[InuYasha © Rumiko Takahashi ]

Summary: In retrospect he supposed he could've done without the subterfuge. It had, afterall, cost him the very prize he was after.


Hunger woke him, the burning need for revenge nearly overpowering the crippling pain of his injuries as the woman gently bandaged his mangled flesh.

Hunger woke him, lust pumping through his body with each inhaled breath of incense and healing herbs she left to linger in her wake.

Hunger woke him, vicious jealously filling the splintered cracks of his sanity as she gazed through him to the would-be man.

Hunger woke him, hatred oozing from his body like the blood the feasting hoard missed.

Hunger woke him, vengeful jealousy coiled with ambitious cruelty as he watched the would-be lovers parting promise.

Hunger woke him, freeing him from restraining human flesh and weakness. Hunger would wake her too, with the right bait.