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Well on to the last chapter...


The next morning they woke up from a consistent banging in their front door.

Neji tried to ignore the noise, not wanting to get out of bed yet, but the person at the door was very persistent.

Neji growled and put on some cloths. Hinata followed his example.

Still grumbling Neji opened the door, ready to kill the person who dared to wake them up so rudely. Much to his surprise there was a whole crowed standing in front of the door, consisting of Kiba, Shino, Naruto, Kurenai, Tenten, Lee and Gai.

"Took you long enough" Kiba growled, still not liking the fact that Neji was this close to his team-mate. He brushed past Neji and called for Hinata, half expecting her bleeding to death somewhere because of Neji.

Neji was still kind of fazed out by the sudden sight of everyone and didn't even tried to stop Kiba. Instead he looked back at the others.

"We heard you guys moved in here, and thought you could use some help to clean the place up." Tenten explained.

"Oh! That's so sweet of you all!" Hinata said from behind Neji.

And so they spend the rest of the day cleaning and redecorating the place.

After they were done they ordered some food and sake in and just enjoyed each others company.

During the day both Kiba and Shino could see that Hinata seemed really happy with Neji, and therefore started to accept Neji too.

And after a couple cups of sake Kiba even came to a startling conclusion "You know Neji-kun, when you loosen up a b it, you can really be a nice guy you know that!"

Everyone laughed and Kiba sat back on the floor.

Neji's eyes wandered trough the room trying to spot Hinata. She was talking with Tenten and Kurenai. He was glad she was enjoying herself.

Suddenly Shino walked up to him and followed his gaze to Hinata.

"I'm glad she's finally out of her fathers clutches." he said in his usual deep voice.

Neji raised his brow in surprise.

"He was killing her from the inside, and there was nothing we could do to protect her from it." Shino explained, and Neji could swear he heard guilt in Shino's voice.

"She told you?" Neji asked surprised.

Shino shook his head. "She didn't have to…" was all he said.

Neji looked at Shino and had the odd feeling he was seeing him for the first time, and he realised how much they were alike. They both hid their feelings behind a mask of indifference, both only talked when necessary, yet both were aware of so much more then they let on.

Suddenly Neji smiled.

Now it was Shino's turn to raise his brow. But then he smiled too.

"I guess that not one, but two caged birds were set free…" Shino said still smiling.

Again Neji was surprised at Shino's perceptiveness, but then he smiled again.

"I guess you are right…."


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