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Legacies III
By DC Lady

Bruce Wayne sat in front of the massive Cray computer making entries
from the previous night's patrol into the log. "Is everything
ready?" he asked his butler.

"Yes sir," Alfred answered. "All that is needed is Miss

"Good," Bruce acknowledged. He continued typing the log entry,
pausing only for a moment to watch as Alfred began the climb up the
stairs leading to the Manor.

He heard the faint hum of the Watchtower's transporter,
indicating her arrival. He stood, clad for the occasion in a black
Italian dress suit, then waited.

The multi-colored interaction of matter and energy coalesced in the
final stages of materialization, forming the woman of his dreams.
The woman with whom he intended to spend the rest of his life. She
materialized and something about her body language indicated there
was something amiss. He frowned inwardly, realizing with a pang of
regret that this was not going to be the happy occasion he'd

She stepped down into his embrace. "What is it?" he asked,
as he felt her arms tighten around him.

"So much has happened," she whispered. "Can we please

"Of course." He led her to a chair in front of the massive
computer, then sat in the one next to her.

"The mission was a success. We defeated Felix Faust. Hades once
again rules upon the throne of Tartarus."

Bruce remained silent, giving Diana time to compose her thoughts.

"My mother has lifted my ban. I am allowed to return home
whenever I wish."

His heart lurched when she mentioned home but he remained silent,

She looked away. "There is something else. Something that Hades
said when Shayera and I rescued him."

He placed his hand on her chin and turned her to face him. "What
is it?"

"He thinks…he said..." She straightened, gathering her
courage. "He thinks that he is my father."

Greek mythology spoke of Hippolyta's torrid affair with Hades.
Bruce suddenly realized that the lore might be based in
fact. "Could he be right?"

She looked away again. "It's possible," she admitted
then turned back to face him. "That's why I need to go back
To talk with my mother and discover the truth."

"Will the truth make a difference?"

"I told Shayera that it did not. That I knew who raised me and
what I was raised to do." She stood and began to pace the small
platform that held the brain of the Batcave. "That was the
truth. I neither desire nor want a father in my life. My life was
not lacking because of his absence and now only serves as a

"But, it is important to know if your mother had been

"Yes," she admitted than sat back down, taking his hands in
hers. "I won't be gone for long."

He nodded sadly. "I'll miss you."

She leaned in closer, this time lifting his chin to face her. "I
love you," she told him, then kissed him goodbye.