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Many months had passed since that one fateful night when Harry defeated the Dark Lord. Since then, things had pretty much returned to normal. Harry returned to his classes and with the help of Hermione and his father, he was able to catch up in his classes. He was well on his way to finishing the year strong. Harry still was trying to understand and contemplate exactly what had happened. It didn't seem real to Harry that Voldemort was dead. The prophecy was complete. The most surprising part of this all was the raid on Voldemort. It seems that his followers were more upset at him for failing then for Harry at defeating him. It was a disgrace that he allowed himself to be beaten by a kid. They tortured and killed him.

Harry had spent much time talking with his father, just trying to sort things out. They were closer than ever. The charm that was placed on him to conceal his looks was now reversed. They still had to be careful, but the danger was almost passed. Oh Harry knew that there would always be someone out there that was trying to take over the world, some evil forces to be reckoned with but he figured that he could handle it now. The whole school was abuzz for months afterward with talks of not only how Harry had defeated Voldemort (that was to be expected) but also with glances and talking about how Harry was Snape's son. He had seen more pitying glances in the past few months than he would ever care for. He was very sick of it.

As far as Ron and Hermione? They were now open about their relationship, and Harry didn't mind. He was happy for his two friends, although he did feel like a third wheel every now and then.

Harry was happier then he could ever remember being in his life. He had a father who loved him, his two best friends were in love, he was on his way to becoming an auror. What more could he ask for? Things were really looking up for him and the future. He knew that whatever came along, he could face it with the help of his father and his friends.