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Tiltle: Flying High.

Author: Ygraine

Summary: AU. Vader finds Luke on Tatooine and starts to train him himself. Cliche, but fun.

A/N: Ok, this is my first Star Wars fic (what took me so long?) got loads of Harry Potter ones though, so if you like HP, go read them. lol.

Chapter one:

Biggs hated assemblys, he had to sit there, on the most uncomfortable seats in the galaxy saved for exams. He sighed and stared at the chair next to him. Empty. Come on Luke, where are you? He had a habbit of being late, was infamous for it, although mostly it wasn't his fault, well entirely his fault. His Uncle, Owen Lars was a hard man, and wanted nothing to do with Lukes dream of flying and being a hero, thought that he should become a farmer and work hard on this desert for the rest of his days. Which made Owen Lars make him do extra work for, he didn't believe in school, and therefore Luke was probably scrubbing floors somewhere right about now. Also, Luke was well...weird...there was really no other explanation for it. He knew stuff before any one else did and could always know how you were feeling, and always knew who was about to walk around the corner. Most people ignored it, even Biggs, but they were still cautious around him. Because of that, Luke didn't have that many friends, and the ones he did have excluding Biggs, teased him.

"You're late Skywalker, sit down."

Biggs turned around and saw Luke running down then hall and he slid in next to Biggs.

"Missed the transport." The blonde answered Biggs unspoken question (which was also a common occurence) "Had to run for it."

Biggs furrowed his eyebrows. "You ran to Anchorhead all from the farm? That was a bit stupid Luke."

"Yeah, well that or..." He turned his head slightly and looked at the Headmistress Mrs Knackly. "The wrath of Knackly, and I'm in enough trouble as it is."

Knackly stood up on the stage. "Now, we have a speaker from the Empire, he's talking today about joining the forces."

A man in a blue/grey uniform with white hair and a white mustache took the stage. "Hello boys and Girls, my name is General Ozzel and i'm here to talk to you about signing up to fight for our glorious Emperor. Now there are many things that you can sign up for. There is the Army, ground troops. Stormtroopers." There was a giggle amoungst the scholars. "Now, now. There's a high chance of promotion..."

"Yeah," Luke muttered, "because they keep getting killed."

Ozzel was continuing. "There is also the Navy, this is piloting..." Luke and Biggs grinned at each other. "This involves mainly one man ships and shooting down enemy fighters" Even though Biggs would never speak it to his parents, to Luke, yes. He would much rather fight for the Rebellion than for the Empire. Dictatorship just wasn't his thing, evil, tryanny, and fascism. He wasn't too sure about Luke's views on the matter however. He seemed pretty content on joining the Empire, then again, Luke just wanted to fly Biggs thought that he didn't really care which side. Although he was sure that if Biggs jumped ship, Luke would follow. Luke wouldn't be able to fight for an evil overlord for that long, of that Biggs was certain.

"There is also the OTC." Ozzel was saying. "Where the young officers of tomorrow are trained, this is where I went..." And he was off, explaining about exercise trips (camping out in the middle of no where) and annual camps, which happened annaully funnily enough, and this was apparently character building. It sounded stupid to Biggs. He looked over at Luke, who also looked bored, he was twiddeling his thumbs, lost in a dream. Probably flying again. Biggs thought, rolling his eyes. If Luke kept day dreaming there was no way that he was going to get in any where because his grades would be so bad! Biggs nudged him slighly, but Luke paid no mind. His eyes were overcast and there was a frown on his face.

BIggs was concearned for his friend. It seemed almost that Owen Lars was making Luke sink into a depression. The simple thing that the man could do was tell Luke a bit more about his father. All Luke knew (apparently) was that Anakin Skywalker was a navigator on a spice frieghter. A smuggler. But Luke said that he knew that his uncle was lying to him, (something else Luke could do, sense lies) and that his uncle was scared of Luke. Luke had only voiced this once, but Biggs couldn't even dream of his parents being scared of him, Biggs had asked him if this was because of the 'weird' stuff he did.

"Partly, it's almost as though they're terrified that I'll go crazy with it and..I dunno, this may sound crazy but...almost though I'll start killing people and stuff...Uncle Owen yells and Aunt Beru will just stand there, looking as though she's going to cry, and be too scared to hold me...I was er...a lot younger obviously. And one night i overheard them arguing, aboout me, and Uncle Owen just yelled 'The last thing this galaxy needs is another Vader!' That was pretty harrowing..."

Biggs bit his lip in memory, and nudged Luke again, who looked up at his friend and gave a small smile, "Was I a million miles away again?" Biggs nodded, and looked up at the General again.

"Any questions?"

Thank the stars he's finished. Biggs thought

A girl raised her hand, "What about this Vader character? Is he really as scary as every one says?"

Obviously yes, because Ozzel paled slightly, next to him Luke flinched. He had probably been thinking the same as Biggs. Then again, when wasn't he?

"Lord Vader does what is necessary, it is war remember. There cannot be mistakes. Any thing else?"

Biggs raised his hand. "Why are you on Tatooine? We're mostly farmers here, I don't think that many of us are going to be joining the forces."

"Tatooine will always need mostuire farmers, but for those who fancy a different career choice. You'll be able to travel all over the galaxy and see distant planets..."


Luke kicked a rock all the way to the farm, after missing the transport back home playing games in the arcade. He was stuck on Tatooine for the rest of his life, unless a solution fell out of the sky and that was highly improbable. Biggs would be able to get into the Accadamy no problems, he was clever and his parents suported him. Which is more than Luke could have said. Tatooine will always need mostuire farmers... It did indeed. And Luke was going to be stuck there. It wasn't riight, wasn't fair! He was no farmer...perhaps he could stow away when Biggs left...but that was rather hard, plus the Imperials would just throw him out of the air lock as soon as they found him.

he looked up and saw Ozzel's ship...well he presumed that it was the General's who else would have an Imperial Shuttle in the middle of the Tatooine desert? Slowly Luke walked up to it and saw the middle aged man walk down the platform, he jumped slightly when he saw Luke, rubbing his neck slightly.

"What do you want kid?"

"You did a talk at my school this morning."

Ozzel furrowed his eyebrows. "Thinkning about signing up?"

"Do I ever!" Luke yelled. "Only, my Uncle won't let me...don't know why."

"He's probably just worried about you. There is a risk, afterall we are at war."

Luke scowled. "No, he's just bitter. My parents died and I was left on them, he just want to spite my father by giving me the most miserable life ever."

"I'm sure that's not true. What's your name kid?"

"Luke, Luke Skywalker."

The fear in the generals eyes was...Luke couldn't describe it, or was it fear? Perhaps a mixture of fear...and joy. Was that even possible. "Stay there Luke, ok, whatever happens stay there." Luke nodded, not really knowing what to do, stood, as General Ozzel ran up the ramp. There was some frantic speaking and noises and Luke debated whether to run or not...

About five minutes later Ozzel came down the ramp and took Lukes arm. He dusted the sand of him. and put him in front of a screen...there, Darth Vader stood hands on his hips. "Here he is My Lord."

"Good work General." Replied a deep booming voice that made Luke shiver. "Tell me child, what is your name?"

"Er...Luke Skywalker sir."

"What was your father's name."

"Anakin Skywalker...I think, Uncle Owen lies to me about him though."

"Owen Lars I persume." Luke nodded. "What is your age young Luke?"

Luke swallowed. "Um...Sixteen, seventeen next month sir."

What in the stars was going on? Ten minutes ago he was moping, kicking a rock and now? Talking to Darth Vader himself! Nothing made sense.

The Dark Lord nodded and turned to Ozzel. "General, take a blood sample of the boy and send me the results. Immediately." The tansmission ended. Ozzel bent down and smiled at Luke, rolling the boys sleve up.

"Why does he want a blood sample?" Luke asked. He was never too fond of blood.

"I'm not too sure. Make a fist..." with a razor The General made a small cut on Lukes forearm and put a few droplets in a phial. He then put the phial in a computer and spoke into a com. "I'm Sending you the blood of Luke Skywalker my Lord."

On the screen appeared:

Luke Anakin Skywalker.

Parents: Anakin Skywalker, Tatooine.

Padme Amidala, Naboo.

Midi Cholrian Count: 20 000

Luke's eyes widened, what the hell was a Midi Cholrian count? He shrugged it off, maybe it was his blood type of something. Counld Vader need a blood transfusion? That didn't make sense...

Vader's image appeared on the screen. "Good, General. Take Luke to the Executor, give him a tour and a wait my arrival."

Ozzel bowed.

"Wait!" Luke yelled. "Sorry, my Lord, but my aunt and uncle...won't they be worried."

"Do not fret youngling, I shall deal with Owen Lars."

And then he vanished.

"Come on Luke, let's get you strapped in." Luke sat down next to the General, worried but then again.

He was going on a Star Destroyer! Wait until Biggs Heard about this?


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Refs: Both Title and chapter comes from James Blunt's You're Beautiful She could see from my face that I was flying high. that's the censored version though. The real one's slightly different :p