Title: Boy-Who-Lived: Father-To-Be

Author: SweetMercy (my first fic under this name! yay!)

Rating: M

Warnings: mpreg, slash, has naughty swear words!

Pairings: RL/HP BUT has references to DM/HP, SB/HP, and DT/HP.

Summery: One day in the summer after Harry's 6th year, an article appears in the paper that turns his world upside down. Knowing that most of what was said in the article was true, Harry fears seeing his friends and the rest of the Order. But, just like everything else, life has to go on, and Harry returns to school to face the music.

Boy-Who-Lived: Father-To-Be

Chapter 1: Surprises in the Paper

Boy-Who-Lived is Father-To-Be

Harry Potter. Perhaps one of the most famous wizards of all time. His adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are known world wide. But this week, Mr Potter has been noticed for something else.

The boy-who-lived was seen yesterday afternoon leaving his home in Surrey with a rather large bump which could only suggest one thing; the teen hero is pregnant.

Mr Potter, who turns 17 next month, isn't allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts, therefore he could not cover up his condition with a few simple spells the way he probably has over the last few months at school which is why his pregnancy has only just been discovered.

"Looking at these photos, I'd say he's about 6 months gone," said a Mrs Mary Debrew, a Mid Wife at St Mungo's Hospital in London.

"Male pregnancies are pretty much the same as female ones, only a bit more messy when it comes to the birth," she explained. "The birth requires a potion to be taken when the patient is in labour, but the actual conceivement of the child comes about as any other pregnancy might; from lack of protection."

The teen will be able to use magic again to cover up the pregnancy once he turns 17 next month. However, with him due to give birth in September, we at The Daily Prophet had some questions to ask, especially after we talked to a few of his fellow students.

"I didn't even know he was gay, let alone up the duff!" said Draco Malfoy, a shocked friend of Mr Potters. "Then again, he was always trying to feel me up in Potions Class; I should have guessed he was queer."

If Potter was in fact making inappropriate moves on Mr Draco Malfoy then what has been done about it at the school? Surely someone should be warned of this?

"I don't think he was seeing anyone," said Miss Pansy Parkinson, another student at the school. "It must have been a one night stand or something, it's the sort of thing he's do."

Do we really want the wizarding world's hero to be a 'teenage slut'? Are we, as a nation, comfortable to put our trust into the boy when these are the sorts of things he gets up to?

We have made sure that Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, was made aware of the situation but he refused to comment.

Many may sympathise for Mr Potter, having no parents and bringing brought up by muggles, but surely this isn't what we all expected him to turn into? Is this maybe a cry for help? Or just an act of stupidity to bring himself attention?

Either way, with the fate of the World resting in Harry Potter's hands, can the teen really juggle You-Know-Who and a baby?

Harry stared at the giant picture on the front page and watched as he got into the car, hand on his giant belly, and he felt his world closing in on him from all sides. He was numb. All he could do was stare at himself in the picture. There was no way he could get out of this one. He was done for.

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