Hao's destiny

Author note: Its not that thought out yet since I just came up with it overnight It'll make sense as i figure out what the ending is going to be

Chapter 1 Asakura betrayal

A 5 year old Hao Asakura lies sitting in his bed. When he hear some people talking loudly and abusively about what happened today.


Hao was playing in the streets with a ball with his little brother.

Yoh: Pass it Hao! Weeeeeeeeee!

Hao:Ha! Did you catch it Yoh


The ball then bounced past Yoh and as he had ran to get it some teenagers came up to the ball and picked it up.

Yoh: Tuts ours give it bake! Phease.

Teens: HAHA look at the little runts about to wet themselves! Hahaha.

Hao then runs up

Hao: give the ball back!

Yoh: Yweah!

The teens then take out a lighter and sets the ball on fire and throws it at Hao who couldn't avoid it on time. Hao then gets his eyes badly burned and Yoh just stands there glaring at the teens

Teens: Look at Mr. Brave he sure looks tough

Another teen: Thinks he can show us off eh punk!

Yoh starts to whimper

Teen: Hey dont bawl your eyes out lets shut him up!

The teens then go over to Yoh and beat the snot out of them the last thing that Hao saw of Yoh was him standing there then Hao. fainted from pain of the bad burns

Another day

Hao woke up able to see perfectly fine it was a miracle and Yoh just had a couple of bruises on his face cause Keiko was getting groceries and saw the whole thing and beat the teens off of her sons. And now the whole family was talking to Yoh while Tamao just sat there to keep an eye on him till he wakes up.


Hao: uhhhhh

Tamao: Lady Keiko! Mikihasa-sama! Hao has awakened!

Keiko and The grandmother(cant remember her name) come over

Keiko: Hao I'm so happy that your alive! Can you see? Are you feeling all right?

Grandmother: ...

Hao: I can see you fine my eyes are just a little owie.

Keiko: Phew I was worried cause the ball that flew into your face was on fire and it went straight into your eyes I was... . I was so scared I would lose my baby!

Hao: I'm no baby

Keiko: right My son

Hao: That's better

Then they all start smiling

END chapter 1... to be continued

Author note: 1 page not bad ohh and its rated teen for the language later on no yaoi cause I dont know how to type that. Also flames are accepted they just make me sad