The Unexpected Surprise.

Chapter 1: The unexpected surprise

No, it can't be. It just can't. It's….impossible…. no…no its not. Oh damn. This is a problem.

The young Slayer tossed the pregnancy test into the trash beside the bathroom wall.

It's defective. It has to be. Oh shit. No, this can't be happening, not to me. I'll get another one. A better brand. Yeah…..ok…all is cool…Buffy. Don't loose it.

Buffy ran down the stairs to her new BMW. She had only learned to drive a month or so ago.

Pregnant! No….the last person I—oh, god…can it be………Angel…..or Spike…….that's impossible………no its not.

She reminded herself of Conner.

Wait…what about Riley….oh god…why do I have to be such a slut.

She had slept with all three of them in the past month or so.

It has to be Riley. He is the only one that--….that's actually real.

She hopped into the new shinny car. She still amazed herself thinking about how she had been able to buy one. But with her father passing away, it gave them more money then they could ever dream of. Buffy thought that her father stopped caring for them….but-

Oh god I can't think about this now. Baby…I'll go to Giles. He'll know what to do, what to say…..I hope.

She rushed into the Magic Box parking lot, almost taking the parking sign with her. She rushed thought the door.

"Giles!" she called out desperately, "Giles!"

Giles poked his head up from under the counter after putting a book in its proper position. "Buffy." Happy to see her, "I didn't expect to see you here at this time, shouldn't you be—umf--"

Buffy's arms were wrapped around him with such strength. "Oh, Giles, you're here, I thought…well, I dunno what I thought…but you're here."

"Um, yes, Buffy." He pushed her off, "is there something you need?"

"Oh yes!" she put her hand to her forehead and fell back into a seat at the table. Giles leaned in and prepared himself to listen intently to what she was about to tell him. "Giles….," she started slowly."

"Yes," he urged her on.

"I'm…..I'm…..I'm pregnant."

His face filled with happiness at first. (Such as it had a few years back when she offered him to give her away to marry Spike)

"Well, Buffy, wow, that's, that's…." his tone changed, "Oh…dear lord… who.. .um… oh… well… the father is um…. Riley…is it not?"

"Makes the most sense. I mean, he was just here and….well…that was a little long ago..." she cut off looking deep in thought.

"Well…um…who else…fits the um…time schedule…. for you?" he pealed his glasses of his face, as he had many times before, and started to clean them with his hanky from his back pocket.

"Right now……Spike……. and Angel……and then there's Riley."

Giles turned from her and cleaned is glasses. "Dear lord."

"But, it has to be Riley, right……I mean who else?… Angel and Spike cant exactly--" She stopped herself.

"I dunno Buffy. I…..I don't know….." he continued to not face her directly and talk towards the cash register, "If…they were all human….time wise…..who would be you best calculation?"

"Time wise?" she traced deep into her thoughts. Well I can defiantly rule out Riley, that was too long ago and Spike…that was a little too soon, but it's not impossible. "Angel." She announced.

'What about Angel, now?" Xander had burst thought the doors unnoticed.

"Oo.." Giles hadn't noticed him either, "Um nothing."

"No, I wanna know. I mean, if tall dark and handsome comes strolling back into towns I wanna work up some of my best humiliation jokes and puns."

"No…um…he's not…"

"It's okay, Giles." Buffy assured him. "I'm gonna tell him." no secrets from the Scooby gang.

Buffy had only finished explaining her situation to Xander when Willow walked in the shop and she had to start the story all over again.

"Wow." Willow stated, "That's…"

"I believe you speak for all of us on that one, Will." Xander concluded.

"I know." Buffy agreed

"So what do we do?"

"Um..I.." Giles explained, "I need to do a few tests but um….Buffy why don't you go out and um…buy another…umm…pregnancy test….you know….best to be sure."

"Ooo." Willow lashed out. "I have one in my purse." The three of them gave her the oddest look. "What"

"Willow, you're a gay women." Buffy still shocked.

"So, You never know what can come up in life." She pulled out the E.P.T.

"Thanks." Buffy rushed off to the bathroom.

"Yes, well um…." Giles continued on, "that's good….that's…that's good."

Xander gave a quick smile then started chat with Willow. "So, lets get to the bottom of this shall we? Now we all know the facts of lesbian-sex….well not me personally from experience … but why would you be carrying that around again?"

Giles had buried himself in Magic Box files.

Buffy had finished the test…oh shit…Pregnant. I am so screwed.

Buffy pulled herself from the bathroom and entered back into the room with her friends and former watcher.

"And?" Giles looked down at her from the top of the Magic Box railing.

"Trust me, you don't wanna know." She plopped herself down at the table.

"Aweeee you that bummed, Buff?" Willow gazed at her with loving care.

"Yeah, Buffy, you should be happy…you're having a baby." Xander tried to lighten the mood.

"Oh, I'm feeling the love, trust me." her hands moved to her forehead, it was warm. "Do you guys have any idea as to what we are dealing with?"

"Wel, um… as I said, we need do a few tests and such….but um…" Giles searched for a better tone in his voice, "We'll need some blood of yours and such but um… try and look at the glass have full on this one Buffy." Giles walked down the steps and toward the counter searching for a needle to draw blood with.

"I know, its just….owe…."

"Owe?" he looked up and walked over with the needle.

"Headache…." she reassured him, "Nothing major….I think I'll just" Giles drew the blood, "….go home and take a long bath and…you know…." she put the Band-Aid he had handed her on her arm, "…take a long, very long nap…"

"Okay, Buff." Willow still looking too concerned for words, "You…you should do that…catch up on your sleep and all…you have been slaying a lot lately"

"Yes," Giles chimed in, "Do try and catch up on that rest of yours"

Xander's tone had changed as well, "Do you want me to pick up Dawn from school for you?"

"Oh." she answered with relief, "That would be so wonderful. I had forgotten that it was friday."

"And if you need anything, Buffy." Willow locked eye contact with her.

"Anything at all." Giles made sure his voice was heard.

"I know." Buffy thanked them all and left with the heavy burden of her child on her mind.