Here is the last Chapter, sniff It was fun writting for you guys and I hope you like the ending

Danielle ran into the burning building, many people she passed tried to get her to turn around. She just keep running. She found on of the Erik's passage ways and went down it.

When she reached the lake she saw that there was no boat, so she pulled up her dress and walked through the lake.

(in the Phantom's lair)

"The final threshold, His life is now the prize which you must earn!" sang the Phantom " You've passed the point of no return!"

Christine looks at the Phantom with hate "Angel of deceived me. I gave you my mind blindly.

Erik spoke "You try my patience, Make your choice!" he pulled on the rope.

Christine looks at Raoul then at the Phantom. "Erik?" said a soft voice.

Phantom stood still reconizing the voice, he turned around and saw his Danielle just behind the gate. Her hands where around the bars of the gate. he slowly walked up to her. "Danielle." A tear fell from his eye. Her arm went through the gate as she touched his face and wiped away the tear.

Phantom looked at Raoul, who was watching the whole time with confusion. He then untied the man, letting him go. Then yelled back "Christine, open the gate." She just stared at him unsure what to do. Raoul ran up to see Christine and helped her pull the lever.

As the gate was almost fully opened, Danielle ran into Erik's arms, the arms she longed to be in. "I told you I would come back" Erik looked at her "Why did you take so long?" Danielle started to cry "Because I left Paris, I left my Father. Ran away with my Brother." Erik wiped away her tears, then remembered that Raoul and Christine where still there.

He looked at them "Christine, your free to go with Raoul." Christine wasn't sure what to do. She walked up to Phantom and placed in his hand the ring, then she left with Raoul in the boat.

Erik took Danielle's hand and lead her back to shore. "Track down this Murderer, he must be found" The heard the mob come closer. "Danielle we have to leave." Danielle nodded her head "I know where we can go." Phantom got them out of the lair and into the back alleys of Paris.

"Wait here." she told her love and started to walk away, but he didn't let go of her hand. "Erik, I am going to come back." He let go of her hand.

Danielle went to the front of the Opera House "Jocylen. Christopher." Jocylen turned and saw her mother. "Mama" she ran towards her. "Come Jocylen, come Chris." Christopher looked at her in confusion. They went into the back alley.

Jocylen stopped in her tracks when she recongized the man standing there. Erik saw Christopher and the little girl. He looked at Danielle with confusion "How could you?" he yelled at her. "Your married and have a child." Danielle went up to him "No, Erik it's not like that." Erik grabed her wrists "Then what is it." Danielle looked at him "She's your Daughter."

Erik looked at the girl, then back at Danielle. Danielle looked at her daughter and motioned her to stand beside her "Jocylen, I want you to meet someone. This here is your Father. Erik this is your daughter, Jocylen." Erik smiled and looked down at the girl. Jocylen was a little shy and looked up at her mother, Danielle nodded at her, then she smiled and gave the man a hug.

"Lets go, Before they find us." Said Christopher, knowing that they were looking for Phantom. So they all left together.

They moved to the country side, in a small home. Erik and Danielle got married in a small churched. Erik taugh the children, of a near by town, music lesson. Jocylen loved her father with all her heart.

And Christopher, well he found himself a wife and lived not to far from his sister.