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I realize that this is quite fluffy -- but after that perfectly torturous ending... how could I not bring on the fluff? (Don't worry though, its not crazy-freak-out-of-character, what-the-hell-were-you-thinking fluff... that's just wrong. And ugly.)

I had an amazing time writing this... so I hope you all love it! It was originally supposed to be a one-shot piece... but maybe if I get some motivation/suggestions/help/co-writer/whatever you want to call it, then maybe I'll have an incentive to write more! ...And let the tear jerking and laughing begin:

The Future Mr. Luke Gilmore

Umm... Luke stood still, not quite sure if his heart was still beating, "--What...?"

Lorelai gazed at him with the same look she had been giving him for the past 15 seconds, a look he's never seen before. She spoke just as softly but with slightly more confidence and said simply, "Marry me, Luke..."

Oh... Yup, he'd heard her alright. But still he remained freakishly silent.

Lorelai shifted nervously in her seat, "Luke... you're kind of killing my spirit here."

She's serious... Luke realizes, or wonders... he's not really sure. Either way, he decides to have it as his opening line--for confirmation, "You're serious..." His voice is small and incredulous.

She was still in the chair, sitting upright, and looking right at him. Lorelai's tone did not change, it remained soft and confident... the look in her eyes was just as strong, still indefinable to Luke, "Completely..."

Um--yeah... okay, um... Lorelai... no, why does--, wait--yes, she wants... um--. Oh my God... Not even his brain could form a complete sentence. The diner remained silent as he stood there, still looking at her, his eyes wide with shock and disbelief. Wait, okay. What the hell--Am I dreaming? Finally, a sentence!

Not having a clue to what was going on inside Luke's head, Lorelai was utterly freaked out. She was scared, and Luke's sudden Marcel Marceau impersonation was not helping.

She broke eye contact with him for the first time, and embarrassedly shrugged away as she stood up, "Okay, um... do you need a, umm... minute or... yeah I'll just--" Lorelai slowly gave him a last look, her eyes pleading with him to say something. But he remained silent, still paralyzed from the heart-attack size shock he had just been hit with.

Okay, this would never happen in my dream... Another sentence! We're makin' progress here! ...But Lorelai was already turned in the direction of the door.

"Lorelai, stop," he said. Luke took a step towards her and placed a hand on her hip, turning her to face him. He took a deep breath, looking at her directly in the eyes, "You want to... marry me?"

Ok, well that's a step. At least I know can touch me... (Heh, dirty)... without running away screaming... (She added), but Lorelai was in no mood for joking right now. She didn't even want to think of some sarcastic remark or an inappropriate joke. You can do this, Lorelai. You want this... here he is.

"I want to marry you, Luke... more than anything."

You have to ask her, man... you shouldn't be accepting her proposal--even if its what you both want more than anything--if it's in any way because of... other people's actions, Luke though, referring to Rory and the dreaded Elder Gilmores. He looked at her wide-eyed and asked softly, "But... why?"

She was too caught up in him, in what she had just done and how excited she was to start the rest of her life right now... that it hadn't really occurred to Lorelai that her timing kind of sucked. Luke, still believing that he wasn't good enough for the beautiful woman standing before him, and always being so damn modest, thought that she was seeking comfort and security in him during her sudden falling out with Rory and her parents.

But she was not even thinking of them right now--her only incentive for this impromptu proposal was that she wanted to spend the rest of her life this man before her. And it was as simple as that. Lorelai, however, needed to elaborate a bit, as she tended to whenever she got passionate about a certain special subject... always taking the most... verbose route.

She took both of his hands in hers and held them to her abdomen. She kept a safe foot or so of room between them, never breaking eye contact, "I need you Luke, more than anything. I know--this is it now. I've waited for this for such a long time... probably for the majority of my life... the whole package. You and I are it."

He was nervous, he was excited, he was enamored, he was breathless, he was going insane... he was a million things--the classic schizophrenic. But despite all this, he was some how able to pull himself together... he was able to keep the most intense eye contact with this woman, more intense than ever before.

Luke squeezed her hands slightly. Still just making sure its not a dream, he admitted silently. Some how with only that, she got him to temporarily forget the reason behind the need to ask 'why?' earlier.

That slight contraction of muscles in Luke's hand around hers gave Lorelai all the reassurance she needed. "You are my one constant, Luke. You have already given me everything I have ever needed..." she pauses briefly, swallowing the slight lump that had formed in her throat, "...strength, hope, encouragement... love... and then of course there's the coffee and burgers you pretend to hate supplying me..."

For the first time, Luke's facial expression relaxed... no longer looking at her in complete disbelief. Noticing this, Lorelai smiled back shyly before continuing, "You've been my friend--my best friend--my partner, protector... everything. You are all those things to me, and I have never had someone stick by me through everything the way you have..."

The way Luke was staring at Lorelai made her suddenly very nervous. Where the hell did that come, you were fine 2 seconds ago! She looked down and weakly gave an uneasy laugh, "I swear, its like we've been married for 50 years already..." She could feel the tears forming.

His eyes could not possibly get any wider, and his jaw hanged loosly, forming a small dark space between his lips. Luke, so entranced by her... everything... could only continue gazing, not giving a damn if he looked like a complete moron doing so.

Lorelai took another deep inhale before looking back up. And when she did, Luke's heart broke with the sight of her glimmering eyes, tears filling them, threatening to spill over.

"We've been through so much together, you've been there for me when I've needed someone the most. You've never once given up on me, Luke... I probably don't thank you enough for that," she says the last part quietly, almost to herself, before speaking to him again, "I can never imagine any other man... You're it for me, Luke."

She examined him, making sure he was still with her, God he looks freaked... After drawing in one last breath, she finished her little speech (its length competing with that of Howard Roark's 40-page testimony), "And nothing would make me happier than to marry my best--" her voice hitches for a moment, "--my best friend..." finally, the tears finally fell, but Luke extended one of his hands to her face and brushed them off.

She lets out a small laugh and closed her eyes, "Oh God, I'm totally ripping off a scene from Friends right now..."

"I don't think they'll mind," he said quietly, speaking for the first time since she started her long, long speech.

Lorelai opened her eyes and smiled slightly, but then turned serious once again. She wanted him to understand, she needed him to understand... so she spoke lucidly, "In case you didn't get it from before and you wanted the Cliffnote's version... I love you Luke. I am so completely and absolutely in love with you it scares me--it scares me because... because I don't know how I could even function without you in my life, literally--with the coffee and the burgers and the sex and whatnot..." Lorelai threw, attempting to lighten the intense mood.

"...But knowing that I love you more than any other human being I've ever known in my life... I mean right now--let me tell you--you're just about head and head with Rory, Mister... and that makes me so unbelievably happy. Just knowing that you are the only man that has ever made me feel like this... that can ever make me feel this way... it's just the most amazing feeling."

So I guess I'm not dreaming... I'm not this imaginative. Geez and I didn't even think she wanted to move in with me... well, I guess she feels about the same way, Luke thought sarcastically, but then sincerely added ... How the hell did I get this lucky...? Luke slightly interrupted his potential thinking rant though by taking in a sharp breath.

After the silence from him, Maybe it was just a brain rant moment for him..., and then with the jagged breath he just took, a worried look appeared on Lorelai's face, "Luke... tell me what you're thinking."

"I'm thinking that... I'm just... I wanted to propose." Why did you just say that, Luke? Now she's going to think you're pissed off.

Lorelai's face fell, but just ever so slightly, "Oh... are you upset?"

Told you, Luke thought.

"No, no... what I meant was that I've been thinking about it--I was planning on it--proposing that is... I even bought you a--" Now it was Luke's turn to talk, but he paused dramatically, and lowered his voice to a whisper, just barely audible to Lorelai, "a house..."

What did he say? "You bought me a mouse?"

Luke only rolled his eyes at his own insecurity. Just say it Luke, obviously, if she can say all that, you can at least admit you bought her a house for you all to live in... us all? Shaking this thought from his head he casually dropped her hands and took a step back. He ran a hand through his hair before speaking loudly, "A house, Lorelai. I bought the old Twickham house..." He waved his hands for a little emphasis with each 'house' he said. See, that wasn't so hard...

Woah. Okay, um, wow. Lorelai was a little taken aback first--not negatively, just... she was surprised--she knew full well that he must have been thinking about their future for a while... Well, I knowww that's a fact now. She corrected.

Lorelai smiled sweetly at him, "You did?"

"Well, I was... I mean, I did, but then--well after our talk at the Inn today, when I ran away to fix the window... I didn't think that--because you didn't seem that sure on turning down the job offer my that Armsbald guy--"

"Armstrong" Lorelai corrected quietly.

"Armstrong, right. But after that, I thought you didn't want it all and here I was with a house that would probably just sit and waste away--probably grow some gross mold or something--so I backed out! Yeah, um--Well, I just thought that you... didn't want what I wanted to share with you--a life, home... family," Luke paused, realizing that this was the first time he had admitted out loud, to Lorelai, that he wanted a family with her. After only a brief moment, he quickly went on, "Well, with the job offer and the traveling and then with the 'mulling'..." Luke's voice faded as he saw her developing reaction.

Lorelai felt her stomach drop a bit when she heard that he had thought she didn't want to share a home with him, a family... But despite the huge display of domesticity that Luke was displaying... He wants to live with me! Despite my freak coffee habits... and weird uses for the stove that I have grown so accustomed to... Another thought entered her mind. The realization hit as if she were the roadrunner... that is, if 'realization' was metaphorically thought of as a giant ACME anvil.

Closing her eyes, Lorelai sighed in frustration with herself, "the kids..."

"Yeah, the kids..." he confirmed almost apologetically.

"The kids," just making sure he's saying what I think he is, "our kids... our potential... kids. Wow, I um--I didn't think you wanted kids..." Lorelai said, shrugging.

Luke cleared his throat and did something either of them rarely did: he brought up one of their most meaningful pre-romance 'moments': "Lorelai... I told you years ago, that if one day I'd met the right person... it'd be a discussion."

She had thought about that little talk of theirs more than once after that long, long 24 hours... But Lorelai continued to stare at him, her heart racing, and emotions going crazy inside of her. Her face now held the same shocked expression he had when she first popped the question. Part of her wanted so badly to grab him and kiss him and get goin' on the baby train--however... her more controlled part made her remain silent, just gripping his hand as she reveled in it all.

"Remember? ...At the dance marathon?" He waited for her response.

But there was only silence.

Oh common' now... of course you know what I'm talking about, Luke thought and then spoke, "Sitting on the bleachers... With the fixing of the shoe... And the glue?"

"Luke, Luke... I remember. I just--wow..." a broad smile forms on her lips. But then suddenly the smile was suppressed unsuccessfully, trying to regain composure instead of looking like a ditzy sixteen-year-old girl, "I just don't think you remember."

"Umm, Lorelai did you not just hear--"

"Clearly Mister, you don't seem to remember that I said it too... 'if I found the right person, kids would be... nice'."

Ah geez, how the hell could I forget that right now? Of course, the stupid God's are conspiring against you, Luke! ...I only let myself think about that little conversation every time she walked through the door, post-Dance Marathon (aka Luke's personal hell... well, that is, if Lorelai hadn't been there), and even after that I probably only thought about it every other day... "I remember, Lorelai..." Luke said smiling.

And there they stood, in the middle of the diner, filled with so many emotions that there was no word capable of describing their current selves.

If this had been any other day, it would be nothing other than another visit from a crazy, quick-witted, free-spirited woman looking for her coffee fix from the man of her dreams... a grumpy, lettuce and broccoli loving, but incredibly handsome lumber jack looking diner man, who loved her just the same.

But this was not just any other day. They were both lost in the same thoughts; both were going over the checklists in their heads; and of course all of this was done while gazing into each other eyes and smiling like royal idiots (Royal idiots in loveeee, Lorelai added in a sing-song tune). Each individual's checklist was practically identical to the other's: Lorelai proposed, she expressed all the love and appreciation and desire she's ever felt for him, Luke said he wanted to propose, Luke bought a house, Luke wants kids, Luke thought he was alone on that one, but Lorelai wants kids, too... when they found the right person. And they want kids now... and they are talking about marriage now... So, they've found the right person?

Once again, those damn nerves seemed to sneak under her Wonderwoman super-suit. Lorelai inhaled slowly and deeply, trying to get rid of a few so she could speak without sounding like a shaking idiot.

Deciding to be the courageous one tonight, Lorelai broke the silence--she took a step towards him and grabbed his hand with one of hers, immediately lacing her fingers through his.

She smiled shyly and spoke softly. "So... right person?" she whispered while pointing a finger at her chest.

Luke gave her hand a gentle squeeze, a wide grin gracefully forming. Oh God, that grin of his--when he shows his teeth... right there, Lorelai thought, displaying her tendency to become perfectly inarticulate at the sight of Luke like this.

He then nodded, the smile on his face growing wider and wider. He spoke just as softly and sweetly as she had, while still expertly maintaining his manly and rugged Lukeness, and copied her actions. "Right person?" he said, pointing to his on chest this time.

Lorelai's eyes were glistening with tears, "Perfect person," she confirmed, a smile glowing on her lips.

The gazing going on between the two was that intense "Luke and Lorelai stare" that every romantic is envious of. Lorelai removed her hand from Luke's and placed both of them on his upper arms, digging her nails into his flannel slightly. Luke left his hands where Lorelai had previously held them, placing his palms flat on her stomach, wrapping his fingers slightly around the curves in her hips.

"So... do I have to ask you again?" Lorelai smiled flirtatiously, now much closer to him.

But before Luke could accept anything, he needed restate his first question--not 'what', but 'why'--making sure Lorelai understood the real meaning of this 'why' this time... "Lorelai, I need to know--are you asking me this now because of everything... that has, um... happened tonight with Rory and your parents...?"

And now she felt like a complete jerk for ignoring the fact, for being so insensitive, and above all for her horrible, horrible timing.

"Oh no, no, Luke..." she whispered. Lorelai looked down at her pink pumps, slightly moving her hands to rest on the center of Luke's chest, then pressing her forehead against the backs of them. She took a deep intake of breath and shook her head, as if trying to say no to Luke's question... and also chastising herself for her sucky, sucky timing.

She looked up at him and spoke as slowly and meaningfully as possible, "Luke, everything I said earlier... exactly how much you mean to me, everything you are to me... It's just--when you were talking, pacing and freaking out, you reminded me once again how much I trust you, believe in you--in us... You are always with me in everything, you have never given up on me and I can never give up on you... and I'm sure as hell not going to give up on us now."

She pushed away from him slightly, getting more passionate in what she was trying to convey, "I mean, it is so absolutely inconvenient that all this had to happen now, right when I'm realizing it, but when you were talking I just could not imagine my life with anyone but you... having any other man want to steal Rory and drive her to and from school every day, twice a day, even if she is 20 years old... or have any other man snoring annoyingly loud next to me in bed while they're sleeping and I'm trying to watch my Jon Stewart... I could never imagine any other oh-so-masculent man baking me cookies and pies, while bitching about how they will make my teeth brown... and I could never in a billion years see one other man taking my kids--our kids--to school or to the park or..."

Lorelai now had tears rolling one by one down her cheeks,... and unbeknownst to her, had been pacing back and forth in front of him as she ranted for the past minute or two... "While you were talking I realized you're it for me Luke, I love you, and I need you. I just--I've never been more than now ..."

Lorelai stopped pacing and turned to face him, looking directly into his eyes, "There's no other reason for why I asked you... other than me finally realizing how absolutely perfect you are for me... the whole perfect package."

Good answer... Luke cleared his throat rubbed his clammy hands on his jeans. He was going to remain silent, maybe try to think of a good joke or something, get the banter 'a flowin'... but he quickly changed his mind and took one giant step towards her, closing the space between them.

Oh, that's right, he better get over here after I said-- But Luke cut off her train of thought as he wrapped his arms tightly around her torso, almost lifting her up a bit, and kissed her with so much passion that she instantly felt light-headed and her stomach tingle with warmth and butterflys. Lorelai threw one arm around his neck, playing with the curls of his hair that poked up from under his hat, and she placed the other on his cheek, bringing him as close as possible to her. Lorelai was so overwhelmed that she just melted into him, allowing her lips to follow his as the teased hers. Finally regaining some control, she focused on his bottom lip, knowing it would drive him insane, slightly nipping at it.

But when oxygen became necessary for Luke, their lips slowly parted. Their bodies had not moved and were still molded together. Luke still had his arms securely around her torso, still holding her up slightly... But lucky for him she had her 4-inch Jimmy Choo's on, so not much lifting was required.

Lorelai, who's lungs were clearly in much better shape than Luke's, was smiling brightly, not at all out of breath. Luke leaned his forehead against hers while he panted softly. She firmly pressed her hips into him as she leaned her upper body back a bit, being supported by Luke's hands still around her. She smiled brightly at himwith a hopeful sparkle in her eyes, as she saw her little hip teasing ploy create a dark and passionate look in his eyes, turning them a deep indigo.

"Well... that was... something!" Lorelai laughed as she spoke, and thought... Would that be a yes then?

Luke's breathing had slowed, the indigo color in his eyes lightened to their normal beautiful crystal blue color slowly, but a playful look on his face remained, "So... are you gonna ask me again or should I do it this time?" His voice came out deep and husky... Lorelai loved it when he spoke like this to her. Ooh, sexy, bedroom voice Luke! she thought as she wondered if engagement sex was just as good as makeup sex...

She grinned at him, "Heyyy Luke..." She swayed her hips a little, causing his to do the same.

"Yes Lorelai?" He said nonchalantly, pretending as if he knew not what was coming.

She put his hands flat on his chest, and slightly tip toed in her Jimmy Choo's so that their eyes were level. She brought her face closer to his and she whispered softly, so only he could hear her (although there was no one else in the diner, she wanted it to be as personal as possible...), "Will you marry me, Luke?"

"Yes, Lorelai... I'll marry you," he whispered just as softly.

Lorelai kissed him square on the lips, making it last only a few seconds, but making him go crazy as she ran her tongue over his bottom lip before pulling away.

"Good!" she said as she grinned, knowing full well she was being a tease.

But Luke didn't falter. He continued smiling as he suddenly said, "Good, now my turn."

"You're turn? I didn't know there were turns!"

Luke loosened his grip around her, letting his hands slip down her sides before instructing her, "Okay, wait here. Count to 10... and cover your eyes. I mean it, don't look!" And just ask quickly as he had shot out the confusing statement, he was gone out of the diner and up the stairs, where Lorelai heard him open the door to his apartment.

Okay, I need to sit down, now... And that she did. She planted her butt right on the closest stool, placing her elbow on the counter and resting her chin atop her fist. Hmm, what the hell was that? I'm confused now... Just then she heard the door to his apartment door close and she immediately covered her eyes and began counting out loud... "Oh--uh, 8... 9... 10! Okay Luke I've counted, I haven't peeked, now can I open?"

"Yup, go ahead."

He was standing in front of her, his hands shoved in his back pockets... looking a little shy and just a little flushed, his cheeks were red... Maybe its all the kissing and love declarations that are getting to him! Lorelai thought.

Luke pulled his right hand out from behind his back, where it pretended to be in his pocket, and held it just a bit in front of him, revealing it to her... between his thumb and middle finger was a square, dark chocolate colored box, with subtle gold etching around the sides for detail.

"Wow... so you really did plan on proposing..." Lorelai spoke. She had heard him say he was planning on proposing... but she couldn't actually believe it until this moment.

"Lorelai... Listen to me," Luke's voice was a hybrid of tones: hopeful, calm, anxious, determined, confident... he took a step towards where she sat on the stool, and she slightly spread her knees, allowing him to move in between her legs to get closer to her, "You really are the most amazing woman I have ever met... You can do anything you set your mind to, and you have no idea how inspiring that is. I love everything about you... the way you have named every stupid inanimate object in here, upstairs, in your house... the way you sing Margaritaville in the shower pretending to annoy me, but really you do it because you know I how much love your voice... I love the way you have built your own business all on your own, how you've raised such an amazing daughter... who, right now, is having a few setbacks, but we'll fix that... the way you always seem to taste like coffee... even after you've brushed your teeth..." he paused before shrugging and smiling thoughtfully, "I am just so in love with you..."

Luke examined her before continuing, and right now she looked at him as though he was Brad Pitt telling her all these things... she was in a complete trance with his words, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And all I want to do is to try to make you as happy as you've made me in the past 9 years."

Luke open the box and looked at the ring for just a moment while speaking, "So, Lorelai..." he looked up at her again and turned the box around so she could see. Lorelai's eyes widened and a loving smile tugged at one corner of her lips... a tear slipped down her cheek.

She wrapped her legs around Luke's, crossing them at her ankles, and let them hang loosly around the back of Luke's calves. She placed her both her hands on his forearms as he spoke again, "Since you asked first, I'm not going to steal your show" he smiled broadly at this, teasing her, "--I guess, though, that I needed to give you just a little preview... well actually full viewing... of what I would have said..."

Luke gently removed the ring from the box as he took her left hand in his, and then slid the ring on her finger as he spoke softly and lovingly, with complete assurance, "You Miss Gilmore, are the only woman I want to marry."

Lorelai watched his hand slide over her wrist as he slid the beautiful diamond ring on her finger (Hey, now that's a big rock! she thought happily). Through blurred eyes she looked up at him and placed her hands on both his cheeks, gazing in to his eyes and laughing softly. She brushed her lips against his, softly at first, then deepened the kiss as she moved her hands down his chest and under his arms, until she wrapped them securely around his torso. Luke, meanwhile, had his hands in his hair, grazing fingers along her hairline on the back of her neck.

After a moment, Lorelai pulled back gently, their lips still barely touching. "That was one hell of a speech, Mr. Danes," she whispered against his lips.

She kissed him hard again, smiling against his lips, and spoke each word through short kisses, "The ring (kiss) is (kiss) beautiful (kiss) Lu--"

But Luke stopped her, and held her head in place as he kissed her softly in reply, laughing as he mumbled "Ank yoo" against her lips. He pulled her into a bear hug then, moving as close into her as possible... causing Lorelai wrap her legs tighter around him, now around the back of his thighs (much to both of their delights).

Her cheek rested on his shoulder, her face against his neck. She brushed her lips against his neck, teasing him and tickling him--Okay... we seriously need to get upstairs right now or else I'll have a safety and health violation to deal with in here! he thought, reffering to their current somewhat public positioning in the diner... but didn't dare move, wanting to enjoy this moment for a bit longer.

"So are you going to take my last name then?" she whispered, her warm breath sending a nice tingly feeling all through his body.

He laughed, "Oh yeah, I'm going to become Mr. Luke Gilmore..."

"Hmm," she sighed, "Nope, you're much too good to be a Gilmore... just keep it Luke Danes..." she paused for a moment before announcing to him, in a slightly louder tone, with a hint of a southern accent, Why the Southern? I have no idea... Lorelai thought, "I want to do the name changin' for this marriage!" Lorelai chuckled softly, almost vibrating her throat against his chest.

He looked down at her and kissed her temple, leaving his lips there for a moment, then moving an inch down to her ear and whispered, "We're getting married..." I just need to make sure this isn't a dream! Luke told himself...

She shifted upwards and kissed him in the most tender and loving way she could, slightly pressing her tongue to lips. When she pulled back she looked at him in the eyes and smiled, "We're getting married..." she whispered.

He pulled her in again, thinking it would last like the last hug, but she had other thoughts. She squeezed him hard, grunting playfully, before pushing him back slightly and hoping off the stool. She grabbed his hand and started towards the stairs, "Enough with the politeness, buddy! Let's go upstairs and see if engagement sex is just as yummy as makeup sex..."

He laughed loudly, shaking his head. Well, this will be one hell of an engagement... he thought, grinning like an idiot, as he was dragged up to his apartment to be... loved--by the one and only future Mrs. Lorelai Danes...

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