Chapter 1 "Dana's Return"

It's been a few years, but Harry Senate has finally return to Winslow High. Steven is all ready to have him back and Harry finally is ready to teach again. Ronnie has moved on since Harry has left but still has some obvious feelings for Harry. He returns to his classroom in the dungeon.

Lipshultz has decided that it is time to end his 40+ year teaching life and retire. Steven tries to get him to reconsider, telling him he is one of the best teachers he has. Lipshultz has made up his mind to leave.

Meanwhile, a new problem enters Harry's life, and that is of the 23 year old Dana Poole, the girl he kissed while she was in his high school class. Harry has mixed feelings of her returning. Harry loved Ronnie but she is engaged to Danny Hanson. With all this going on Harry decides to begin a relationship with Dana Poole. But this relationship creates some problems for him. Even though she is now an adult some major problems are going to occur...