Chapter 36: Epilogue

1 year later

Hao pov

I have been living together with Yoh, Anna, Ren, Horo and Tamao just 1 year after I joined them. I have been seeing my comrades every second day for one week but then they all found husbands and wife's I have been erased from there memory. But I have still been an important part of there past so they still visit me from 1 month- 6 months. I remember when all of the Hanaugumi girls got pregnant they were so embarrassed to tell me. Except for Kanna. She just came out and told me. Kanna now worked with her husband at a mall. Macchi and Mari are be sales people and Opacho and Brokken go to school I fixed Brokken up so the humans see him as a normal man but shaman can see past the illusion.

Luca opened his own medical clinic and is trying to find a cure

Ever since the incident with the iron maiden my arm still has been black flamed tattooed. Yoh and I have been looking at it whenever possible. But came up with nothing.

Yoh and I right now were reading on the couch reading some novels. I was reading my shaman Tomb of the shaman book on what I wrote just doing a little studying. Yoh was looking for a faster way to recover from hangovers with Ren and Horo lying on the ground by him feet moaning. Anna Pirika and Tamao were also out but they were on the couch next to me.

Yoh: nope sorry guys all these books say is to be smart and not drink so much. And to recover faster you will have to eat lemons. Eww oranges are much better. Sorry guys but I will also have to eat one also so don't look at me like that Anna.

Tamao: Yoh-sama my stomach hurts.

Pirika: Last night was sure hectic I can't even remember what happened.

Yoh: Yea I only remember being in my bed.

Anna: …

Hao: Man you guys were pretty rambunctious last night.

Ren: What's that supposed to mean?

Hao: When each of you woke up where did you find yourselves in?

Everyone: A bed.


The end

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