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"Oh, so the polyjuice potion worked?"

"Yeah, it was perfect. Good thing the camp had extra"

The two voices echoed throughout Jenna's office. Harmony slouched down in the chair that sat in front of her desk, out of guilt.

The day after Harry and Hermione's midnight swim, Hermione gave Jenna the tape recorder. Her plan had worked. Now Hermione waits outside of Jenna's office, eavesdropping on their conversation.

"You know, I am very disappointed in you, Harmony. Very disappointed" Jenna started pacing back and forth in front of Harmony. "I really overestimated you. Something like this has never happened before. This will definitely go down in Camp Patronus history. And what do you have to say for yourself?" Jenna stopped pacing.

Harmony shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know..."

"Well, I do know. Harmony, you are hereby expelled from Camp Patronus"

And with a flick of her wand, Harmonys bags magically appeared by her side. And as they say, the rest is history! Jenna finally figured out that that Harmony stole the camp equipment, and framed Hermione for it. And Harmony finally got what she deserved, a nice kick in the rear--

"Behind Dean, Harry" Ginny said, excitedly, pointing to where Harry should be standing for their group photo.

"Ginny, do we have to do this?" whined Ron.

"Yes, now stand still!" Ginny peered through the camera lens, then set the timer, and quickly ran beside Dean. The camera flashed, and their memories at Camp Patronus were captured forever.

"All packed?" Harry asked.

Hermione checked around the room, then nodded, seeing as there was nothing else left.

"I guess we should go then" Harry said, sliding his arm around Hermiones waist, and slipping her bag on his shoulder. When they reached the door, Hermione stopped in the doorway and looked around the cabin for the last time.


"No matter what, we stick together through this whole thing" said Ginny.

"Deal" The rest of them said.

"What were you looking for when you decided to come here, Hermione" Ginny asked.

"Adventure, friendship, love" She said smiling.

"I have an idea" Ginny said "Lets go spy on the boy's cabin"

"Are you crazy" Hermione said. "We could caught"

"You said yourself that you wanted adventure" Ginny said.

"I'm in" Parvati said.

"Me too" Lavender said. They both looked at Luna.

"I guess so" she said.

"Come on, Hermione! It'll be fun" Ginny said.

" sigh... Let's go" All the girls screamed in excitement. "But we've got to be quiet" Hermione hissed at them.

End of Flashback

Hermione smiled to herself, remembering the memory.

"Can we--" Hermione's voice trailed off.

Harry smiled. "Of course"

Harry and Hermione settled down at their favorite spot in front of the lake, trying to take their minds off the last day at camp.

Hermine felt Harry's fingertips stroke her hair, which she loved.

'Maybe we can make it' Hermione thought.


The girls introduced themselves, then Ron introduced the rest of the guys.

"This is Dean, Neville, Seamus and Harry" Ron said pointing to each of them. Hermione noticed that Harry was extremely cute. He had messy, dark brown, hair and, behind his glasses, he had beautiful green eyes. Hermione also noticed that Ron had just brought out a bottle and laid it down in the middle of the floor.

"Here Hermione, you go next" Luna said handing the bottle to Hermione.

"Ok" Hermione said. When she spun the bottle she got extremely nervous. It finally stopped, she gasped as it landed on Harry. Harry stood up and walked over to Hermione. Then he placed his hands around her waist, she placed her hands around his neck. Then they kissed. Slow at first, but then the kiss started to get more intimate. Hermione finally pulled away. Hermione knew that this was going to be an interesting summer.

End of Flashback

Hermione was snapped out of her thoughts when the sound of a horn filled their ears. The bus had arrived. Harry and Hermione rose from the ground and boarded the bus. Then Camp Patronus faded away forever. And this time, for real.

At least, that's what everyone thought.

A couple of years after their departure from Camp Patronus, Harry and Hermione got married. They had a beautiful spring wedding, and everyone they knew was invited, including their friends from camp. Then, a couple of years after that, Harry and Hermione had their first child, Holly Marie Potter. She's beautiful, she looks exactly like her father. She has beautiful jet-black, curly, locks that gently glide down her back, and she has those same vibrant, emerald green eyes. She's very clever, like her mother, but has a knack for getting into trouble, another famous trait from her father.

When Holly was six, Harry and Hermione received a letter from Camp Patronus. They were shutting down the camp, and everyone was invited to a reunion. Since there was no magic allowed, they were forced to drive, which was a mistake. Holly sat bouncing up and down the whole way there chanting "Are we there yet?". When they did arrive, Holly stepped out of the car and her eyes grew wide, as she caught her first site of the camp.


"Beautiful, isn't it" Harry said, placing his hand on his daughters shoulder.

Harry and Hermione saw all their friends there, and introduced them to Holly, and traded stories on what they had been doing since the last time they saw each other. When that got old, Harry and Hermione showed Holly the lake, which she immediately wanted to jump into. Harry and Hermione agreed to let her wade her feet in the water, and while they watched their daughter, Hermione slid Harry's blue jean jacket over her shoulders, which, by the way, still fit perfectly.


Hermione and Harry walked down to their favorite spot, the lake.

"So, what do you think will happen to us after tomorrow?" Hermione asked.

"I don't know. We're just going to have to see where life takes us.

"Do you think we'll ever see each other again?" she asked.

"It depends. If you believe we will, then we will"

"Do you believe we will?"

"I believe anything is possible"

End of Flashback

The End

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