Title: Innocence

Author: PandaPjays

Chapter Title: Toothpaste

Rating: T

Warnings: Yaoi. KaiRei TysonMax TalaKai (onesided). MxM Rape and Violence all around. Also major angst. Anything else I can add to that list?

Disclaimer: I never have and never will own Beyblades, except if some kind person decides to sell me the rights of the show. That would be a happy day. Until then I'm going to continue training my pigs to fly. I do, however, own this plotline and any and all random OCs that appear.

Author Note: This is my first fanfic so please read it and tell me what you think. I've decided to make Kenny lactose intolerant just because I can /dusts off artistic license/ Hope you like the first chapter!

Edit:I decided to go through all of it and hopefully caught all of the many many typos that were riddled throughout it. Also I made the author notes look spiffy.

Kai gazed at the sunset his twin scarves flying behind him. He had a slightly wistful look on his face as he turned around to me, a small smile gracing his lips. He stepped towards me with a glint in his eyes and… Yeah right, and I'm the Queen's pet monkey Larry.

In real life, where I unfortunately reside, I was beginning my daily battle with my hair. People really don't appreciate how long it takes for me to tame the beast. My rattail wrap isn't common for a reason.

A loud banging on the bathroom door woke me from my internal banter. "Rei! Get out of the bathroom! I need to brush my teeth!"

I pulled open the door to see Max with his fist raised in the air ready to bang the door again. "Why are you so desperate to brush your teeth, pray tell?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. Seeing the slightly maniacal look of my blonde teammate I backtracked. "Wait, more to the point how much sugar did you have last night?"

Max only flashed me his trademark 1001-watt smile as he ducked into the bathroom. Sighing I left to go scavenge for some food

Ah! The kitchen- home of the food and, by consequence, Tyson. The object of my musings was rooting through the cupboards searching for second breakfast. He muttered a garbled "Hi Rei" through a muesli bar, which he had stuffed in his mouth to keep himself going on his strenuous search for food.

I smiled softly and looked around for my stash of weetbix. I knew it was behind Kenny's stash of soy milk, which was the only semi-edible substance that Tyson refused to inhale, but where was it? I hate going to all these new places all the time. It's so hard to remember the layout of all the different hotel rooms. Though, I'm glad Mr. Dickinson shouted us this trip to Australia. We all needed the break and watching Kai get a tan on the beach is always a good… Okay, Rei, thoughts under PG-13

I glanced around the room to make sure no one could pick up on my brain waves. Thankfully Tyson was still doing his impression of a human Hoover. I took four weetbix out of the packet and threw them into a bowl.

The bowl was a very nice bowl with blue triangles on the edges, kind of like… and back to normal rational thoughts… Where's that milk?

Having located the nice normal milk I sat down to eat my bowl of… goop. I hate it when the milk makes the weetbix go all gluggy. Sighing I prepared myself for the trial of forcing it down my throat without calling to mind images of wallpaper paste.

Tyson looked up from his food reverie, I can't even describe what he was eating but I think it had baked beans in it…somewhere. "Nrghwat nyu Noing Nootadygrh?"

I blinked. "What? Care to repeat that in English, Tyson?"

He swallowed his impossibly large mouthful and repeated himself. "I said what are you doing today?"

My mind went blank. There were just so many possibilities. I could pretend to go surfing, while watching Kai, or I could pretend to practice, while watching Kai, or I could…

"Rei? Rei! REI!" I snapped out of my thought processes to see Tyson still watching me, waiting for my answer.

"Oh, sorry, um… I don't know what are you doing today?" I asked semi-desperately, trying to get a certain teammate of mine out of my head.

Just then the object of my scary fantasies walked into the kitchen. I could literally feel all the attention in the room go directly to him. It's queer how someone so quiet can draw everyone's attention like that. It must be his aura. Or… I glance at Tyson who, seemingly unaffected by Kai's entrance, was busily answering my question …it could be just me.

I wish I could turn around to face him but if I'm affected this much by just his presence/aura what the hell will I be doing if I actually lay eyes on him? I'm sure a hell of a lot of drool would be involved and who really wants to see that? Nope it's safer to eyeball my goop while pretending to listen to Tyson while focusing all my attention on Kai. Hey this situation sounds familiar- isn't his how I planned to spend my day? I mentally shrugged it was a good plan until I realised that to enter into the second part of my day plan I would have to watch Kai which, as I said before, would probably involve copious amounts of drool.

Not wanting to evoke this reaction I continued to stare at my goop as I listened to Kai begin to get his breakfast together. How can he make making toast seem so… I can't even think of the word but I know it rhymes with stot. Ok maybe stot isn't a word but I am the almighty Rei and I declare it so!

Dammit, Tyson's looking at me funny. Note to self do not smirk to self into glop masquerading as weetbix and milk. Isn't it a bad sign when you begin to think that your own jokes are funny- even if they are that amazingly pathetic?

"Uh- Rei? Were you actually listening to my exciting account of the day to come or is your… what is that exactly? Does it taste good?"

I shook myself out of my reverie "It's weetbix, haven't you seen those adds on TV about it? With all those people shouting 'kick it to me!'?" Tyson stared blankly at me. "Obviously not"

"Well it kinda looks like wallpaper paste to me" I grimaced; there goes my concentrating on not thinking about that. Oh well, who needs breakfast anyway? Breakfast is so overrated.

Max walked into the kitchen just as Kai's toast popped. I wonder what he'll have on his toast? Anyway back to reality that's not centred on Kai.

Max sat down next to Tyson and they began to talk about what they were going to do today. I tuned out. Whatever Kai was doing I was doing, simple as that, really.

To all of my viewers at home who are gripping their seats wondering how the hell I managed to get that obsessed with Kai I'm just as confused. I mean, the guy has said what? 100 words in the past year? Hardly enough to convince me that he's my soul mate. Especially since most of those words were used on insults- mostly to Tyson. There's just something about him. He's just so… Kai. It's very hard to explain but you get that.

"So Kai, what are you doing today, anyway?"

I snapped back to attention at the mention of my obsession's name. I turned around to look at him completely forgetting my lookdrool rule.

And I was not disappointed. How the hell can that guy pull off clothes that would make the rest of the human population look like a potato sack? And pull them off well, might I add. Am I a bad person if my thoughts are kind of wandering into the realms of… NO! NOT THINKING THAT.


I swear he saves words like some people save money. He probably has a hoard of words that he's never said and jumps around them cackling. Well, that's a disturbing mental picture. Note to self do not think of stuff like that.

"Awww c'mon Kai, me and Maxie are gonna hit the beach. Can you believe its winter back home? I can't wait to try surfing. I mean, I'm sure there are plenty of other great things you can do at the beach but surfing definitely is what I wanna do."

"Hn" Kai stalked out of the kitchen carrying a plate of strawberry jam covered toast. I have to try that one-day. Mm Strawberry jam and Kai. Kai and Strawberry Jam. Kai in- no, not going there.

"Well that was interesting. Rei? Have you decided what your gonna do today yet?"

"The beach sounds great" I gave Tyson a small smile to try and add a little bit of sincerity to that statement but I don't know how well it worked.

"Great it's settled. We're going to the beach!" Max ran off to change, giggling insanely. I really am going to have to check on how much sugar he ate last night. Damn hotel mini bars.

I left Tyson and walked back to the room that Kai and I shared to do the same as Max, hopefully in a less insane way. I wonder if Kai will be in there? I heard the shower running. Obviously not. Oh well, a guy can dream can't he?

I chose a pair of black board shorts that Tyson had given me last Christmas. Normally anything that Tyson gives you for Christmas is met with raised eyebrows but this time at least he picked well. The pants are straight black with a yin and yang symbol at the back. They're very me.

I pulled them on quickly and threw on a random shirt out of my bag. Then I left Kai's and my bedroom to go and see how the others were doing. Max greeted me in the lounge room. He was wearing green board shorts with an orange sun shirt. I wish I'd brought sunglasses. Max is a fan of the blindingly bright colour clash. And yet somehow he manages to pull it off. It's weird. He showed me a note that he'd found on the coffee table

Gone to look for a new part for Dizzi. Be back soon -Kenny

One day Dizzi's going to get overloaded with all that stuff he puts on her. Then we'll all be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Tyson emerged from the room that he and Max shared with Kenny. He was wearing his trademark red and blue. He slapped his cap on his head and grinned

"We ready to go?"

"Tyson, when you go to the beach you normally take towels and sunscreen. Or do you want to cook to few brain cells you have left?" came the vaguely sarcastic reply

We all stared at the doorway in shock. Kai had spoken. He had allowed words to go beyond his lips. A public holiday should be declared. But more importantly he was in beach gear.

I had to stop myself from drooling. Thank you to any and all Gods who are out there. He's coming with us to the beach! Not only that but he might go for a swim! Which means that he'll take off his shirt and then there will be much staring from this corner of the universe.

It took all of my self-control to not jump up and do a happy dance.

Tyson rolled his eyes. "I was getting around to it. It's been ages since I've been to the beach I'm excited, so sue me."

Kai turned around and stalked off only to return with a towel for each of us and an enormous bottle of Sunscreen.

"Let's go"

We all followed him out the door. I was probably in a little bit more of a dream state than the others but that was only because one of my fantasies was coming true.

Kai on a beach. This should be good.

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