Chapter 1: Galantia City

I don't know how to describe this...

I just feel-- empty...

Like I'll never be whole again...

I just wish he were here-- with me at this moment...

Rain--! Where are you!

A laughing rang out the chilled her to the bone. It was moching her... She couldn't get Rain back, and the source of the laughter had him and she knew it. She ran through the darkness going towards the sound of the evil laughter. She stopped dead in her tracks, before her stood a young black haired boy. He smiled as a monster that was named "an angel" walked from behind him and stopped short of passing the boy.

"Rain... Kill her."

The boy's words were cold as ice. The monster walked a step closer to Machika, then ran at her with inhuman speed it's claws aiming for her throat. She closed her eyes as it went to strike.

Machika sat up suddenly, waking from the nightmare she'd just experienced. She gasped, her body shakey from her brush with death. 'That dream...I keep having it. It's nagging me to keep searching-- but I've searched so long! I can't find him... I don't even know if he's still alive or turned into a monster-- No! I can't think like that. Rain's alive...He's gotta be...' Her thoughts became nothing more than a whisper as she looked around in the darkness. It was still a few hours till sunrise. She sighed knowing she couldn't go to sleep now.

Stumbling out of bed she walked for a chair only a few feet from her and put on a coat that was drapped over the chair. Machika put it on and crossed her arms as she walked to the other side of the room, stopping to open the sliding door. She took a step onto the cold floor of the balcony and shivered, it was a cold fall day, just like every other fall day. This was the only time she could think inbetween traveling and taking up jobs. In her jobs, dead or alive, she always caught them. Just like her grandfather, she'd never lost any of them... Except for one... Rain or "Methuselah" as they mistakenly called him, would forever be the one that they couldn't kill. Even though Machika swore that she was his grim reaper and would kill him herself.


Machika looked down and smiled at her pet. It wasn't as small anymore and had grown with her. Time didn't pass as fast as Rain described, but that didn't mean it was slow either. Years later and she was growing into a young adult. She no longer looked like a child, her wisdom and knowledge now matched her on the outside: An adult that's seen too much in there time.

The sun was finally peaking up, lighting the edge of the city. All of the memories... They only made the pain worse, but she swore she would live even if it meant hiding behind a mask, acting like everything's alright.

A knock on the door took her from her thoughts. She let out a groun and walked back inside. She heard another knock as she got to the door. With a quick swift move she unlocked and opened the door.

"Oh it's you."

She spoke quite sarcatically.

"What do you mean 'oh it's you'? You want me to kick your ass!"

Machika rolled her eyes.

"And you still think you can take me!"

"I can and I will... If you keep this up, that is."

"Come on Doc, ever since you decided to show up in MY town, you've been bugging me!"

"I'm sorry, I can't help that I enjoy it!"

He gave her a smirk. He still looked the same, his hair was maybe an inch longer and there was a few wrinkles, but besides that nothing was different.

"Get in here smart ass."

He walked in his smirk now a warm smile.

"I see you've developed a liking for cuss words."


"No reason, just saying."

"What do you want?"

"Your a little too blunt, for your own good."

"What do you want?"

He suddenly got down on his knees and looked at her with the best puppy eyes that he could muster.

"Lend me some money. Plleeeeeasee!"

"Why should I?"

Still a bit shocked that he was begging.

"I'm out of food."

"Stop spending your money at the bar and on cigarettes and you'll be fine."

"Come on, I haven't had any work in weeks. Please, just this once!"

"This once, it's your fifth time!"

"...Well...I mean this is my last time!"

"Your hopeless."

She threw a bit of money at him and looked at him frowning.

"I know I am, but at least I don't suffer from it... Wait, scratch that... At least I can admitt it."

"I was about to say--"

"Well, I have to go, there has to be some bar open at this time!"

She looked at him like she could kill him. He put his hands up as if surrendering.

"I'm kidding, I swear... Kids these days, can't even take a joke."

He left before she could scold him, or kill him which ever she preffered. With a sigh she hopped back into bed hoping to get some sleep.

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