The knife was starting to glow amber. Winry could not take her eyes off it. "G-granny…?"

"What is it, Winry?"

"Ed… you can help him, right? You're a great doctor, right? Ed will be fine… he's not gonna die, right?" Winry didn't even know what she was saying anymore.

Pinako stayed silent. She didn't really expect her to answer.

They got into a pregnant silence.

The kettle gave a shriek and Pinako told Winry to hold on the knife as she poured the steaming water into a large bowl. She then took the bowl out of the kitchen, leaving Winry alone with the glowing knife.

She knew what it was for. She didn't read all those medical books in her parent's room for nothing. Her grandma didn't burn the knife so it would be sterile for a surgery; they have disinfectants to do that. A large burning knife, if used correctly, can melt even flesh so it would close the wound and stop the bleeding effectively. Her grandma was going to sear Ed's wound.

The thought made her hand shook as she held the steel utensils. She used her both hands because she didn't want to drop it. Although she knew the action was necessary, she couldn't help but fear for Ed.

Her grandma appeared again, in her surgery robe, complete with the mask. She took the knife and said, "Stay here."

She actually needed a while to really understand what her grandma had said. She quickly bolted after her, "No! Granny, I wanna be there with him!"

"No, Winry," her grandma replied firmly, she was walking fast. Winry knew she had to sear the wound before the knife went cold.

"I want to help!"

"Do as I say!" Pinako shouted fiercely.

Winry took steps back in shock, and that gave her grandme enough time to slip into the surgery room and close the door.

She just stood there, not knowing what to do. No, actually she wanted to lurch at the door and bang it until they let her in, but she know her grandma need full attention if she wanted to save Ed.

For the first couple of seconds, there was no sound coming from inside the room. Then it started. She heard him screamed in pain.

Her whole body shook in anger, anger for herself. She was angry because she could not be useful enough so her grandma would let her into the room. She was angry because she could not do anything to help. She was angry because she could not be there with her best friends when they needed her most.

She wanted to go in there. She wanted to hold Edward's hand and tell him that it would be over soon.

Edward suddenly stopped screaming.

Winry felt her heart crushed. She prayed that Edward was allright. That he had just passed out. That he's not dead.

She had never felt so excluded in her life… so confused… so empty. She dropped to her knees and brought her hands to her face.

"Ed… Ed, please be safe," she whispered, her body shaking but no longer from anger.

After her parent's death, Winry Rockbell thought there was nothing in the world that would be equally disastrous. That there was nothing in the world that would ever make her cry as hard.

But at that moment, Winry found herself crying just as hard as when she realized that she would never see her parents again.


Nii-san : short form of Onii-san. It means Older-brother in a respected kind of way.

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