Angela: Yay. New ficlet… This one is called Stranger in the rain, and I warned you all to keep an eye out for it, so don't look so surprised. –Points at readers- Yes, you! Ok, I'm not sick anymore, it was a three day sickness, but it threw me for a loop, and got me in a writing spree. But I swear, this is the last thing from me for the rest of the week, really! Anyway, hope you enjoy this, I don't own Ryou or Bakura, or Yu-Gi-Oh! either, so just read it ok? However, Stranger in the rain is my poem, so no steal, ok? Ok. Oh, and Gijinka Renamon? You wondered who it was about. Does this answer the question? –Wink-


-Rain streams down my face

As I silently cry-

Ryou sat on the bench as it poured, tears streaming down his face. He loved Bakura so badly… And Bakura had cruelly thrown him aside like an old rag.

-Fears run 'round my mind,

As I live my forsaken lie-

He was scared. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't bear to lose his yami! And Bakura…

-Truths burn on my tongue,

Flesh rips from my bones-

He fingered the dagger. He wanted to do it. He had to… But he was scared to.

-And blood spills,

From deep inside my soul-

He was bleeding inside, scarred and broken. His very soul shattered forever…

-Fly low, my Angel

Seeking solace

In the Night-

Bakura would never love him. Why had he even tried?

-Finding comfort

In a Shadow-

Because he was a nobody. And Bakura was a shadow… Even if it was only to ridicule and mock him, he knew Ryou existed…

-Looking to the sky

And screaming out

My silent cry-

Ryou let out a loud scream, as thunder clapped, effectively drowning it out.

-Can you see me?

Can you hear me?-

No one but his yami really paid attention to him. Ever.

-Am I still here?-

Was he ever meant to be loved?

-I'm whispering…

You whisper my name…-

Ryou held the dagger to his wrist. "Bakura…" /Ryou, what are you doing/ His yami's annoyed voice cut through his thoughts.

-And yet I still sit here all alone,

To both you and myself,

He was still alone though. A-lways alone… No one, not even his yami, knew him for real…


He slashed his wrist, and dropped the dagger. A faint smile danced upon his lips as he shivered. He didn't recognize himself anymore… But then again, maybe he never really did…

-A stranger in the rain-


Angela: And that is a wrap. Depressing, isn't it? I had that picture in mind when I originally wrote Stranger in the rain as a poem. Each piece of the poem corresponded with each scene of the fic part. And thus both were born. –Shrug- Go figure. Anyway, you don't have to review, I don't care. I just had this in mind and had to get it out online before it killed me. And my teacher asked me "Why I saw Ryou as someone who never really knew who he was after all?" Simple. But I won't say it here. You'll have to ask me personally. I'm evil that way. So, ishi and good day to you all. And this may be added onto, if people really want me to do so, but otherwise, it's a one-shot.