Disclaimer and Author's Note: We don't own Star Wars…GL does (he's da man!)….ok this story came from a picture we saw of Vader saying 'come to the dark side we have cookies'. Oh! And we don't own Skittles either….(KD passes LVB the bag of Skittles)

Obi-Wan's downfall….

Obi-Wan Kenobi, now known as Crazy Old Ben, sat starring out into the vast Tatooine desert. He had been in exile for almost three years now. And there had been no sign of Vader or the Empire on Tatooine, with the exception of the provisional government. But even that was small compared to the Hutts.

So all in all, Obi-Wan was leading a pretty good life. But there was just one thing he craved. And that was a bag of skittles!

He had scoured the planet in search of a single bag. Yet still he had come up with nothing. And it was really beginning to bug him. He would do just about anything for a single bag…

"His weakness is Skittles?"

"Yes Master. He always had to have them with him." Vader explained to the Emperor.

"Ah. That is why you have stopped all shipments of the candy."

"Yes Master. And our scouts tell me that a hermit on Tatooine is seeking out Skittles. I have a feeling that it is him."

"Then go, Lord Vader. Help him turn to the dark side…"

Obi-Wan sat up straight in the middle of the Tatooine night. He could feel something fast approaching. And it wasn't anything good either. That's when it dawned on him…

Vader had found him.

He quickly grabbed his lightsaber from the drawer he kept it in. then he headed outside to confront his former Padawan.

"Ah my former mentor," Vader said, bowing slightly.

Obi-Wan wasn't impressed. He knew Vader was up to something as he powered on his lightsaber. "What do you want my misguided Padawan!" he demanded as he held out his lightsaber towards him.

Vader simply laughed. "I have something you desperately want."

"What's that?"

If Vader could have smiled, he would. He held out his gloved hand and revealed a small read package…. a package of Skittles.

Obi-Wan's mouth dropped open as he began to drool slightly. Vader held his precious Skittles. He had to have those Skittles!

"I can sense how bad you want these," Vader said mocking. "You would do anything to have them won't you?"


Vader laughed a deep mechanical laugh. "Would you turn to the dark side for them? Trust me there are many, many more where this bag came from."

Obi-Wan stood there and thought about it for a second. Even if he was on the dark side he could still protect Luke. He could make sure that Vader never found his young son. Then there was still Yoda who could teach Luke the ways of the Force. So then it was settled…

"I'll turn…"

Far away on a dreary planet, an old Jedi master frowned. He had lost another one to the dark side and all for a bag of Skittles.

AN #2: We hope you enjoyed our attempt at humor...we laughed the entire time writing this story...