Hey peeps, Blackdiamond Princess here (I hope you haven't forgotten about me?)

So yeah, I've decided to put this story back on the site, but there will be some major modifications.

For one, since my previous account got deleted here, I've decided to cut out all lemons from this story. The links to the uncut version stand in my bio.

Second, it has been two months already since this story disappeared from this site, but that doesn't mean that I haven't continued it. And with the continuation of it came a slight change in the ages of the characters:

-Riku: 18yrs

-Sora: 16yrs (almost 17)

-Kairi: 16yrs

-Tidus: 17yrs

-Wakka: 18yrs

-Cloud: 24yrs

-Leon: 26yrs

-Yuffie: 22yrs

There, that's all I wanted to say for now. I still hope you enjoy this story as much as you did before it got deleted and… well, don't forget to review if you'd like!

Blackdiamond Princess a.k.a Diamant Noir