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"Harry Potter! Down here on the double!"

'Oh no,' Harry thought. 'What now? Well, I best go down and face my Uncle or else he'll make it worse because I'm late.' Thought Harry as he made his way out of his bed on Privet Drive and down to the living room where his uncle was waiting.

"Dudley has told me that you have threatened him with your… magic. I told you, boy, that if you ever threatened any of my family again with… that … that you would be severely punished." Harry noticed as his uncle was talking that Dudley was cowering behind his father. 'Coward' thought Harry. "This is what you are to do, for the rest of the summer you are not to leave that room of yours. All your magical possessions will be locked in the cupboard under the stairs. If you misbehave, act out, or are generally loud or annoying, there will be other consequences. If you so much as breathe a word of this to your friends, I swear to you that you will NOT go back to that school."

"Fine!" Harry yells. "I didn't want to be around this family anyway. I would much rather be locked up in my room than sit around doing YOUR dirty work."

'That went well,' Harry thought as he stormed up to his prison.

Harry watched as Vernon recklessly packed every magical possession in sight. Harry was very lucky that he had thought to hide his wand, some parchment, and a quill in the loose floorboards. 'It's a good thing he hasn't found out about that yet, thought Harry.' As Harry watched Uncle Vernon leave dragging his trunk behind him, he thought how fortunate it was that Hedwig was out delivering a letter he had just written to Hermione since he would then be able to keep his owl. 'Vernon surely has forgotten about her by now,' Harry contemplated.

With time on his hands now that he could not do any of his homework for the summer, Harry could fully begin to think about the happenings of the last year. Harry once again berated himself for not trusting in Snape or the other professors to come through. 'It was all my fault he died,' thought Harry for only the hundredth time since Sirius had slipped through the veil. 'He was my last chance at having a real family and getting out of this horrible life.' As Harry thought about that day at the ministry, tears fell unbidden down his face. Eventually Harry was crying so hard that he could not contain his wails of grief. Harry drifted off to sleep this way crying and thinking of his godfather.


"HOOT! HOOT!" Harry awoke groggily to the sound of Hedwig hooting at him and nipping at him to wake up. "Shh!" said Harry; "If Vernon hears you he will undoubtedly cook you for dinner." As Harry looked around he saw that he must have slept for quite a while, as it was now dark outside. Harry then noticed that there was a piece of parchment tied onto his owl's leg. 'Hermione must have wrote me back before Hedwig left.' He untied the parchment and read over it carefully.


I'm glad you are choosing not to dwell on your confinement to the Dursleys again this summer. I know the happenings of this past month have been tough on you, but I trust that you can take this time to grieve for your godfather. As always there are many happenings around "headquarters" but can not mention any of the details. Will fill you in when you get here.


'How frustrating' Harry thought. 'I can't believe she thinks that this time could be good for me. Is she expecting me to get over Sirius's death? Move on? She is sadly mistaken if that be the case. Here I am cut off from the wizarding world and she insists on writing me these letters to tell me NOTHING! How dare her! I've got to find some way out of this!"

For the rest of the evening Harry pondered his escape. He thought about writing to Dumbledore, but knew that he would just tell him to stay put. Next he thought about writing to Sirius and remembered in the middle of his thought that he was no longer around to rescue him. He decided not to dwell on this, as he really needed to find some way to get out of this house before things became worse for him. Finally he came up with a plan of action. Harry knew if he left that he probably would not be welcome back in the Dursley household, not that he was upset with this prospect. Harry understood, though, that Dumbledore would be upset at him for not staying here. Harry decided that he just didn't care. 'I've lost the only person that I've known that loved me, and he wants to condemn me here for the summer? Hah!'

Harry grabbed his broomstick, which he was hiding in the back of the wardrobe, glad that Vernon hadn't done a thorough search in his hurry to leave Harry locked in the room. He then proceeded to grab his wand, quill and parchment from under the floorboards. He wrote a quick note to Hermione stating that he had flown the coop and was coming to headquarters no matter what anyone said, left it unsigned, and told Hedwig to deliver it pronto.

Harry then hopped on his broomstick, opened the window and flew to London under the cover of night. As Harry neared Grimmauld Place he realized exactly what it was he had done by leaving the blood protection.

As Harry stepped inside the door of the secret meeting place of the Order of the Phoenix, he thought about the last time he had been here with Sirius and for the third time that day almost broke down at what he had lost. He was broken out of his reverie by a throng of people assaulting him.

"Harry! What a STUPID thing to do!" "You could have been killed" "What were you thinking, mate?" Hermione, Mrs. Weasley, and Ron all shouted at him.

"I don't CARE! I wasn't going to be forced by Dumbledore or anyone else to stay in that place for one more summer! You don't know what it's like there. I've been up against Voldemort more times than I can count, and yet I am forced to stay with the Dursleys? Well, I refuse! I'm not doing it!" Harry shouted nearing a mental breakdown.

"Well, young man, I would never have expected such a response from you. I'm quite disappointed." Proclaimed Dumbledore as he made his presence known in the room. This quickly quieted Harry down. "If you will come with me, we will discuss exactly what will happen to you for the rest of the summer. While, I will not force you to go back to the Dursleys, you must understand that there will be consequences."

Dumbledore led Harry to the sitting room located in the house and instructed that the Weasleys and Ms. Granger proceed upstairs to bed as it was getting quite late.

"Harry, I would have expected more from you. While I know that the Durselys are not the most ideal place for you, I would have thought that you would have considered the danger to yourself as well as the Order before leaving their protection. At the very least, I thought you would have trusted me. I have explained to you about the blood protection that I have placed there."

"Yes, Headmaster, but…"

"Since, you have disobeyed me and left the wards and charms that I placed on Privet Drive, I am forced to find an alternate place where you will be safe. Therefore, I have decided that you are to be escorted back to Hogwarts where you will remain the rest of the summer with Professor Snape. I believe that this will offer a great deal of protection, plus Professor Snape has graciously agreed to continue with your occlumency lessons. I believe that this will be MOST beneficial for you."

"BUT, Professor, I CANNOT…"

"Now, now Potter you have brought this on yourself. You will be escorted to Hogwarts where you WILL continue your occlumency lessons with Professor Snape. I trust that you two can get along in the mean time. What he is doing for the order can be continued from there with occasional visits for reporting in. I will hear no more discussion. Right now you are to go up to bed. You will be leaving precisely at 9:00 in the morning. I will allow Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley to go with you in the morning, but they will be coming back as soon as you arrive. I'm also sending Lupin to watch over you as you travel. Professor Snape will be there shortly after you arrive. Now up to bed with you."

As Harry went upstairs and into the room that he and Ron had stayed in last summer, he thought about all that Dumbledore had said. He wondered which was worse, a summer with the Dursleys or a summer with Snape. He couldn't make up his mind but decided that he would soon find out which he preferred. He knew that he had brought this upon himself. As he lay down, he barely had time to think about what this summer now held before he drifted off to sleep.