This is a scene not played in the Valentine's Day episode of Fruits Basket. This is the answer to why Yuki and Kyou never gave Tohru a gift on this day.

This scene takes place right before Tohru walks into Shigure's house to give them her chocolates. (mmm…chocolates…)

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Yuki laughs

Kyou asks, "What's so funny?"

Yuki smiles a sinister smile, "Today's Valentine's Day, and I have a present for Tohru."

Kyou immediately said, "I have one too!"

Shigure pops out, "Me too!"

"Where'd you come from?" Kyou asked.

Yuki answered for him, "Oh, Shigure pops out anywhere."

"So what'd you buy, Yuki?" Kyou said nosily.

"Oh something called chocolates in a heart-shaped box!" He smiles a wide grin.


"Why? What'd you get her? A dead rat?"

"Something called a DIAMOND NECKLACE!" Kyou takes a box out in a flash and opens it for all to see.

Yuki is appalled, "What! (but then calms down) Oh, where'd you get it? From a Cracker Jack's bag?"

"No, from somewhere called Kay's Jewelers."

"Yeah right. You didn't."

"Believe what you want to."

Shigure is getting nervous by all the good gifts that he joins in, "Oh yeah? I bought Touru something called a dress! From…from…from some store!"

"Shigure," Yuki started calmly, "if you got it from the Goodwill Store, we understand."

Kyou joined in the teasing, "No, he probably made it himself. Remember the time he tried to make a Halloween costume for Hatori?"


Shigure holds a costume in his hands, "Here, Hatori! I MADE you a Halloween costume!"

Hatori's eyes are wide open, "MADE? Oh dear Lord."

"You can dress like a ghost."

"Shigure, that's just a white blanket."

Shigure becomes a tad angry, "Hey! It's better than my hobo costume."

"Shigure, don't wear that stuff. You don't want to be a hobo."

"All I had to do was cut holes in these clothes."

"Are those Akito's clothes?"

Shigure sinks down to a whisper, "Between only us, they are, (then louder) but for everyone else's, they're mine."

Hatori is in frustration, "Shigure, don't wear it."

"But Hatori, I always wanted to be a hobo ever since I was little."

(flashback within flashback)

Shigure goes up to his mom, "Mom! I want to be a hobo when I grow up."

Mom replies politely, "No, you're going to be an author."

Shigure stammers, "But I want to be a hobo!"

Mom is getting angrier, "No you're not."

"Yes I am."

"No you're not."

"Make me."

Mom chainsaws Shigure's favorite stuffed bunny.

Shigure yells, "Momiji!"


"No, that's my bunny's name."

(back to present)

Hatori's eyes are wide open, "…Wow…"

Shigure's eyes are wide open too, "Wow; a flashback within a flashback. I still have that stuffed bunny. (opens a shoebox) This is what's left of my beautiful rabbit. Mi conejito (my bunny)." He starts to hug the fragments.

"Stop, Shigure. You're scaring me," Hatori said through a calm face.

Shigure starts to cry.

"Oh no."

Yuki turns to Hatori, "When did you come into the house, Hatori?"

Hatori said contemplatively, "I don't know."

Kyou thought this was the perfect time to tease Yuki so he added in a comment, "Well, after you moved in, Yuki, it seems as though everyone pops in here all the time."

"Yeah, Kyou," Yuki wanted to tease back, "Oh, did you know that I found your stuffed cat in your room? I heard that you named it Kawaii Nekko."

"I…I did not," Kyou was shocked.

"Admit it! You're not a man! You're some sissy, weak…guy who only loves cats!"


Yuki imitates Kyou, holding an imaginary, delicate, soft cat against his cheek saying, "Oh my Nekko! I love you! Kiss kiss!"

Kyou is ready to pounce on Yuki, "That's it you stupid rat! I'll kill you!" Kyou attacks him.

Yuki grabs Kyou's Kawaii Nekko and holds it in front of him. Kyou stops because Nekko is in front of him.

Yuki makes the doll dance in his hands, "Muahaha! Kiss him!"

"I hate you!" Kyou said and attacks him anyways.

Shigure starts to develop tears in his eyes and a sense of "Oh no! the repair bills!" feeling, "No! Stop fighting!"

Yuki and Kyou are pulling the cat.

"Give me him back! I'll throw your chocolates away!" Kyou threatened.

"I'll rip your necklace apart."

The cat stretches, then breaks.

Shigure yells out, "No! The prophecy has come to pass!"

Hatori gives a confused look, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Oh, I was watching Yugioh."

"Oh. I thought you were commenting on the stuffed cat being ripped into pieces a few moments ago."

"The cat…(tears form) in pieces! (looks at cat on floor) No! Not again! Just like mi conejito! Mi conejito (my bunny)….mi conejito….te amo(I love you.)….mi preciosa(my precious)….mi preciosa (sounds like Smeagle from Lord of the Rings)."

Yuki is confused, "Why the hell does Shigure keep switching languages?"

Hatori, still in his calm, serene state, says, "Shigure is like an amoeba. The only universal language an amoeba needs is the action to eat. If amoeba doesn't like you, it eats you. If it likes you, it eats you. Eat. Eat. Eat. No breaks. Just eat. Entertainment? Eat."

Kyou is starting to get confused too, "That has nothing to do with this language switching."

Hatori shrugs, "I just wanted to talk."

Kyou says, "You're an idiot. Wait! Hey, Yuki, you hurt mi Nekko Kawaii! I'll kill your chocolates!"

He takes the box and smashes it against his leg.

Yuki starts to get nervous because he thought Kyou would never do that. "Oh yeah? Say goodbye to your diamond necklace!" (pling! Pling!)

"Oh, really? Huh? Think you're tough? Here's your homework!" (rip rip!)

"Think YOU'RE tough? Here's the remnants of your cat!" He throws it in a fire that Shigure started a few seconds ago.

Shigure yells, "No!"

Hatori said in a matter-of-fact tone, "I told you not to start the fire. That's what my magic 8 ball said."

"What will you do next you dirty rat? Will you burn the house to the ground?"

"I expected YOU to do it!"

Kyou says desperately, "So what will we give Tohru now? We're presents-less!"

Yuki is disgusted by his vocabulary, "That's not even a word!"

Shigure is hugging his legs and rocking back and forth, saying, "There's no place like home! There's no place like home!"

Kyou says, "You know what? I'm going to buy her a simple box of See's Candies."

"That's not fair! My idea was the box of chocolates!"

"So what?"

"So that's not fair!"

"Well…too bad."

Shigure exterminates the fire.

Hatori's cell phone rings. Hatori brings out cell that's as big as a real phone out from pocket.

Kyou eyes widen, "Hatori, that's huge."

Hatori answers the call, "Yes? Oh. I see. Yeah. I'll be right there."

Yuki is curious, "What is it?"

Hatori replies in a calm, matter-of-fact manner way, "Akito is dying."

Yuki lets out a big breath, "Again?"

"He choked on some fish pellets."

Kyou asks, "Why'd he do that?"

"Because he wanted to taunt the fish in his fish tank by eating some pellets. As I've stated before, "Akito is like a fish. He can breathe in water and hold his breath for up to ten minutes, like a dolphin." (see ch. 2 of Deer Hunt) And like a fish, he…sadly enough, eats pellets to taunt the fish. Good day."

(everyone is shocked and still.)

(Hatori leaves.

Switch of scenes. Tohru is walking to Shigure's house.

Touru says, "Hey, Hatori!"

"In a rush, Tohru! Not now."

Touru sees a silhouette of someone choking. She investigates.

Touru enters house.

Touru asks shocked, "Is Akito choking?"

Hatori helps Akito.

Hatori chants gibberish, "Hatime hatime hatime (gibberish). Be healed!" He hits Akito's chest with the palm of his hand.

Akito spits out a fish pellet. It lands in fish tank.

Nurse is shocked, "Oh no! His heart's not beating!"

Hatori repeates the chant, "Hatime hatime hatime. Be healed!" (hits chest again. Heart still not functioning)

"Heal! (hits) heal! (hits.) HEAL!" (hits multiple times)

Nurse looks down in despair, "I think, he's-"

Akito suddenly sits upright, "Hello, Hatori."

(everyone's shocked.)

Akito says, "What a beautiful day!" (and walks away)

Nurse whispers, "His heart is still not pumping."

Hatori whispers back, "What matters is that he is still alive. This way, he won't sue me. (to Touru) So where are you going, Tohru?"

Touru holds up a big bag of chocolates, "It's Valentine's Day! I have chocolates for everyone! Even you Hatori. I'm going to Shigure's house to give them to everyone."

"I'll go with you," Hatori says.

Touru whispers to Hatori, "Is that nurse Kana?"

"Yes, but to Akito, she is 'The Nurse'. She is an orphan from Tanzania and her specialty is to cook rice and boil water."


"According to Akito, yes."

(switch of scenes again)

Nurse/Kana asks, "What is it, Akito?"

"Nurse, pack a bag of fish pellets. I'm going to go on a deer hunt."

"You shouldn't eat anymore," Kana is very nervous about this idea.

"I'll need all the strength I can get."

screen turns black.

A voice from nowhere says, "Akito is like a fish. He can breathe in water and hold his breath for up to ten minutes, like a dolphin. Shigure is like an amoeba. The only universal language an amoeba needs is the action to eat. I wonder who will be next for the animal analogy." (X files music plays)