Servo's Note:
Blade Runner is a trademark of the makers of the classic sci-fi film: Blade Runner. I don't own the idea or the foundation.

Blade Runner
The Nexus

Chapter I
The Revelation

Summons of serene and melancholy, only to fade away into the neurons of the living brain.

The sight was bright and majestic alright. Such serene atmosphere to supplement such an open space. Streams of water ran in curves throughout the entire nature. Trees glorified in lightened jade, a painting which can sooth the iris of a light and glowing eye. Glowing eye. Glowing.

A wilderness to run freely in. Ah, the freedom. The freedom to run, play, and sooth in the bath of nature which has been summoned to serene. Ah, what a sight. What glory. What freedom. What a revelation to comprehend. This must be what they call Eden.

And in the midst of all this nature of serene, ran the liveliness of a beautiful and magnificent beast. Its hind legs galloping and galloping, touching the softness of gladden grass, and rising into the coolness of the air. It's long white hair shinning from the snout of the head. Flowing with ease and fluid motion. Flowing and fluid alright. And a crown to supplement the beast's head. A horn. A horn which shines in the rays of the sun, and is glorified with the beast's happiness and freedom.

A unicorn, running through the gladden wilderness. Such freedom it has. Yes, it's running, playing, and soothing to the bath of nature, in which this young and innocent beast has been summoned to such a setting.

Ah, the beauty in which it displays. The white texture of its foundation indeed tells its innocence. What a sight. What a sight.

A sight only to fade away into the neurons of the living brain.

What's worse, than to kill a unicorn?