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The room was full of tears. Tears of sadness for the great love of friends and family. If only one could understand that emptiness they all felt.

Two coffins were placed in the front of the room. Both were closed but only one held a body.

A young girl arose from the rows of chairs, she stood before them all with a few papers on a podium. Her blue eye and blond hair blended beautifully with the clear, slightly pale, skin.

She wore an aquamarine shirt and A&E jean; she looked only about sixteen years old.


My name is Tennille." She turned to look at the coffins, then turned back around with tears in her eyes. "They were my parents." She looked down at her papers but they didn't seem to stop her flow, "I feel like the luckiest kid in the world yet the unluckiest kid in the world. To stand before you all like this……it's….mind-boggling. But I think I speak for us all when I speak of my love of my parents." She attempted a smile, wiping tears away, "My mother, was very brave. She always encouraged me to follow my gut and never let anyone force me otherwise. My father encouraged this of course, but only as long as what I did was safe." The girl giggled under her tears, "Especially when it involved boys." The crowd gave a sniffled giggle as well. A man with brown/black hair and slightly big ears, a woman with short red hair, a woman with short blond curly hair, a boy with spiked blond hair, a pale handsome stud with spiked black hair, a dark haired woman (who was wearing too much eye-liner and showing too much breast), a black bald man who sat holding a small woman-with-long-curly-brown-hair's hand, a man with brown hair and glasses, a girl with long light brown hair, a women with long brown hair, a VERY tall man with brown hair and who was dressed in an army like suit, a man who was entirely green with horns, a creepy looking guy who had a lot of skin hanging around his face and floppy ears, and an older man with glasses who looked like he should be working at a library, all sat before Tennille in the first row of seats. She looked to each and every one of them for support, even though she didn't know some of them as well as others. They were her parent's friends and her family. "But, my father was always their," she looked down to the floor as though recalling specific events, "Always looking out for me," she looked back up making her voice heard a little more. She had a funny voice, some of it sounded a little British, "You know, it's funny how, you never really know how great something is…..until you lose it." Tears flooded around the room, "My mother, stopped everything for me at first, her job. Then when I turned a teenager she started workin' again. My father and her were always teaching my new ways of protecting myself." She paused using a tissue, "My parents were great people, they were always there for me in the hard and fun times. I don't know how I am going to live without them. All I can say to them is;…" she turned to the coffins, "Mom, Daddy…." She began to ball, "I love you" but it came out more as 'ah uve ew', "and I will miss you till the day I die." A girl with extremely long brown hair came and rescued the girl off of the podium and back down to her seat between the girl with short red hair and the boy with funny ears and beady eyes. The four had a big group hug then took their seats as the memorial continued.

The people throughout the crowd wiped their eyes from Tennille's speech. Behind the rows of people was a table. Three pictures sat upon it in frames. One held up a picture of a young couple kissing at their wedding. The man in it has bleached hair slicked back and the woman has golden locks curled slightly to show off her face. The second photo was of the blond couple holding up their newborn baby girl in the hospital. The third and final picture was of the blond woman and the girl with long brown hair. In the picture they are hugging each other tightly and blowing bubbles with their gum at the camera. A banner is held just above the pictures. It says, "In loving memory of Buffy and Spike".

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