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Tiltle: Flying High.

Author: Ygraine

Summary: AU. Vader finds Luke on Tatooine and starts to train him himself. Cliche, but fun.

A/N: Ok, this is my first Star Wars fic (what took me so long?) got loads of Harry Potter ones though, so if you like HP, go read them. lol.

Chapter 6

Sith-spawn, bantha fodder, and just plain fiddlesticks. Were Biggs first thoughts when those blue eyes stared into his. His second thoughts were along the same lines, finally the thought crossed his mind that perhaps he should actually run. However annoyingly he was finding it difficult to get up and appeared to the stuck, those blue eyes still starring. However there appeared to be no malice in them almost kind. Beru seemed to follow Ob-Wan's gaze and out her hands to her lips muttering something that he couldn't quite hear.

"Come down here young man." The man said, and slowly ever so slowly he managed to get up and find a way down. It took an age the only thought was he's going to kill me, he's going to kill me... "Tell us what you have heard then?" He asked once Biggs reached him.

"I...um...That Luke's..."

"It's alright Biggs dear." Beru said kindly "You aren't in any trouble."

Biggs took a deep breath and licked his lips. "It can't be true, it just can't be! he's nice kind loving and sharing, he can't be..." He said in a rush and cringed and continued, suddenly that curse word had so much more meaning... "Sith-Spawn"

Owen turned on him sharply. "Don't use that word about my nephew boy"

Biggs swallowed. "But, please, it just can't be true. Can it?"

Obi-wan put a kind gentle hand on his shoulder and smiled a small sad smile. "I'm afraid son that it is." Biggs gasped. "And you'll help us find a way to get Luke back to us."

Biggs nodded in grim determination. He had to help them get his best friend back from...that. Wherever he was.

We're coming for you Luke...


Lukes Birthday passed in a haze. He didn't really get anything. Izzy However came by with a tray of all his favourite food for breakfast, when he was still in bed...with only his underwear on. He muttered a thanks blushing furiously. She left with a small smile and a slight red tinge touched her pale cheeks, and a happy birthday.

Apart from that? Nothing.

However his father still was away on the Executor so maybe he would get something when he went to join him...

Probably not.

But Luke was leaving that morning and as he got dressed in his smart attire (which he hated, it made him itch) his cloak perfectly posistioned, face and hair washed, there was a knock on the door, when Luke went to answer it he saw Izzy smiling warmly, green eyes flashing.

"I just wanted to wish you good look for your trip young sire."

"Thank-you" Luke said, smiling, he leaned on the door frame, arms folded and tried to look 'cool and relaxed' "And Izzy, It's Luke."

"I know Sir."

"No, I mean, you can call me Luke." He tried to brush his hair out of his eyes, and reposition himself so he would be leaning on the door frame in a relaxed 'cool' way but he over balanced somewhat and stumbled slightly, and very nearly landed on his rear-end. Highly embarrased he looked at Izzy to try and laugh it off as some new 'Cool age kids dance...thing' But luckily she wasn't looking at him, and showed no sign of having seen his stumble. He followed her gaze and then Luke heard some commotion going on down the hall...

"... Admiral do you really think me that stupid, I am a Senator after all."

"Of course not Senator Organa, I merely think that you don't really understand the situation..."

Luke turned to Izzy "Do you know what's happed?" She looked up at him with a worried expression.

"I don't think it really matters Sir" (Luke groaned) "It's just something to do with the Rebels. I think there was an attack in Alderaan space today...I heard Melissa talking..." She silenced quickly as though that topic of discussion wasn't allowed amoung the servants...or any one. "She's Senator Organa," She said jerking her head towards the corridor "the youngest Senator since Senator Amidala of Naboo."

"Oh, alright." He stepped on his tiptoes and stood infront of Izzy to try and get a view of this woman. "How old is she?"

"Only just turned seventeen Sir" Luke forgot to groan.

"That's my age. I couldn't even imagine being in politics." He paused and turned to the maid once more. "Do you know if my father was involved in this?" He had yet to ask Vader about the Jedi Purges in full, about the Younglings..."

"Oh most likely, he does command the fleet..." She obviously saw Luke Pale. "Do not worry young Sir. They're traitors. Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to attend to. Good Luck once more." He nodded at her smiling and resisted the urge to hug her good bye, and carried on listening, straining his neck to look at the girl.

Another man had appeared, a blonde man. "Ah Princess Leia, recently elected Senator I hear." Luke blinked...Princess?

"Yes. I wish to speak to Lord Vader about this matter. Those ships were Alderaanian citizens returning home, and he ordered their destruction." Luke felt rather ill. No she had got it wrong, his father would never do that never! But...the Younglings. But Izzy had said that they were taitors and not to worry. He vaguely heard people talking into comlinks, but Luke pivoted and lent on the door frame to his room. How could this happen. Normal people killed. It is war... a voie in his head murmered There are always civilian causalties, always! But still that didn't seem to matter in this case. Didn't make it better, any less real.

A voice awoke him from his thoughts "...The Prince is travelling to the Executor to meet his father, you are allowed to join him. The ship leaves in half an hour. Captain, take the Princess to landing platfrom 116, I shall collect The Prince." Luke hurried inside his room, closed his door and tried to looked natural. He had spoken to Vader about being called the Prince. He didn't like it at all. But his father insisted that that was what he was, and the others must treat Luke accordingly.

There was another knock on the door. "Enter." Luke said.

It opened and a man stood, Admiral Levy if he remembered correctly. "Your ship is ready to depart Sire. Is there anything that you need?"

"No thank-you Admiral"

"The Princess of Alderaan will be joining you. She wishes and audience with Lord Vader. I shall take you to the landing platfrom. May I take your bag for you Sire?"

Sycophant Luke thought. "No, it's okay, I've got it." He lifted the bag (black) from his bed and put it over his shoulder, and followed the man down corridors, lifts and more corridors and yet more lifts, to landing platform 116. There was a ship, Luke didn't recognise it but his eyes widened at it's splendor. There the pilot took his bag and led him to the lounge area where a girl in a light green dress was sat. She had long brown hair which was pinned in an elborate braid, and pearls...she was amazing, he could see her creamy skin and brown eyes like pools you could drown in them. That was until she looked at him.

It wasn't that she wasn't pretty face on, because she was beautiful, it was the expression of utmost rage and hate that she gave him. "I hear that you are Lord Vader's son."

"I am."

"Hmph." Then she turned back to the book she was reading, something political, Luke didn't care. Pre-judgemental cow he thought as he say down oppisite her and pulled the book he was reading about the clone wars. He noticed that eyes flickered up and rested on the book slightly, but returned to her own when Luke looked at her.

This was going to be a fun trip Luke thought.


It was only and hour into the trip that Luke was sick of the silence that engulfed them. Every so often his and the Princess' eyes would meet swiftly followed by looking at anything but each other. His book, no matter how intresting was simply not entertaining him any longer, and he could see in the others eyes that she was becoming slightly bored too but was just too stubborn to admit it.

Well I'm stubborn too.

So with a new found determination he went back to his book, only to find five minutes later he was bored again.

Ok, maybe not that stubborn.

Sighing Luke put his book on the table with a loud thump and leant his head on his hands and looked at the Princess. She looked up for a moment but returned to the book and Luke continued staring. This happend approximately three times until she sighed and said "What do you want?"

Luke smiled to himself. "Oh nothing." Silence. "I'm Luke by the way."

She blinked at him. "Leia."

Silence yet again. "Why don't you like me?"

"Well you keep staring at me like that, it's very annoying."

"No the minute you laid eyes on me you hated me."

"Well, you are the son of the man I hate." She said.

Luke couldn't believe it, even though he thought that that was the reason she was acting all 'holier and thou' he never thought that she would actually admit it. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me."

"You can't put that against me surely? It's not my fault who my father is. I thought that senators were meant to be understanding and well...not pre-judgemental. You don't even know me. I'm nothing like my father." She looked up at him with slight interest. "Tell me Princess. What have you heard about me. Not Vader, me."

"That you are the first Prince of the Empire, unable to be announced until you became of age. That's why we have heard so little about you." Luke laughed, he actually laughed.

"Anything else?"

"Um that you..." She fell silent.

"That I like to watch holovid shows? I like sandwiches, have an 'unnatural obsession' with my maid?"

"Unnatural obsession?" Leia repeated smiling slightly

"Well that's what my father would call it anyway. I merely think she's attractive, and nice too. Any way. I grew up on Tatooine away from all this honour and itchy clothes and tidy bedrooms. A farmboy. I came to Coruscant about a month ago, that's why you've never heard of me. I never even knew my father was his royal grumpiness until then. I promise you."

Leia laughed. "You shouldn't call your father that."

"Why? He thinks that I'm obsessed with Izzy!"


"The maid I was telling you about. I can't pronounce her name properly." He shrugged off his slight embarrasment.

"I think I've misjudged you. I'm sorry."

"Apology accepted, but only of we can actually talk because I think I'm about to go insane with bordem!"


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