Itonami: Another Bleach fic for you. It's got a bit more violence. A fight scene included.

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Sounds of battle rushed around vice captain Hinamori Momo as she sliced two hollows then stabbed another with her soul cutter. Blood splattered everywhere. Not too far away, she could hear the shouts of Hitsugaya Toushirou, the captain of the 10th division. Blood became rain that day in battle. It stained her hair ornament which kept her hair up in a neat bun.

"10th division, spread out! Block the bridge!"

Hinamori's blade was covered with oozing red, as she ran towards the bridge. Instantly, she was at Hitsugaya's side. He glared at her with his piercing aqua eyes. "Vice-captain! What the hell do you think you're doing! You'll get killed! Go back, dammit! This isn't even your division!"

Truthfully, he was worried that he didn't have enough men to keep the hollows from crossing, but he wasn't about to admit that just now. Especially to the woman whom he came to care so much about.

He knew her from long ago, when they were just children; she was his playmate. Hinamori went to school leaving him behind before he also decided to join. She was talented, yes, but meek and emotional. Hitsugaya found that particular trait highly annoying, because he found that he didn't like to see her get hurt. Hinamori was congenial and her shy presence along with her cute, innocent look captured many people's attention. At least, it had always captured his.

Apparently, she found his training as shinigami amusing. Her teasing became a routine in his life. Back then, he wasn't even yet a seated official since his spiritual energy needed some work, but she was already vice-captain, hand picked by Aizen. Hinamori proceeded to call him by his last name as promised since he joined the school. He excelled beyond anyone's expectations. When he did pass on to become captain, she was the very first to bound up to him and congratulate his accomplishment.

"Hitsugaya-kun, watch out!" Her voice snapped him out of his trance as he felt her tackle him down. Breath was knocked out of him but he was grateful nonetheless.

He helped her up but Hinamori collapsed back into his arm when she stood on her left ankle. Hitsugaya felt awfully strange holding her like that, but he didn't mind. "Did you sprain your ankle?"

She nodded as she stubbornly tried again to stand. Determination glittered through her dark eyes. "The bridge needs to be secured. Go, Hitsugaya-kun, I'll be fine."

He scowled. "I'm not stupid, Hinamori. Don't underestimate me."


Hitsugaya proceeded to cut her off her speech as he hoisted her petite form over his shoulder. She squeaked out a noise of protest which went unnoticed. He held her securely while he defended the bridge. Monstrous forms of the hollows gave squelching noises and filled the air with their battle cries.

"Shit! When this is over, you better go on a diet!" He shouted as he step sided an attack to his right. Expertly avoiding her injured ankle, he threw her off his shoulder, knowing that she had her sword drawn, pathetically trying to protect his back. Trying to regain her balance in mid-air, Hinamori swung her soul cutter only to nick a crazy hollow. Histsugaya realized his mistake.

He moved at an incredible velocity to catch the poor girl again. The captain, being the youngest of all thirteen captains, was short in stature and had to look way up in order to see the gigantic soul monster properly.

"It's all your fault, Shirou-chan!" Hinamori screamed comically while she beat his back with her fists. Being vice-captain, being punched by her repeatedly hurt.

"Stop it, Hinamori. I just need to take it out. It's not that hard."

"How can you be so arrogant, Shirou-chan!" She scolded.

He glared at her. "I told you to quite calling me that."

"Just focus on the task at hand!"

Grunting in reply, Hitsugaya hoisted her up in a more comfortable position and had his soul cutter steady in his right hand. "You better hold on tight."

His brows furrowed as he watched the tip of his sword for concentration. Temperatures fell rapidly as cool air swept over the battlefield. Frost formed on the grass and froze the blood on the ground. "Hyourinmaru!"

Hitsugaya leapt into the air and a chain shot out from no where to capture the huge hollow by its leg. Ice formed over the leg and crept upward toward the face. Immobilizing the monster, he found the opening to strike. In a huge slash down, he split it open from head to toe. There was a slight pause before the ice shattered and fell down around in millions of pieces. The freezing air was lifted and warmth returned.

The tenth captain gently landed on the ground and dropped Hinamori on the ground. She ungracefully fell on her rear and she used her good leg to kick his legs out from underneath him.

The battle had ended with the hollows' retreat. Shinigami gravely gathered their dead and cared for their injured. Hitsugaya got up first and allowed Hinamori to lean on him while they walked back. She limped heavily.

"My, my, is my Hinamori-kun all grown up now? She seems to have taken an interest in our young captain." A familiar voice softly teased from behind them.

They whirled around to see Captain Aizen walking calmly toward them with a pleasant smile on his face. "Aizen-taichou!" She exclaimed. The tenth division captain almost flinched at how happy she sounded when she was around that man. Almost unconsciously, he tightened his grip on her arm.

Aizen's kind face grew worried. "Are you injured?"

"It was my fault. I was careless." He replied quickly.

He smiled knowingly. "Aa, of course. If you come with me, you can get that treated."

Hitsugaya knew her undying devotion to her captain. His grasp on her slackened which made her cling constrict. She grinned her best smile at her captain. "I'll be fine, Aizen-taichou. Hitsugaya-kun will take good care of me."

Toushirou almost felt like doing a victory sign and sticking out his tongue at the other captain. Almost. Not quite. He still held his dignity and reputation.

"Oi, you should go on a diet. You're heavy." He muttered.

"And you're short." She retorted.

"I'm a captain. You shouldn't make fun of me like that."

"Oh, be quiet. Stop complaining."

"How come you didn't go with Aizen?"

She shrugged and a secretive smile occupied her face. "I would have only burdened him."

He snorted. "So it's okay if you burden me? I'm a captain, too."

Hinamori shook his arm a little. "I know you're a captain, Hitsugaya-kun. You like to repeat a lot." She pointed. "Let's go in the village, Shirou-chan! It'll be fun to see everyone again."

He fought to keep his lips still. The captain shrugged, seemingly nonchalant. "Fine."

"You'll buy me some ice, won't you? My ankle's swollen to the size of your head." She laughed while he glared at her.

"I can just leave you here and let you walk by yourself."

She blew a raspberry at him. "I can just get Aizen-taichou to carry me."

There was a long pause. "Nevermind."

Hinamori softly smiled. A victory for her.